Entertainment Ideas For 1st Birthday Party

Entertainment ideas for 1st birthday party are based on a number of variables...Where will the party be?  How many will be attending?  What are the age differences?  Once you have clear direction, plan entertainment that will grab their attention and commemorate the occasion.  There are many ways to entertain youngsters, so go all out with plenty of options...one-year-olds have a short attention span.

Entertainment Ideas for 1st Birthday Party

With a few well-chosen entertaining ideas and the contagious expectations of kids, there's no reason to fear entertaining them.  They're quick to get into the party spirit and they're not afraid to show it.  Here's a bunch of ideas to entertain kids that are fun and the entire group can enjoy.  Once you have chosen your favorites, make safety your top priority with plenty of adult supervision.


Ball Pit For 1 Year Birthday Party.
Most children are fascinated by ball pits.  That's why it's ideal birthday entertainment for kids since they can play as long as they like and it works both indoors and outdoors.  Simply inflate the ball pit or pool, add in the colorful balls and let the little ones dive right in.  They'll have a ball!  


Find a ball pit for birthday party here.

Obstacle Course Competition.
The most successful entertainment ideas for 1st birthday party are based on simplicity and the reaction from the kids.  You will love how easy it is to rearrange and customize these mazes to keep the courses new and exciting.  And trust us, the kids will love crawling through the tunnels and playing in the ball pits.  Please note that some sets include the balls and others do not, so plan accordingly.

More climbing and crawling activities...

Ideas For Building Blocks.
The most successful entertainment for toddlers allows them to play and use their imagination.  Future builders will love these blocks and the freedom to build whatever they like.

Bean Bag Toss Ideas.
Entertainment ideas for 1st birthday party that encourage interaction among guests is a good thing.  Since there will be kids of all ages at the birthday party, consider having more than one mark (determined by age) for kids to stand behind.  One-year-olds?  They may need adult assistance.

Pinata For 1st Birthday.
The purpose behind entertainment ideas for 1st birthday party is finding fun things to do that have been tweaked to fit a younger group of children.  Take a look at these pinatas that offer a safe alternative for young participants.  Guests take turns pulling one of twelve pull-strings to find the one that release the treats.  Same fun without the stick!

Follow The Leader.
With this age group, it's best if an older child or adult leads the line.  Start by explaining to party guests that you want them to copy everything you do.  Line the children behind the birthday boy or girl and lead them around the party space demonstrating movements such as clapping hands, jumping, walking in place, twirling, marching, touching your toes.

Dress Up Games For Kids.
Kids love to pretend.  Put together a trunk of costumes and accessories and allow the children to dress themselves any want they want.  It will be loads of fun to see what tomorrow's fashionistas can imagine.

Puppet Show For Kids.
Look for entertainment ideas for 1st birthday party that delight and amaze little party-goers.  This age group is fascinated by sounds and action, so use props and think of ways to amaze them.  Introduce a puppet singing star that belts out songs that are kid favorites or perform a simple skit.


Ideas for puppet show...

Wagon Parade Float.
A special day deserves a parade.  Ask guests to bring their own wagon decorated as they would like.  Parade the wagons through a pre-planned course with the assistance of adult helpers.  Encourage by-standers to clap and cheer as the wagons go by.

Train Rides.
Choo choo!  If trains are your little one's obsession, keep the birthday party right on track with train rides.  These trains are also the perfect photo opportunity for future engineers.  Take a look at the trains listed below that are not only a good investment for party day, but will provide hours of fun after the party is over.  All aboard!

1st Birthday Party Bounce House.
A bounce house falls into the category of entertainment ideas for 1st birthday party that always make a birthday happy.  Whether you choose to rent or buy, this idea works best for a small party where the majority of the guests are quite young.  Provide seating for the adults around the bounce house, so there is plenty of adult supervision for the little daredevils that need it.

Consider adding prizes to your entertainment. 
Check out these first birthday party favors.

Giant Inflatable Bowling Game Set.
Everyone can get in the game with a giant inflatable bowling set.  Each set comes with a ball and six pins and one set includes glow tape, foot pump, mesh bag and score sheets.  Perfect for any age, a giant inflatable bowling game set works great indoors or outdoors. 

