Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Elmo birthday party ideas will tickle you and your little one's fancy.  In the spirit of tickling, make sure that your birthday celebration becomes an energized expression of Elmo.  From the decorations to games, indulge the theme in a way that little guests will feel the thrill of something created just for them.  It is, after all, important that their birthday celebration is lots of fun with their favorite character noticeably in attendance. 

We hope you find the Elmo birthday party
ideas here inspiring enough to create
your own original party.

Elmo's world of party is a fun place to be.  Full of enthusiasm and cheer, this lovable red character wants to be part of everything.  It's up to you to incorporate as much of the spirit of Elmo into your birthday party as possible. 

Bright Elmo ideas.
The success of this stunning tablescape lies in a big nod to Elmo with vivid color.  The chevron print tablecloth is the perfect backdrop for this tempting display of goodies.  Elevating the birthday cake immediately commands attention and gives the little ones a birds eye view of the their favorite friend. The help yourself candy buffet also make a big statement with colorful pails filled with sugared treats.

Bright Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Smile for Elmo.
Decorating the tables creatively allows the opportunity to achieve a more customized look.  Here, the bright colors of Elmo are mixed and match to their best advantage.  The tablecloths, chair sashes, and centerpieces all work together in perfect harmony.

Creative Elmo Birthday Party Table Idea

Photo courtesy of Fiesta Ideas

Elmo in the pink.
To add a feminine touch to your Elmo birthday party ideas, think pink.  Adding pink tissue poms, polka dot table covers and balloons in shout-out shades adds girl power to the overall look.

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Photo courtesy of Amanda's Parties To Go

Elmo Party Ideas for Girl

Sesame Street | Elmo - Baby Birthday Paper Plate
Sesame Street | Elmo - First Birthday Party Hat
Sesame Street | Elmo - First Birthday Paper Napkin
Sesame Street | Elmo - Pink Striped Favor Box
Sesame Street | Elmo - First Birthday Bunting Bunting Flags
Sesame Street | Elmo - First Birthday T-Shirt

Elmo to a whole new level.
Sesame Street risers add dimension to your table bringing party food to a whole new level.  These risers were created with diaper boxes wrapped in paper and decorated in Sesame Street style.

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas On Sesame Street

Photo courtesy of The Lucas Lowdown

Elmo party backdrop.
Transform your party table with a backdrop that turns plain walls into a decorative party element.  This creative backdrop uses colorful tablecloths topped off with Sesame Street characters for an eye catching design.  Another easy backdrop idea is to use Sesame Street posters surrounded with colorful balloons.

Creative Elmo Birthday Party Ideas Backdrop
Sesame Street | Elmo - Rainbow Birthday Paper Plate
Sesame Street | Elmo - Rainbow Birthday Banner
Sesame Street | Elmo - Rainbow Birthday Party Hat

T-Shirt Ideas for Elmo Birthday Party

For the Elmo birthday party girl.

Sesame Street Pals | Party Balloons Baby T-Shirt
Adorable Elmo | Add Your Own Name Baby T-Shirt
Sesame Street Pals | Birthday Girl - Name & Age Baby T-Shirt

For the Elmo birthday party boy.

Sesame Street Pals | Party Balloons T-Shirt
Sesame Street Pals | Birthday Boy - Name & Age Baby T-Shirt
Sesame Street Pals Chalkboard Rainbow 1st Birthday Toddler T-shirt

For the family. 

Sesame Street Rainbow 1st Birthday | Dad T-Shirt
Sesame Street Rainbow 1st Birthday | Dad T-Shirt
Sesame Street Pals Chalkboard Rainbow 1st Birthday Toddler T-shirt
Sesame Street Pals Chalkboard Rainbow 1st Birthday Toddler T-shirt

Elmo Birthday Invitations

Let friends and family know that it is time to party.  Get your Elmo birthday party ideas started with invitations that are colorful and inviting.

Elmo Birthday Party Supplies

Hello from Elmo.
All you need is a wreath, balloons, floral pins, Cookie Monster, and of course Elmo.  Pin balloons onto wreath until it is completely covered.  Attach the Sesame Street characters and hang. 

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas Wreath

Elmo balloon idea.
Balloons can play a major role with this party theme.  A striking display such as this one makes it easy for the little ones to recognize their beloved friend from a distance.

