50th Birthday Party Themes

50th birthday party themes are one of the most important decisions of the party.  Why?  It makes the rest of the planning so much easier.  It narrows the search for your party needs and brings all the details together.  Whether hosting a backyard picnic or an elaborate golden sit-down dinner, keep the party focused on your selected theme.

50th Birthday Themes

Looking for 50th birthday party themes that perfectly balance nostalgia for the past with
the hope of even better days to come?

Envision what you want your themed event to be like--use your imagination to take a mental journey through the celebration.  From the invitations to the party favors, bring 50th birthday party themes to life with carefully chosen items. It is never one thing that makes a successful party, it's the whole experience that marks a lifetime of memories.  

Go for gold.
When someone gives you fifty good reasons for a party, make it a golden celebration.  This outdoor setting strikes gold with elegant tables scattered underneath sparkling lighting for all who are present to enjoy it.

Golden 50th Birthday Party Themes

Photo courtesy of Thirty Handmade Days

Golden opportunity.
This gorgeous grouping of candles nested in wine bottles provides a touch of glamour.  Sitting pretty as part of the decor, they also provide a golden opportunity to be used as party favors.

50th Birthday Party Themed Candles

Photo courtesy of White Lilac

To personalize add a wine label to your bottles.

Birthday Photo Gold Glitter Look Champagne or Wine Label
50 and fabulous birthday party bottle label
50 and fabulous birthday party label

The golden word.
This idea for the cake table is truly worth its weight in gold.

Good as gold.
For a truly special occasion, every element of the decor becomes an opportunity to shine.  Here, the menu is gracefully inscribed on a gold mirror to give guests an idea of the fine meal to come.

50th Birthday Party Themed Mirror

Photo courtesy of Matthew Nigel Photography

Menu cards are just the golden touch for your tablescape.  Click on the photos below to get started. 

Gold Glitter Glam Party Menu
Chic Faux Gold Foil Party Menu Template - Ivory
Curved Branches | Gold Dinner Menu Card

Strike gold.
The easy on the eye elegance of this cupcake presentation is worth its weight in gold.  Your guests will appreciate the artistic beauty of these 50th birthday cupcakes.

Golden 50th Birthday Party Themes

Golden Girls Party Theme

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Personalized hand sanitizer has become very popular for any celebration.  While it is very practical, the design options make it a fun gift as well. Click on the photos below or find a hand sanitizer here to fit every theme.

Modern minimal typography 50th birthday hand sanitizer
Elegant 50th Birthday Party Sparkles Gold Hand Sanitizer
50th Birthday Retro 50 YEARS IN THE MAKING Photo Hand Sanitizer

Aged to Perfection Theme

Celebrating over-the-hill.

50th black out party.
A 50th black out party is a celebration with a new name for the old standard over-the-hill theme.  With the color black signifying the passing of youth, it is easy to infuse into 50th birthday party themes. 

Black & White 50th Birthday Party Theme

Blacked out tablescape.
A black color theme makes the contrasting elements stand out magnificently.  Here, the red flowers provide an unexpected pop of color to create a dramatic effect.

50th Birthday Party Themed Table

Photo courtesy of Goosie Girl

Dressed for success.
This formal look revolves around a tuxedo backdrop, a tribute to the Honoree and the style of the party. Adding silver and gold decorative details make it all the better for showing off in a creative way.

50th Birthday Party Themes

Mock funeral.
Carry the black out party up a notch with a mock funeral.  Decorations could consist of gravestones and other funeral effects.  Ask guests to come dressed in black ready to mourn the passing of the Honoree's youth.

50th Birthday Party Themed Funeral
50th Birthday Party Themed Birthday Cake

Celebrating 50 and fabulous.

Fabulous use of color.
Fabulous 50th birthday party themes are an excellent opportunity to bring on the revelry with color. Here, a wide array of bright and happy colors sets the mood for fun. 

Fabulous 50th Birthday Party Themes

Photo courtesy of McAllister Photography

Fabulous tribute to 50.
By combining pink with chic black and white patterns, the essence of fabulous is captured-both in color and in style.  The four-tiered birthday cake is an irresistible tribute to 50.

50th Birthday Party Themed Cake Idea

Fabulous and meaningful.
Experimenting with new styles and adding meaningful touches can make even the most expected look seem fabulous.  Perhaps most striking, along with zebra print, is the hot pink tutu skirt.

Fabulous & Fifty Decorating Idea

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Celebrating 50 years in pictures.

Let's face it.
Going for a fun way to get the Honoree noticed?  These custom face fans will get the attention of your guests and make the birthday boy or girl feel special.  Using photos from the past or present, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Reflecting on 50 years.
This centerpiece idea provides a way for everyone to celebrate each and every year along the journey of life.  Personalized candles and pretty flowers lined up down the center of the table bring ambiance along with a trip down memory lane.         

50th Birthday Party Themed Centerpiece

Photo courtesy of Party Perfect

Picturing 50 years.
50th birthday party themes and old photographs fit together perfectly.  Draping pictures in a key spot is a neat way to get creative with the theme and highlight the good times.  

