50th Birthday Party Favors

50th birthday party favors express instant gratification and lend a festive feel to this milestone birthday. Everything about your favors should reflect the Honoree in a manner that will amuse and delight your guests. 

Add to the excitement with an appealing presentation that is all about 50.  Whether your event calls for all out elegance or if you have a more casual gathering in mind, there is a party favor that fits the occasion.  The creative effect it brings to the party is well worth the effort. 

50th Birthday Favors

50th birthday party favor ideas that pay a fitting tribute to the Honoree and the guests. 

One of the most important things that party favors do is commemorate the occasion in a big way. Whether you want to embody cherished memories or express anticipation of the fabulous years to come, there are scores of festive ideas.  

50th birthday hand sanitizer.
Personalized hand sanitizer has become a very popular favor for any celebration.  While it is very practical, the design options make it a fun gift as well. Click on the photos below or find a hand sanitizer here to fit every theme.

50th Birthday Modern Black Gold Stars Favor Gift Hand Sanitizer
Hot pink and black fifty birthdayTravel Bottle Set Hand Sanitizer
Modern black and gold 50th birthday celebration hand sanitizer

It's all about favors.
Think distinctive when making your party favors the center of attention.  From the festively decorated party favors to the clever presentation, this display is all about favors from top to bottom.

50th Birthday Favor Display

Tic Tac favors.
Try this idea.  Apply personalized birthday labels to Tic Tac Mints for an inexpensive favor your guests will love.

The 50's are hot.
Lift the sting of age with laughter.  Celebrate the big 5-0 with goodie bags filled with funny 50th birthday party favors that are sure to leave your guests roaring with laughter.  Include necessary items to prepare your Honoree for impending old age such as false teeth, baby food, hair color, magnifying glass, iron tablets, large remote controls or daily medication dispensers.

50th Birthday Favor Bags

Photo courtesy of High Heels & High Notes

Still Smoking Hot 50th Birthday Favors.

Zazzle 50th Birthday Party Favors Smoking Hot
Zazzle 50th Birthday Party Favors Hot Sauce
Zazzle 50th Birthday Party Favors Custom Sauces

5-0 and looking good.
Sleek 5-0 glasses placed horizontally above the plate seem to reach out to welcome guests to the occasion.  A stylish presentation makes these 50th birthday party favors come to life.     

50th Birthday Favor Glasses

50th birthday tins.
For those who are a little sensitive about age, consider the timeless gift of candy.  Here, simple personalized tins filled with favorite candies make sweet 50th birthday party favors.

50th Birthday Favors Tins
50 and fabulous birthday party gift favor candy tin
Age to Perfection at 00 |  Birthday Candy Tin
Golf Birthday Party Favors-Mint Candy Tin

Double duty.
Guests love to indulge themselves at a party, so why not let them help themselves to what they want, when they want it.  These delectable treats are not only delicious to eat, but also become a noticeable decorative addition to the party.

50th Birthday Candy Favor Display
50th Birthday Candy Buffet

Sure bet favors.
Nothing could be a more symbolic party favor for a casino themed celebrations than poker chips or a deck of playing cards.  Personalization allows you to stay true to the theme to make your party favors a sure bet.

50th Birthday Party Favors

Photo courtesy of Party Perfect

Picnic time.
Unique containers such as this make the perfect take-home memory of a fun day.   This lighthearted favor presentation matches the relaxed theme and naturally screams picnic.  

50th Birthday Picnic Basket Favor

Order this wonderful complement to your garden party or backyard barbecue.

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Rustic and more rustic.
Homemade is the inspiration for this favor display.   A re-purposed container filled to the brim with Mason jars of homemade goodness, accented with personalized tags and jute bows, proves you can sometimes improve rustic by adding more rustic.

50th Birthday Homemade Favors

Photo courtesy of Love Is A Big Deal

Local favors.
Local produce provides a fresh idea for 50th birthday party favors.  If you don't have your own fruit tree, consider your local farmers market.  Have bags available for guests to pick their favorite fruit, take home, and enjoy.

50th Birthday Local Produce Favors

Photo courtesy of Kara Rosenlund

Cookie favors.
The objective here is to make 50th birthday cookies part of the celebration.  The trick is to maintain simplicity in the design and at the same time capture the occasion.  Attaching a personalized tag is the perfect ending.

50th Birthday Cookie Favors

Charmed favors.
Wine charms make ideal 50th birthday party favors.  The presence of these little extras tells your guests that they are special and that you have gone to great effort to let them know.

50th Birthday Wine Charm Favors

Photo courtesy of Dani Leigh Photography

Want something unique?  Check out these personalized wine charms.  These are sold as individual pieces for easy customization on each charm.  Click on the charm photo below to get started.   