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas With Balloons

Photo courtesy of Crafting Mama

Balloon decor.
Adding personalized elements to your party decor is the quickest way to make your party theme known.  Here, balloons are a great way to add some Elmo personality to your party with minimal effort and expense.

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Experience the many faces of Elmo.  
This pennant banner adds a creative touch to your Elmo birthday party ideas.  So easy, but says so much.

Using your choice of cardstock, vinyl, or felt, this banner can be constructed with scissors and glue. Attach peel and stick letters and the smiling face of Elmo for the perfect birthday wish. 

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas For Banners

Paper lantern fun.
An Elmo face is a simple, yet effective way to transport your guests into the world of Elmo.  String up some paper lanterns to add to the party atmosphere.

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas Paper Lanterns

Partying on Sesame Street.
Invite the whole Sesame Street gang to the festivities.  Lightweight, inexpensive paper lanterns are an easy way to include everybody that the kids will love seeing.

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas Lanterns

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Looking good.
This fun craft project is a creative way to bring Elmo and friends to your celebration.  Play around with adorable eyes and mouths until you have characters from Sesame Street looking right at you.   

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas Pompom Decoration

Color me Elmo.
Elmo birthday party ideas that inspire do-it-yourself projects are personally rewarding and sometimes less expensive.  This easy decorating idea makes good use of tissue paper, tulle, and crayons while providing hours of fun after the party is over.

Centerpiece Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Elmo Party Backdrops

Famous Elmo smile.
Cover the tables with red tablecloths embellished with that famous Elmo smile.  Simple to make and find, you will love this budget friendly party idea.  This tablescape offers a festive solution to displaying the gifts or party favors.

Tablecloth Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Colorful cutlery.
Plastic cutlery is perfect for a children's birthday party.  Adding just-for-fun details will make each place setting look impressive as shown here.

Cutlery Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

 Elmo Party Acrylic Tumbler

Sesame Street Pals | Party Balloons Acrylic Tumbler
Sesame Street Pals | Party Balloons Acrylic Tumbler

Welcome to Sesame Street.
Greet everyone in a special way.  Personalize this sign with your child's name for a big first impression. Get Dad involved with this diy project made from wood or pvc pipe.  This decoration will be a unique addition to your Elmo birthday party ideas.

Sesame Street Sign For Elmo Birthday Party

Photo courtesy of Obsessive Compulsive Crafting

Let all your favorite Sesame Street characters say Happy Birthday on a yard sign.

Sesame Street Pals | Party Balloons Sign

Elmo loves Dorothy.
Dorothy is a lively addition to your Elmo birthday party ideas.  Not only will little guests be impressed, but the birthday boy or girl will be excited about their new pet goldfish.

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas With Dorothy

Elmo Birthday Books

All about Elmo.
The centerpiece is full, but unfussy.  Bunches of Sesame Street cutouts gathered in a blue clay pot provide just the right anchor for a casual, light-hearted look.

Casual Centerpiece For Elmo Birthday Party

Elmo Birthday Cake

Elmo's world of birthday cakes.
Put your great taste on display with a tempting Elmo birthday cake.   From professional to diy, the bright colors and theme will take the cake.

Elmo Birthday Cake
Elmo Shaped Birthday Cake
Elmo Birthday Cake Idea

Photo courtesy of Cake Central

Softer side of Elmo.
For a showstopping cake display, wow little girls with this decorating idea.  Pink tulle and pink dots add femininity without detracting from the theme.  

Elmo Birthday Cake Idea For Girls

Who says you can't play with your food?
Allow kids to decorate pre-iced cupcakes with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and orange jelly beans. Children will get a kick out of decorating their own Elmo cupcake, and the parents will love watching.

DIY Elmo Cupcakes Idea

Invite everyone on Sesame Street. 
Cupcakes and cake pops decorated like Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, and Elmo will bring color and excitement to the party.

Easy Elmo Cupcake & Cake Pop Ideas

Elmo Birthday Party Refreshments

Elmo's world of party food.
Your Elmo birthday party ideas for food usually depend on the time of day of the party and the age of the children.  For younger children, keep the refreshments easy to eat and age appropriate.  For older children, it's fun to allow them to decorate their own cupcakes or sundaes.  Your little guests will love the sprinkles, candies, icing, and whipped cream and the freedom to do it all by themselves.  It is messy, but it's well worth it.  If you prefer to cut back on the sugar, serve fruits or vegetables in such a creative way that they don't even notice it is a healthy snack.

