Vegetable Appetizer

A vegetable appetizer is a great way to celebrate a healthy food choice.  The impressive veggie snacks shown here are bursting with fresh flavors and healthy, colorful goodness.  Simple and easy to do it yourself, you can create a fresh new way to tempt the taste buds with vegetable appetizers.  And, making what's good for you look good enough to be your first choice is simply magic.  We have also provided a simple vegetable dip recipe to make you feel good about eating your vegetables.  With these vegetable appetizers, you'll eat up the praise with delicious results.

Cancelling out a cupcake with a vegetable appetizer meets many a dieter's criteria for snacks.  And when the vegetable presentation is irresistible, the healthy choice will be just as compelling.

Celebrate with vegetable appetizers.

A vegetable appetizer is meant to be both practical and delicious.  Here, guests are treated to a visual feast conveniently assembled in one small basket.

Photo courtesy of Natural Beauty

Veggie shots.  There is something so appealing about the combination of clear and color.  Everything you need in one shot glass.

Colorful vegetable sticks in shot glasses,
ready to dip in Ranch dressing.

Photo courtesy of Delectables Catering

Simple, fresh, and healthy with a side of dip.  The hollowed out cabbage is a creative way to serve any cold dip and compliments the fresh vegetables.

Hollowed out cabbage used as a bowl to hold dip for vegetable appetizers.

What you see is what you get.  This vegetable appetizer looks great with the red, orange and green colors shining through.  The clear square cups bring a contemporary spin to the presentation.

Photo courtesy of PC Housing

Easy to make and always delicious, kabobs are the perfect way to serve up your vegetables.  Using a head of lettuce as an anchor, simply load with skewers of fresh seasonal vegetables.

Many colorful vegetables arranged on wooden kabob sticks stuck in a styrofoam ball.

This is one of the easiest vegetable presentations we have found for the busy hostess.  Let the cold bowl do all the work.  The ice chamber at the bottom keeps food chilled for hours.      

Serving fresh vegetables in eye catching containers keeps the presentation interesting.  Use martini glasses to hold the dip for easy serving.  No one has to know how easy this is to put together.  

Photo courtesy of Viva Bella

How does your garden grow?  Play up the colors of your raw vegetables to create a dramatic display. Plant a flower pot filled with dip in front, but make sure your pot is safe for food. 

A basket of goodness.  This is a great example of how color and texture create an impressive visual appearance.  Makes you want to dive right in.         

Celebrate with display ideas.

Serve vegetables on tiered trays.

Serve vegetables on risers.

Serve vegetables on ice.

Serve dips on ice.

A vegetable wreath that's sure to impress.

We have made this vegetable wreath for many years for many different occasions.  It looks good every time and grabs your attention.  Even though it looks complicated, it is not.  Most of the time the two of us are adding vegetables at the same time.  We have given you step-by-step instructions so you can make your own vegetable appetizer.

The completed product is quite impressive.  So much so that it can easily become the table focal point.  Brighten your vegetable appetizer with a festive bow to reflect the party theme or season.

How to make a vegetable wreath. . .

The process begins with a styrofoam wreath form.  Choose the size that best fits your needs.   The bigger the form, the more people it will serve.  However if space is a factor, choose the smaller wreath size and tuck the vegetables in closer together to increase the serving capacity.  Once you have chosen the correct size form, cover it with aluminum foil.  This will protect the vegetables from the styrofoam.

Next, completely cover your wreath form with thoroughly rinsed curly lettuce.  This is achieved by using U-shaped floral pins to secure the leaves onto the wreath form.

Starting with the inside of the wreath form, cover with lettuce securing with florist pins.  The lettuce leaves are to be applied closely enough that there is no aluminum foil peeking through.  Once the inside is covered, proceed to the outside of the wreath form.  Continue applying lettuce leaves in the same manner as the inside.

Pin the first piece of lettuce and then add the next overlapping the bottom of the first piece as shown.  Applying lettuce in this manner keeps the stems covered to give you a more attractive wreath.  Cover entire wreath form with curly lettuce.  This will serve as a green garden base for the delicious vegetables.

When the wreath form is completely covered, it will resemble a fresh wreath.  Simply add the vegetables for decorations.  Choose salad greens based solely on eye appeal, as it will not be eaten. You may choose one color and variety as shown, or mix a variety of lettuce types for added interest.

Attach your vegetables.  You may use any vegetables that can be eaten raw and easily attached to the form.  While most vegetables are green, there are also other colorful options available.  These veggies give you the pop of color that ensures a beautiful finished product.  We chose to use broccoli, cucumbers, baby carrots, and cherry tomatoes.  Rinse all vegetables and secure with a toothpick.

Begin adding vegetables.  Arrange the various vegetables on the salad greens in an eye appealing manner.  Consider the shapes and colors and how they will complement each other.  Distribute the vegetable colors throughout the wreath.

Space out the vegetables filling in the gaps until the wreath form is completely covered in vegetables. Stick some vegetables in straight and others at an angle, but distribute the colors evenly.  Notice how the red cherry tomatoes and orange carrots pop out from all the green.

Keep party dips chilled in a stylish way.  Place ice with water into lower bowl and position dip bowl so it rests down into ice water.  Dips will stay chilled for hours.

How can you make your vegetable wreath seasonal?

Nothing says welcome like a wreath, so decorate your vegetable wreath to match the occasion.  Here are some creative suggestions to add extra pizazz. . . .

  • Christmas - attach a festive Christmas bow to your wreath.
  • Easter - attach plastic eggs.
  • Halloween - place a spook-tacular bowl of vegetable dip in the center of your wreath.
  • Wedding - decorate to match the colors and wedding reception theme.

What do you need to know about veggies?

Fresh is best.

Show off the bounty of the season.  Buy fresh, seasonal vegetables for optimum taste and presentation.

Variety is best.
Keep it interesting with the use of different colors, textures, sizes, and shapes.

Creative presentation is best. 
Entice your guests with a clever presentation.  Vegetables never looked so good.

Ample amount is best.
A good rule of thumb is four to six pieces of vegetables per guest.

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