50th Birthday Cards

50th birthday cards designed especially for this milestone occasion often become precious keepsakes. Specially chosen cards often speak clearly the words we sometimes have difficulty saying.  One of the reasons birthday cards can be so special is because they are so personal.  Choose the card that perfectly fits your Honoree and the relationship that you enjoy.

50th Birthday Card Ideas

Displaying 50th birthday cards in a creative way instantly conjures up a party atmosphere.

Many guests will elect to bring 50th birthday cards, which poses the question of what to do with all those cards.  There are a multitude of imaginative and easy to recreate card collecting ideas that are as special as the verses and words inside.  

Pretty in pink.
This colorful card box is the perfect drop off spot for guests bearing birthday cards.  At the end of the party, your Honoree has a decorative box to store cards.

50th Birthday Cards Box

Card banner.
Upon arrival, guests can pin their cards to this easy DIY card banner.  We love the decorative touches of the clothespins, adding color and interest to the burlap.

50th Birthday Cards Banner

50th Birthday Photo Cards

2 Photo Look Who's 50 Fiftieth Birthday Black Gold Card
Modern Minimalist Photo Fifty & Fabulous Birthday Card
Inspirational Funny 50th Birthday Floral Photo Card
Personalized Photo Happy Birthday Card
Any Age 5 Photo Collage Stone Custom Birthday Card

Caged cards.
A black bird cage is a great way to incorporate the 50th birthday theme into your card holder. Despairing details emphasize over-the-hill, while the cage openly shows off the birthday cards.

50th Birthday Cards Cage

Jumbo 50th Birthday Cards

50th Birthday Black Gold Glitter Extra Large Jumbo Card
50th Birthday Create Your Own Multi Photo Jumbo Card
Black/Gold 50th Jumbo Birthday Number Pattern 50 Card
Any Age Birthday Photo Collage 22 Pictures Jumbo Card
Customized JUMBO HUGE Hot Pink Any Age Birthday Card

Tree of cards.
Increase the visual impact of birthday cards by hanging them up for everyone to see.  It's hard to imagine a statement decoration that is less expensive, more dramatic, and can easily be customized to fit any space.

50th Birthday Cards Tree

Photo courtesy of Popsugar

Milestone Birthday Reasons I Love You Personalized Card
Luxury Gold Personalised 50th Birthday Card
Firework Rainbow 50th Black & Gold Happy Birthday Card

Vintage appeal.
A vintage suitcase is an eye catching focal point, especially when piled high with birthday cards. Old fashioned blooms or a customized banner complete the nostalgic look perfectly.

50th Birthday Cards Suitcase

Mail call.
Let the familiar presence of a mailbox greet guests with birthday cards in hand.  This is such an easy way to make 50th birthday cards part of the party decor

50th Birthday Cards Presentation

Photo courtesy of J. Anne Photography

Acrylic Card Box Ideas

Sympathy cards.
Try a light-hearted approach with this playful card collecting idea, which resembles a coffin.  Such an appropriate way to celebrate the passing of youth.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Steven B. Photography

Boxed cards.
When the decorative scheme is plain and pale, it is a good idea to add visual interest in other ways. Here, the banner assumes more importance in the neutral scheme and prevents the display from becoming boring.

50th Birthday Cards Rustic Idea

Photo courtesy of Gemma Williams Photography

This is a great idea for repurposing old frames.  Attach birthday cards to wire with decorative clothespins.

50th Birthday Cards Framed

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Fall inspiration.
Let the season of the birthday become part of the theme.  This pumpkin card holder is a reflection of autumn colors and pumpkins, glorious signs of the season.

50th Birthday Cards Fall Idea

Basket of birthday wishes.
Taking your party outside?  A picnic basket is an excellent drop off spot for birthday cards when celebrating outdoors.  The simple burlap banner is the natural go-to for a casual, rustic event.

50th Birthday Cards Basket Idea

Recycled shutters.
Create a quaint old-world feel by using distressed shutters.  It's a great way to incorporate your color scheme, all the while showcasing 50th birthday cards.

Photo courtesy of Start Acting My Age

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