50 and Fabulous Gold Personalized Birthday Party Wine Charm
Look Who's 50 | 50th Birthday Wine Glass Charm
Fifty and Fabulous Birthday Girl Wine Charm

Indulge in 50.
These personalized chocolate bars look as good as they taste, and everyone will be looking.  It is so hard to resist chocolate and making the label all about 50 makes them a fun part of the affair.  

50th Birthday Candy Bar Favors

Party favor packages.
Transform your favors into beautiful keepsakes by adding stylish labels, tags and ribbon.  Apply labels to the outside of boxes or bags and complete with personalized ribbon.  For favors that don't need wrapping, simply attach a tag with decorative ribbon or string.

Celebratory candy.
This party favor idea celebrates fifty in style.  Clear bags filled with popular candies and pulled together with personalized ribbon is as sweet as it gets for this milestone birthday.  The photograph is a throwback to childhood that everyone will notice.  

50th Birthday Celebrate Favor Bags

Party Beads

Picture this.
More than any other party favor, nothing enhances memories better than picture frames.  Get your guests into the act with a stack of pictures from the Honoree's life journey.  Favor your guests with a picture frame and allow them to fill it with their favorite memory.

50th Birthday Photo Frame Favors

Photo courtesy of Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Color coordinated favors.
50th birthday party favors are best received when the theme is artistically stated.  This tiny cookie favor presentation is a great way to establish fifty with the use of color, clear packaging, and an enticing tag attached.

50th Birthday Vintage Cookie Favor

Bubbling over with 50.
Tiny champagne bottles filled with bubbles tucked inside a beverage tin is a realistic way to present 50th birthday party favors.  Simple strands of pearls, fake diamonds, and sparkling gold champagne glasses complete the fifty and fabulous look. 

50th Birthday Cellophane Favor Bags

Champagne bottle party favors.
Fill these champagne bottles with your favorite small candies.  Colored candies look great in the clear bottles and can be easily coordinated to fit your party theme.

Camo favors.
The elements of this favor display are decidedly rustic.  A camo accented gift bag dangling from a cord provides easy self serving with the perfect laid-back feel.

50th Birthday Camo Favors

Casual setting.
Making 50th birthday party favors part of the table setting works ever so naturally here.  This distinctively casual setting relies on layers and layers of rustic expressed in many different ways.

50th Birthday Favors at Tablescape

Photo courtesy of Purple Martini Photography

Natural elegance.
It's great to use birthday party favors as decor on the table.  Here the dominant blue color takes full advantage of its natural surroundings, including the prettily presented token gift.

50th Birthday Favor Box Presentation

Photo courtesy of Ben Vigil Photographers

Please and thank you.
Why let your party favors seem flat and unimpressive?  With a few bouquets of flowers and rustic boxes, you can transform them into a focal point that enhances the theme for your gathering.

50th Birthday Favors in Crate Display

Favorable presentation.
These party favors are meant to be both practical and decorative.  While providing your guests with a refreshing drink, you can also provide them a memorable presentation.

50th Birthday Water Bottle Favors

Photo courtesy of Family Reunion Success

Highlighting 50.
It may seem like a subtle gesture, but it's amazing how 50th birthday party favors become part of the celebration.  Highlighting 50 years of memories is another captivating element.

50th Birthday Display of Favors

Koozie favors.
Koozies have become a traditional party favor these days.  The design can be funny, serious or both, it's really up to you.  These big 5-0 koozies give a nod to the Honoree and the occasion.  

50th Birthday Koozie Favors

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Garden fresh favors.
If gardening is your dig, consider this fresh idea for a well-dressed table.  Here, the gardening gloves and seed packet favors are planted right at the table to further complement the striking look.

50th Birthday Garden Themed Favors

Golden opportunity.
Celebrate this golden birthday.  These 50th birthday party favors present many golden opportunities to thank guests..

50th Birthday Golden Candle Favors

Encouraging words.
Everyone can use a little encouragmint.  Small Mason jars filled with mints will have your 50th birthday party favors looking good.

50th Birthday Encouragemint Favors

Photo courtesy of Creative Try Als

Personalized favor bags.
One-of-a-kind favors are easy to create with personalized favor bags.  Fill with treats such as candies or cookies for a stylish, personal favor that guests will love.

Birthday party rose gold glitter drips pink favor bag
50 and fabulous black gold monogram thank you favor bag
50th Birthday Personalized Favor Bags

Signs of 50.
Here, signs of fifty are everywhere.  Photographs, flowers, and framed 50th birthday humor is all that is needed to make this tablescape memorable, fresh, and fun - the perfect setting for party favors.

50th Birthday Favor Table Presentation

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