Children's Scavenger Hunt Ideas.
Let's face it, toddlers love to be outside.  Invite little explorers to the park, but any outside area will suffice.  These toddler scavenger hunt cards will guide your toddler to find items commonly found outside.  This is a great experience for the parent and the child to enjoy together.  Be sure there are plenty of adults watching to keep an eye on the wanderers.  

Art Station.
Entertainment ideas for 1st birthday party that let the kids draw on their own imaginations is a good thing to do.  Set up an art station that would appeal to a young budding artist and prepare to be amazed.  From handprints with washable paints to sidewalk chalk, there's no end to the creativity that you'll see.  Remember to protect each child's clothing (trash bags with holes cut out are easy) and send artwork home with each child.

Story Time.
Who appreciates being read a book more than a toddler?  Make every effort to make the reading authentic by using voices for different characters or dressing like the character in the book.  Transport guests to the land of make-believe by staging a reading space that coincides with the theme of the book.  This captivated audience loves to fantasize and will hang on every word.


Preschool Storytime 1st Birthday...

Bear Hunt.
Going on a bear hunt?  Mama Bear and Papa Bear should hide the bears in the party area before the children arrive.  Allow kids to search and find the hidden bears (similar to an Easter egg hunt).  Whether you choose to hide lots of tiny bears or one bigger bear per child, let the kids and the adults know how many bears each child should find.  Expect lots of bear hugs.

Photo Booth For 1st Birthday.
Entertainment ideas for 1st birthday party should definitely include pictures.  Create a photo booth or photo backdrop to pose in front of with the birthday boy or girl.  Opportunities like this don't come along every day, so make sure you document this very special day. 

Birthday Party Water Games

Pick Up Ducks.
Entertain and delight little guests with a duck pond.  The ducks are cute as can be and the pond could actually be a steel tub or an inflatable kiddie pool.  Choose prizes that appeal to toddlers and keep the activity safe with adult supervision.


Pick Up Ducks game made easy...

Toddlers love to play in the water...

Without a doubt, tiny party-goers love a good water activity.  So if you're looking for entertainment ideas for 1st birthday party during the hot summer, beat the heat by splishing and splashing.

Splash pad sprinklers.

Water table activities for preschoolers.

Go Fish Fishing Game.  
Gone fishin'.  Stage a low-fuss fishing tournament with everyone participating.  This fishing game holds all the necessary tools for the kids to reel in the big one...poles with magnets makes the fishing adventure a success every time.

Sing Along Party.
Play kid favorite songs and allow children to sing along.  Songs that have hand motions are best for this age group.  If you have a family member or friend that sings or plays guitar, this could be party-goers first exposure to the excitement of live entertainment!

Children's Music Party Entertainment.
When your entertainment ideas for 1st birthday party combine music and movement, that's a good combination.  Whether youngsters crawl or walk across this piano dance mat, it will be music to their ears.

Bubbles First Birthday Party.
Why not include bubble blowing in your entertainment ideas for 1st birthday party?  It's always been a toddler favorite and bubble machines have made the experience even more exciting.   Want more?  Pass out individual bubbles to guests, so they can get in on the bubble blowing fun.


Watch the fun bubble over with bubble machines.

Individual bubbles.

How To Entertain Adults At A First Birthday Party.
Ask adults to bring a photo when they were one.  Randomly arrange pictures on a table with a number above each picture, being careful not to put anything on the photos that could possibly damage them.  Provide a list of names, so that guests can assign a number to each name  The person with the most correct guesses wins.

Time Capsule 1st Birthday.
It's about time...celebrate a first birthday with a time capsule that takes a quick glance into the future to later become a reflection of the past.  What to write in time capsule for baby?  Allow guests to write messages of 1st birthday wishes, a special memory of the first year, a prediction, or perhaps an expression of love.  Messages should be placed in the time capsule to be read on the 18th birthday.  

Ideas for time capsule...

Gold Unicorn Time Capsule Pink Roses Message Card
First Birthday Time Capsule Card
Birthday Time Capsule Card, Navy Blue, Aqua Enclosure Card

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