Fruits that will make guests smile back. . .

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas Fruit Display

Vegetables that will make guests smile back. . .

Elmo Birthday Vegetable Display

Photo courtesy of Life in Wonderland

Treats that will make guests smile back. . .

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas With Snacks

Photo courtesy of It's All Connected

Beverages that will make guests smile back. . .

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas For Beverage Dispensers

Photo courtesy of Momma Giles

Elmo juice boxes.
Offering a selection of themed juice boxes will be popular with the children.  Moms will love creating an imaginative display like this one and the ease of the clean up after the party.

Elmo Juice Boxes For Birthday Party

Elmo Birthday Party Games

Elmo's world of party games.
One of the biggest challenges a Mom can face is entertaining a bunch of kids for an entire party.  Start with activities to keep guests happily involved until everyone arrives.  Entertain your party guests with several types of activities such as coloring or sticker books, blocks, face painting, or Legos.

Elmo Birthday Party Games

Elmo loves crayons.
Stock your coloring station with these free Elmo printables.  Before everyone arrives, cover a table with paper or plastic covering.  Place a variety of crayons and markers out for each participant.  It's a good idea to alternate quiet and lively games, so consider coloring to prevent overexcitement.

Free Printable Elmo Coloring Pages

1-2-3 Elmo.
This beanbag toss game brought to you by the numbers 1, 2, and 3.  Crafty Moms can make the beanbags themselves filled with dried peas using Elmo fabric.  Award a prize for the most points or give each participant a prize as younger children may not understand and become upset.

Elmo Beanbag Toss Game

Pin the nose on Elmo.
This is always a popular party game for kids of all ages.  Ask the child to pin the nose on Elmo, then remove their blindfold, and write their name where they landed.  Award a prize to the player who came the closest.  

Pin The Nose On Elmo Birthday Party Game

Ring toss.
Plastic bottles filled with colored water and decorated with character faces.  Use glow stick bracelets for ring toss and then the kids can enjoy them later.

Elmo Birthday Party Ring Toss Game

One man's trash is another kid's party game.
This trash toss game features Oscar the Grouch and allows children to test their aim.  Mom's aim is to keep the party rolling.  Almost everything needed for this game you already have at home and it is fun for all ages.  Including another Sesame Street character is a perfect addition to your Elmo birthday party ideas. 

Oscar The Grouch Trash Toss Game

Photo courtesy of Annie's Eats

Elmo Birthday Party Favors

World of Elmo party favors.
Party favors are a nice way to teach your child to say thank you to their guests.  As much as they enjoyed opening the birthday gifts, it is important for them to show their appreciation.  With parental guidance, allow your child to participate in the party favor selection.  Once your child has chosen their favorite treats, bring your best Elmo birthday party ideas to the presentation.  Bags, boxes, or buckets are easy for children to handle and make the fun last long after the party is over.

All the Elmo birthday party ideas you've ever wished for. . .

Elmo Birthday Party Favor Baskets

Photo courtesy of The Mom Creative

DIY party favor bags.
Dressing up plain red bags with cut out eyes and noses worked out nicely. 

DIY Elmo Birthday Party Favor Bags

Photo courtesy of Dixie Delights

Elmo Birthday Party Favor Bags

Photo courtesy of Quick Chick Designs

Personalized good-byes.
There are lots of cheap goodies that are great for children, so choose the container that best fits the loot.

Elmo Birthday Party Favor Buckets
Elmo Birthday Party Favor Idea

Picture this.
Elmo birthday party favors brought to you by Elmo and the number 1.

Elmo Birthday Party Favor Display

Elmo's favorites.
Incorporate Elmo's favorites into your party favors.  This simple favor project features crayons and goldfish.

One Stop Party Ideas Tip

Elmo's Song.
Music is the perfect addition to your Elmo birthday party ideas.  Did you know that Elmo has his very own song?  Little guests will love hearing their favorite Sesame Street character's music. Wireless speakers are useful if your party is outside.

Photo courtesy of The Muppet Mindset

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