Funny 50th Birthday Gag Gifts

50th birthday gag gifts allow guests to contribute to the excitement of the occasion.  Get ready to laugh your head off as guests deliver the fun with hilarious gifts.  But before you begin the humor, make sure your honoree can handle it.  Not everyone grows old laughing, so this would not be a good choice for a person sensitive about age.  The goal is to have everyone leave the party smiling, most of all the guest of honor. 

Whether you're looking to poke fun at their age or just make them laugh, there are plenty of options out there for the perfect 50th birthday gag gift. From novelty items to funny books, there's something for everyone to enjoy on their special day.

50th Birthday Gag

Carrying 50th birthday gag gifts
over-the-hill without going too far
ensures laughter on both sides.

In making your selection, consider if your gag gift will embarrass the Honoree or anyone present.  Stay away from risque gifts unless you know the recipient and party guests very well.  Put forth the effort in finding an appropriate gift that will be well-received by the Honoree.  If in doubt, don't.

Picture perfect.
Looking for something different?  Give a hilarious pair of personalized socks that will certainly be the talk of the party.  

Check out these socks that are all about turning 50.

50 years to get socks 50th Birthday
Vintage aged to perfection 50th Birthday men's Socks
Special 50th Birthday Party Photo Monogram Socks

50th birthday candles.
Celebrate by giving an useful gift with a fun are fifty.

Wrapping up a 50th birthday.
Choose a container that will cause a stir, remembering presentation is everything.  Fill with soon to be needed items for old age.  Theme related gifts include baby food, hair dye, a magnifying glass, iron tablets, or a medication holder with days of the week markings.  Probably the most fun you will ever have putting together 50 birthday gag gifts.  

50th Birthday Gag Gift Survival Can

Fill a bedpan with old-age necessities. 

50th birthday tote bag.
Give a gag gift that is also useful.  We love these classic totes with a 50th birthday spin and she will love carrying it.  Click on the bags below or check out these 
tote bag options.

Personalized 50 and fabulous gold black confetti tote bag
50th Birthday Cat Tote Bag
Fifty & Fabulous Gold Polka Dot Name 50th Birthday Tote Bag

Such a relief.
Add comfort to flower arrangements with old age remedies.  After all, studies show that laughter is the best medicine, especially with 50th birthday gag gifts.

50th Birthday Gag Gift Basket

Click on photos below to check out these funny personalized gag gifts.

Funny Prescription Jelly Bean Jelly Belly Candy Tin
Make a funny personalized Wanted Poster Candy Tin
Over the Hill Birthday Party Mints Jelly Belly Candy Tin

50th Birthday Humor

50th birthday koozies.
Let experience do the talking with 50th birthday gag gifts.  This koozie really captures the essence of age in a somewhat boastful way.

50th Birthday Koozie Gag Gift
Hilarious Over The Hill Humor Can Cooler Gift
Growing Old is Not for Sissies Can Cooler
Name Personalized Very Old Birthday Black Can Cooler

50th birthday koozies can be personalized with a photo or name.  Click on the koozie photo below for the details.

50 & Fabulous Foil Balloon Stars Photo Birthday Can Cooler
50th Birthday with Custom Name Striped Number A05 Can Cooler

For the card player.

Funny mug shots.
Coffee mugs are a fun way to promote aged to perfection.  We found several cool selections at Amazon.    

50th Birthday Mug Gag Gift

Give these made-to-order mugs.  Personalized mugs with name or photos make unique 50th birthday gifts.  Just click on the photos to get started.

Photo Collage Number 50 - 50th Birthday Giant Coffee Mug
Personalized Black 50th Birthday Mug Custom Name

Phyllis Diller


Maybe it's true that life begins at fifty......but everything else starts to wear out, fall out, or spread out.

                   Phyllis Diller

Over the hill.
Encourage conversation and help the Honoree get a head start on age with this senior diaper cake. These adult diapers decorated with over the hill items set the scene for laughter.   

50th Birthday Depends Gag Gift
50th Birthday Diaper Gag Gift

Photo courtesy of My Need 2 Craft

50 looks good.
Gifts of money feel party-worthy when presented in a unique way.  Attaching a $50 bill to a mirror will have the big 5-0 looking good and the recipient will feel good about it too.

Looking Good 50th Birthday Gag Gift

Click on the photos below to look at 50 through a different lens.

Funny 50th Birthday party shades | Age humor
50th Birthday Party Shades
DIY Create Your Own BIRTHDAY Party Shades A66

50th Birthday Memory Gag Gift

Prune bouquet.
Give the gift of flowers to that special someone growing older.  Just remove artificial flower from stem and replace with a prune.  Arrange in a vase and add a black bow.  If desired, add baby's breath.

50th Birthday Prune Bouquet Gag Gift

50th birthday gag gifts for the balding.

Kiss your 40's goodbye.
Create a sweet spot - a gag gift that says goodbye to their 40's ever so sweetly.  The essential ingredients for this sweet treat include a Mason jar, plenty of kisses, and a little ingenuity.

50th Birthday Kiss Your 40's Goodbye Gag Gift

Looking 50 is great--if you
are sixty.

