First Birthday Party Favors

First birthday party favors are a sweet ending to the perfect day.  Approach them as you would any other party decision, thoughtfully and creatively.  The most successful favors coordinate with the theme of the party and need not be expensive.  Wrap them up so enticing that the kids won't be able to wait to open them.  Kids often judge the party by the contents of the party favor think like a kid. 

First birthday party favors start here.

Part of the 1st birthday tradition is sending kids home with a special little gift.  What are party favors?  Any token gift that brings a smile to a face and joy to the occasion.  Here are some first birthday party favors that you are familiar with and are kid favorites.  From sippy cups to personalized cookies, it's all right here for the sharing.      

first birthday party favors

1st Birthday Cookie Favors.
Cookies make everything better.  And when the cookies are personalized with your little one's name or photo, that's just a whole new level of sweetness.  Sugar cookies, chocolate dipped Oreo cookies or premium shortbread cookies, here's a variety from which to chews.

1st birthday cookie favors

Decorated First Birthday Cookies.

First Birthday Cookies on a Stick.

1st Birthday Cookies
See Personalized Party Favors for 1st Birthday Here.

Sugar Cookies
Sugar Cookies
Cute First Birthday Party Cookie Personalize Photo

Cookie Bags.

Birthday Wristbands.
Bring awareness to a special birthday with these rubber bracelets.  Just the right size for favor bags and scattering around the party tables.  Kids will love the vibrant colors and you will love the double duty as a favor and a party decoration.  

Birthday Beach Ball.
Bounce on over to the beach ball birthday party.  There's something about beach balls, they just make you happy.  That's the perfect reason to include them in your first birthday party favors.

Musical Favor.
If you want to make some noise with your first birthday party favors, consider musical instruments.  No instruction required...the kids will know what to do.  From maracas to tambourines, your little ones will be moving and shaking to their own beat.   

Art Birthday Party Favors.
Send budding little artists home with coloring books and crayons.  Although it is not necessary, it's extra special when the coloring book party favors relate to the party theme.  No need to differentiate between boys and girls, one coloring book fits all.

art birthday party favors

The first step to coloring inside the lines starts here.

Book Party Favors.
One of the few things that a one-year-old can sit still for is a good book.  If you are looking for first birthday party favors with purpose, then this is an excellent choice.  An interactive book tucked inside a party favor bag will make it home to be read over and over.   

Puzzle Party Favors.
We have pieced together some toddler friendly puzzles that would be great choices for first birthday party favors.  Colorful and easy for small hands to manipulate, kids will have so much fun they won't even realize they're learning.  

Lego Duplo

First Birthday Fish Party Favors.
Just keep swimming.  There's no limit to the fun kids will having watching their very own goldfish.  Include a small bowl and fish food to make your gift complete.  This is only a good idea if you know that a live gift will be appreciated by the recipient.  

first birthday fish party favors

Lollipop Party Favors.
Everything that's wonderful comes in a lollipop.  They are easy to eat and are a bold way to get your first birthday party favors noticed.  Pick your favorite lollipops and apply personalized stickers that match the theme. 

lollipop party favors

Personalized Birthday Stickers for Favors.

Owl Sticker Pink (Girl's 1st Birthday Party Favor)
Photo 1st Birthday Party Favor Labels|Sticker Classic Round Sticker
1st Birthday Monkey Blue Sicker Classic Round Sticker
Rainbow Swirl Pops - 40 Suckers13%
$14.99 ($0.37 / Count)

1st Birthday Stickers.
Fillers for party favor bags come in all shapes and sizes.  Add to the excitement by adding a sheet of stickers to your loot bag.  No skill required, kids love them!

Sippy Cups Party Favors.
In the mind of a toddler, a sippy cup is a treasured possession.  Fill sippy cups with treats, drop in a clear bag and tie a ribbon around them.  It's just that simple.  

Want to go one step further?  Personalized sippy cups.

first birthday favors ideas

1st Birthday Bath Toys.
Looking for first birthday party favors that are useful?  Bath toys for a toddler are as exciting as spa day for Mom.  No doubt, little ones will enjoy and appreciate this clever bye-bye gift.    

Puppet ideas for 1st birthday party favors.
Little ones love to play make-believe.  Hand puppets are great entertainment and promote fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills and self-confidence.  Buy in sets and divide into individual take home gifts for large groups or consider gifting the whole set when entertaining a few children.

Stuffed Animal 1st birthday favors ideas.
Give each little guest a stuffed animal as a thank you for coming gift.  During the party, take each little one's picture posing with their stuffed animal.  Here's where a themed photo opt would make a big impression.  Imagine the satisfaction of saying goodbye to little guests clutching their new favorite stuffed animal, while Mom reflects on a photo reminder of a wonderful day. 

Bubbles First Birthday Party.
If there's one thing that fascinates a one-year-old, it's bubbles.  That's why they make great first birthday party favors.  From bubble wands to no-spill tumblers, when you're looking for fun that is age appropriate, look no further.   

bubbles first birthday party

Check out these bubbles that will blow your mind.

Car Party Favors.
The driving force behind successful first birthday party favors is giving the kids what they want.  And if car toys would rev up your guests, then race on over and pick out an assortment fast.

Take your baby boy first birthday party favors
to new heights with airplanes. 

Kite Favors.
Let's go fly a kite!  Kite flying is a birthday activity that both the parent and the child can participate.  Once the kite flying is over allow the kids to take their kite home as a party favor.  Kites make excellent party decorations scattered throughout the party space hanging from the ceiling or floating attached to helium balloon bouquets.  Whether you're looking for party favors or decorations for the party, take a look at the impressive kite selection below.

Edible Birthday Favors for ONE.
Edible first birthday party favors will be a big hit.  Choose snacks that are safe for this age group and as mess free as possible.  Keep in mind that Goldfish crackers and Animal Crackers are popular favorites for little tykes.  With a little help from edible party favors, the ride home just got a lot easier.

1st Birthday Party Favors For Adults.
Looking for something that the adults attending the party might enjoy?  Personalized hand fans make great first birthday party favors.  From customizable text to favorite photos, you can highlight the birthday boy or girl in a cool way.

Little Ladybug One First Birthday Party Name Hand Fan
Happy Birthday Photo Star Hand Fan
Mustache to take one. Our little man is one Hand Fan

First birthday party favors deserve creative packaging.
Add to the party spirit by filling bags and boxes with treats and fun surprises.

First Birthday Favor Bags

Pink and Yellow Plaid Heart Thank You Favor Bag
SWEETEST ONE Blue Iced Donuts Baby First Birthday Favor Bag

1st Birthday Favor Boxes

One Glitter  1st Birthday Pink and Gold Favor Box
Blue & Gold Boys ONE 1st Birthday Party Favor Favor Box
Pink Carousel Horse Birthday Party Favor Box

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