Sparklers For Weddings

Sparklers for weddings provide a beautiful exit to a perfect day.  As more couples plan every last detail of their weddings, a grand exit should not be overlooked.  Sparklers add an elegant touch to your wedding finale as well as another opportunity for your photographer to capture some breath taking photos.  A wedding sparklers send off is a beautiful and fun way for guests to participate in a final farewell and leaves a lasting impression. 

Put a sparkle in your celebration exit with sparklers for wedding.  Although sparklers provide a romantic atmosphere for your grand exit, it's important to observe a few safety tips.

Sparklers for weddings capture your exit in the
best light.  Consider these tips to keep it safe.

  • Appoint a responsible people to be in charge of the lighting and the send off.
  • Allow plenty of room for your exit forming two lines with ample space for the couple to make their way through the line.
  • Light one sparkler at a time, never a bundle.  
  • Caution guests to keep lit sparklers at arms length away from their body or people nearby.
  • Buy the right size sparkler.  Bigger is better because of the time involved to get the sparklers lit. We suggest the 20" or 36" sparkler.
  • Provide a safe place to dispose of used sparklers.  A pail filled with sand or water is a very good option.

Wedding sparklers send off.
Lots of different ways of putting a unique stamp on sparklers exists, whether a pretty container or a personalized tag.  The small details are certainly worth it.

Sparklers For Weddings Display

Photo courtesy of Pam Cooley Photography

Keep in mind that the longer length means a longer burn time.

Click on photos below to personalize...just select the size, text style, and color to fit your needs.

Chalk Glitter Let Love Sparkle, Sparkler Send off Poster
Let The Sparks Fly Gold Sparkler Send Off Sign
Let Love Sparkle Gold Glitter Wedding Sign

How to display wedding sparklers.
Give guests a sign stating the time of send off.  Then give them everything they need to participate in the grand finale like plenty of personalized matchbooks. 

Sparklers For Weddings Presentation

Photo courtesy of Christopher Duggan Photography

The sparkling finale.
Setting up a few containers of sparklers in strategic locations is a good idea.  Be sure to place near the grand exit.

Sparklers For Weddings Idea

Wedding Sparkler Set

A little spark.
Create a rustic scene that brings all the elements together.  This cheerful assortment continues the wedding color scheme outside.  Have some fun thinking about what design elements are important to you and how to infuse them into your wedding reception.

Rustic Sparklers For Weddings Display Idea

Photo courtesy of Jaimee C Photography

Sparkling farewell.
These galvanized pails filled with sand are a great way to display sparklers for weddings.  After the send off, guests will have a safe place to put their hot sparkler.

Sparklers For Weddings Safety Idea

Let love sparkle.
Once in a lifetime moments are just that, so celebrate every creative opportunity.  These simple tags etched with lettering and attached to sparklers with a small hole are great examples of making the most of presentation.

Lovely Sparklers For Weddings Display

Light the way for the newlyweds.
Demonstrate your creativity with a cohesive display of all things rustic.  Splashing the wedding color in a small way throughout the design is the common tie.  

Colorful Sparklers For Weddings Display

Perfect Match for your Sparklers

Wedding day sparklers.
An elegant sparkler presentation is an upscale addition to the reception decor.  Simply styled layers achieve the optimum degree of design.  Click here to check out sparkler tag options.

Elegant Sparklers For Wedding Display

Colorful and casual.
The burlap runner is the perfect backdrop for this casual sparkler display.  Inject personality into neutrals with vibrantly colored lighters and flowers.  Posting the send off time ensures a successful exit.

Casual Display For Wedding Sparklers

Wedding sparklers exit.
A grand display for the grand exit.  This metallic container filled with sparklers stands tall in front of the reflective lighting dancing in the background.

Wedding Sparklers Grand Exit

Wedding sparklers and matchbooks.
On a lighter note, grouping together everything needed is a clever idea.  Here you have the sparklers for weddings and customized matchbooks all tied with a pretty ribbon ready to glow.

Sparklers And Matches Favor Display

Happy endings.
A well designed presentation will never go out of style.  This simple box filled with sparklers and a handwritten sign makes a big statement. 

Wedding Sparklers Exit

Glow stick send off.
Tradition with a twist:  if your venue does not allow sparklers, consider glow sticks.  You'll discover that this alternative looks good and can be just as visually effective.

Glow Stick Wedding Send Off

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