                       Joan Rivers

50th Birthday Gag Gifts Joan Rivers

Nifty & fifty.
Create a one of a kind cake with your chosen theme in mind.  Add some trick candles to keep your Honoree working hard and your guests rolling with laughter.

50th Birthday Gag Gift Party Pack

Fun facts.
This candy arrangement is full of retro candy.  Attached is a list of fun facts about the Honoree's birth year such as the World Series Champ, hotties, news highlights....

50th Birthday Facts Basket Gag Gift

Or order

decade gift boxes

from the pros.

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50th Birthday Age Gag Gift Joke

Old as dirt.
Depending on how twisted your sense of humor is, this jar could be filled with dirt or crushed Oreos. Old as dirt fits perfectly with 50th birthday gag gifts.

50th Birthday Old As Dirt Gag Gift

Photo courtesy of Simply Kierste

50th Birthday T Shirts

50th Birthday Officially Grumpy Old Man T-Shirt
Funny 50th 60th Birthday Official Geezer Tshirt
50 Daily Dose Of Iron T-Shirt
50th Birthday Cat T-Shirt
Funny 50th Birthday Shirt
50th Birthday T-Shirt

Age is just a number.
Some things just take a long time to become just right.  Here, a basked filled with 30 suckers, 40 gum balls, and 50 pop rocks is a sure sign that some things get better with age.

50th Birthday Candy Basket Gag Gift
50th Birthday Texting Gag Gift

Survival kit.
Prepare your 50th birthday celebrant with a survival kit packed with fun items.  Anti-aging soap and cure-all pills are sure to be the source of lots of laughs.

50th Birthday Over The Hill Gag Gift

Senior moment.
Ease the pain with hilarious books such as What You Don't Know About Turning 50.  This quiz book will make you laugh rather than cry about turning 50.
Q:  Is 50 too young to be worried about bladder control problems?
A:  Depends

50th Birthday Book Gag Gift

50th Birthday Joke Gag Gift

Face mask 50th birthday gag gifts.

Oldometer 50 50th Birthday Adult Cloth Face Mask
Look who is 50 photo black and white white cotton face mask
50 I Demand A Recount 50th Birthday Adult Cloth Face Mask

50 rocks.
50th birthday gag gifts that become keepsakes is a good thing.  Allow guests to sign or write messages on rocks with markers - rock solid gift idea.

50th Birthday 50 Rocks Gag Gift

Funny farm.
Looking for the perfect way to have a laugh at the Honoree's expense?  This name badge should do the trick with funny instructions in case of emergency.

50th Birthday Name Badge Gag Gift

Click on the photos below to check out more ID badge ideas.

Cheers to 50 Years Party One Photo Blue Badge
50th birthday rose gold glitter drips pink glam badge

How to stay young:  hang around older people.
Bob Hope

50th Birthday Bob Hope Quote

Deliver the goodies.
The highlight of this sweet assortment is the creative poem attached.  The last line is our favorite, "Hope your birthday leaves you with GOOD N PLENTY".  Work In Progress shares the entire poem. 

50th Birthday Goodie Basket Gag Gift

Photo courtesy of Work in Progress Kits

Slow & old zone.
It is amazing how laughable age can seem with 50th birthday gag gifts.  Here, an inflatable walker sets the scene for entering the slow and old zone.

50th Birthday Walker Gag Gift

Photo courtesy of Have A Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson

50th Birthday Growing Up Gag Gift

Bucket list.
What's on your Honoree's bucket list?  Filling a bucket with favorite things is great way to lift spirits and stay true to the 50th birthday theme.   

50th Birthday Bucket List Gag Gift

50 & hot.
This gag gift is a hot idea.  Each candy is a spicy reminder of how hot 50 can be, while the recipient will understand that the hotness will now come in flashes.

50th Birthday Hot Gag Gift

Photo courtesy of Poofy Cheeks

50th Birthday Fun Gag Gift Idea

Humor me.
Continue the light-hearted party atmosphere with this idea.  Amuse guests with funny sayings or quotes scattered throughout the party area.

Pearly whites.
Here, dentures made from melted chocolate are a great way to take a bite out of age.  Fake teeth slide right into the 50th birthday theme.

50th Birthday Dentures Gag Gift

Deal with it.
Sometimes, you just have to put on your big girl panties and deal with turning 50.  With panties tucked inside, this diy gag gift is easy to do and looks fantastic.  How big the panties are depends on how big a laugh you want.

50th Birthday Big Girl Gag Gift

Photo courtesy of Sweet Blessings

For those who say they don't want anything.

50th Birthday Happy Gag Gift

Fabulous wine glasses.
A 50th birthday and fine wine are good cause for celebrating.  If wine brings out the fabulous in your Honoree, consider a special birthday wine glass.

50th Birthday Fabulous Wine Glass Gag Gift
50th Birthday Wine Glass Gag Gift

Give glasses and a bottle of prune juice.

Mirroring 50.
It's always nice to have 50th birthday gag gifts that reflect the occasion.  This mirror is an ingenious way to show off funny 50th birthday messages in an appealing way. 

50th Birthday Recount Gag Gift

50th Birthday Lucy Gag Gift

A man who correctly guesses a woman's age may be smart, but he's not very bright.
                             Lucille Ball

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