Personalized Christmas Wedding Favors

Personalized Christmas wedding favors celebrate love with a touch of the holiday season.  Surprise guests with timeless gifts that have been chosen specifically to say thank you in a meaningful way.  Then customize to fit the personality of the bridal couple and theme of the wedding.  The result will be personalized Christmas wedding favors that capture a moment in time to perfection.

12 Days of Personalized Christmas Wedding Favors

Favor your guests with a keepsake that embodies both wedding and Christmas and does not break the bank. Set a budget first and then begin your search. Buying in bulk and the close out specials available online will keep your favors cost effective and memorable.  When it comes to personalized Christmas wedding favors, there's a wide array of festive ideas.

1. Chocolate.

For the best in wedding favors, you know what to look for...chocolate.  Personalized chocolates in any form is a great way to celebrate those who mean the most.  Keep favors Merry & Bright with delicious chocolate treats.


A partridge in a pear tree could logistically become a problem.

2. Coasters.
It's paying close attention to the details that make personalized Christmas wedding favors so special.  These simple coasters take advantage of celebrating the wedding event, as well as the popular success of function.  Not only do they make a great take home gift for the guests, they also can be used at the reception.


Magnet Wedding Favors

Two turtle doves could become a cleanup nightmare.

3. Honey or Syrup Wedding Favors.
If it'll bee, it'll bee.  Giving guests a taste of honey or syrup to take home will be an appreciated gesture.  When selecting how they will be presented, remember a well thought out presentation is a sweet thing to do.


Three French hens, where would you find those?

4. Wine Bottle Stoppers.
Deliver festive wishes of love and good cheer.  Presenting guests with personalized wine bottle stoppers is a great way to favor your guests with the happiest holiday ever.  These wine bottle stoppers can be personalized to fit any theme.

Four calling birds could drown out the band. .

5. Candy.   
When the biggest day of your life collides with the most wonderful time of the year, something sweet is bound to happen.  There are lots of festive candy wedding favors and shopping couldn't be easier...leaving you more time for more important matters.

Five golden rings could get expensive.

6. Favor Ornament Wedding.
Celebrate your wedding with the stylish fun of Christmas ornaments.  Decorate a tree with special ornaments chosen by the bridal couple and allow guests to choose their favorite to take home.  It's a great idea for gift-giving and tree-trimming.


Six geese a-laying could traumatize the guests.

7. Christmas Cookies.
Like you, guests relish the thought of cookies, especially Christmas cookies.  With the painstaking attention to detail devoted to these personalized Christmas wedding favors, everyone will be talking about them.   From traditional to photo cookies, take a look at these sweet options.

Photo courtesy of Classy Girls Wear Pearls

Seven swans a-swimming would be out of season.

8. Christmas Candles.
When it comes to presentation, the most expected wedding favor will shine brightly if presented in a unique way.  Consider using this heart-shaped display as the centerpiece and surround it with wrapped candle favors.  The lit candles will catch guests attention, making it easy to grab a wedding favor as they leave that is all dressed up and ready to glow. 


Eight maids a-milking. If you can find eight women who would milk a cow, go for it.

9. Lip Balm.
Wedding favors that are useful are often times the biggest hit.  These personalized lip balms can be customized to fit any theme, in your favorite flavor, and include a special message or names.  What a clever way to include personalized Christmas wedding favors in your thank you.

Personalized Rustic Wedding Favors Lip Balm
Monogram Navy Elegant Wedding Favors Lip Balm
Thank You Wedding Favor Lip Balm

Nine ladies dancing would be a very small wedding.

10. Coffee.
Warm up guests with coffee wedding favors.  Providing a cup of coffee as a thank you gift sets a thoughtful tone and will not go unnoticed.  Make it even more special by sharing a personalized message or holiday design.  There are plenty of options for personalizing to your own taste, so order early.

Tea Wedding Favor Ideas

Ten lords a-leaping sounds like aerobics.

Take this opportunity to offer guests bookmarks with added style.  Add that extra personal touch by choosing a design that is special to you.  Consider including a special note with the bookmark from the couple thanking guests for being a part of their big day.  The final result will be pure joy for guests.

Eleven pipers piping would be too noisy.

12. Charity Wedding Favors.
In the spirit of giving, make a donation to benefit a favorite charity.  Inform guests that a donation was made in their honor, by placing a card at each table announcing the donation.

Twelve drummers drumming might be nice.

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