50th Birthday Party Themed Idea

Photo courtesy of  Carter & Cook Event Company

Highlighting 50 years.
Going through old pictures is a fun thing to do as well as an uplifting decoration.  Another wonderful piece of theater is to opt for a photo booth to make future memories. 

50th Birthday Party Themed Photograph Idea

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

50th Birthday Party Themed Photo Booth

Photo courtesy of Boho Weddings

Perfect way to welcome guests.

Just upload your pictures to form the number 50.

50th Birthday Photo Collage Number 50 Personalized Foam Board

Celebrating what he or she loves most.

Translating the honoree's personality into 50th birthday party themes can be a challenge, especially a milestone birthday.  Once you have chosen the theme, arrange the decor around that idea, plan a menu, and throw an undeniable celebration of 50 years hitting all the high points in between.

Casino themed.
Here, they took the casino theme to the limit with dynamic color and decorative detail.  As luck would have it, everything relates back to the theme and the odds are in your favor for a successful party.  

50th Birthday Party Casino Theme

Photo courtesy of Cakes Decor

50th Birthday Party Themed Centerpiece Ideas

Photo courtesy of Simply Creative Ways

50th Birthday Party Themed Balloons
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Hawaii 5-0 party.
Plan a luau.  

tropical beach hawaii 5 0 50th birthday party invitation
Luau 50th Birthday Party Invitation

Golf themed.
Let the love of the game take the lead when it comes to decorating a golf lover's party space.  Golf reigns supreme here with the use of green turf as a table runner and the perfect placement of the golf ball favor.

50th Birthday Party Golf Theme

Racing themed.
Race fans, start your engines.  Here, the use of the checkered pattern drives every element of this tablescape to the winner's circle.                      

50th Birthday Party Racing Theme

Tea Party.
Break out the fine china for a 50th birthday tea party.  Finger sandwiches, scones, and teacakes are the standard menu for an afternoon party or serve unexpected desserts in tea cups.  Of course, serve a spot of tea for everyone.  

50th birthday garden party ideas.
Gardening gloves, seed packets, flowers, candlesticks, and flower pots are all the texture and color needed to make this tablescape fresh and bright.  The layers all work together to create a beautiful garden party.

50th Birthday Party Garden Theme

Mystery themed.
If your 50th birthday Honoree is intrigued by a good mystery, consider a Sherlock party full of surprises. It's all in the decorations, my dear Watson.

Mystery Themed 50th Birthday Party

Celebrating seasonal 50th birthday party themes.

Halloween themed 50th birthday party.
The fall season is a chance to celebrate a 50th birthday in glorious style.  With pumpkins being the most popular sign of the season, set the scene with pumpkin power.  

We love how the white washed pumpkins showcase 50, fit the autumnal theme, and add an unexpected element to the table.  Continue kicking up the theme with an exceptional cake presentation and card collecting idea. 

Autumn Themed 50th Birthday Party
Autumn Themed 50th Birthday Cake
Fall 50th Birthday Party Idea

Photo courtesy of Rachel Peters Photography

Gothic Vintage Halloween Birthday Party Tapestry
Paper Plate
Gothic Vintage Halloween Birthday Party Napkins

Christmas themed.
Nothing can win us back to the delusions of youth more than a 50th birthday party celebrated at Christmastime.  Because the house is decorated for Christmas, incorporate the spirit of the big 5-0 wherever you can. 

In the spirit of memories.
In addition to traditional Christmas ornaments, hang meaningful photographs of the honoree in tiny frames.  This idea works equally well in a vintage wreath design.

Tis the season.
Small stockings stuffed with utensils will make a big impression at the table and add to the festive fun.

Deck the halls to bring 50th birthday party themes to life with an abundance of Christmas cheer.  Happy 50th Birthday and Merry Christmas to all. 

50th Birthday Party Themes Christmas Tree

Photo courtesy of Positively Splendid

50th Birthday Party Themed Wreath

Photo courtesy of Just A Smidgen

50th Birthday Party Themed Christmas Stockings

Photo courtesy of Just Imagine

Winter 50th birthday party ideas.
Whether you prefer the drama of black and white or the innocence of white, the key is to make sure the wintry feeling is there.  This is the time to dip glasses in sugar to resemble snow or place feathery fringe around the dinner plates.  We love these 50th birthday party themes for cold weather.

Wintry Themed 50th Birthday Party Themes

Photo courtesy of Celebrations At Home

White 50th Birthday Party Theme

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Conklin Photography

Spring themed.
Springtime 50th birthday party themes give you the opportunity to make the most of the season when it is looking its best.  Use the brilliant colors of spring as inspiration for flowers and other elements of decor.

Using photographs is an ingenious way to accessorize the table setting and echo the sentiment of a 50th birthday party.

This 50th birthday cake is the perfect example of how springlike textures and colors can reinforce the occasion and the season.

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"   ~Robin Williams

50th Birthday Party Themed Flowers
Spring 50th Birthday Party Themes

Photo courtesy of Sugar and Charm

50th Birthday Party Themed Cake

Photo courtesy of Dream Day Cakes

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