Wedding Favor Fans

Wedding favor fans are a fan-tastic gift for your guests especially at an outdoor ceremony.  Everyone will love keeping it cool with these beautiful and functional keepsakes.  There are a variety of styles such as palm hand, sandalwood, silk, Asian, mini buri, or paper to fit most any wedding scheme.

Personalization has become a fan favorite with more couples making an effort to show off their creativity.  The most popular choices are initials, names, dates, and some have chosen to also use the fan as a program for the ceremony. Laser engraving is also available if you would like the fan handle customized.

Ideas for wedding favor fans that
will suit anyone's fan-cy.

When choosing wedding favor fans, you will probably want to give a little thought as to how to present them to your guests.  The little things like a unique presentation set your wedding apart from all the others.  It is often all those personal touches that speak volumes and will linger longest in the memory of your guests, so you want to get them just right.  We would like to share some unique presentation ideas that will help to make your favors noticeable and memorable.

Tiny details add up.
Paying attention to seemingly mundane details will make a difference.  The lace covered box, tiny ribbon accents, and simple baby's breath all add up to an outstanding presentation.

Wedding Favor Fans Display

Photo courtesy of Ben Yew Photography

Picture this.
Customize wedding favor fans with your favorite photo.  Click on the photos below for the details.

Modern Wedding Program Fans with Photo
Delicate Floral and Photo Wedding Hand Fan
Stay Cool Gold Confetti Photo Wedding Hand Fans

Fanciful neutrals. 
Nothing says wedding like tulle ribbon and hydrangeas.  The different shades of neutral and the different textures make the most of this simple display.  

Neutral Wedding Favor Fan Display

Photo courtesy of MCG Photography

In a basket.
These fans not only beat the heat, but also double as programs to let your guests know who is who and what to expect in the ceremony.  A personal message from the Bride and Groom is a thoughtful way to make guests feel welcome.  There are no set rules about what goes into a program.  You may include as much or as little information as you think would benefit your guests.

Wedding Favor Fan Basket Display

Photo courtesy of Wedding Wire

Cool off.
Black and white with a pop of green.  These clear cylinders allow the vibrant green color to shine through.  

Colorful Wedding Favor Fan Display

Rustic fanfare.
Borrow an element from nature to create a strong visual statement.  This tree lends a hand with purpose and personality.  

Rustic Wedding Favor Fan Display

On a beach.
Beach ceremonies can get terribly warm or breezy.  This favor presentation solves both.  A fan wedding favor to cool guests and anchor the program.

Beach Wedding Favor Fans Display

Photo courtesy of Simple Weddings

Click on the photos below.

Tropical Vintage Beach Heart Shore Wedding Program Hand Fan
By the Sea Heart-Shaped Wedding Fan Program
Tropical Wedding Beach Scene Wedding Hand Fans

Fancy vintage.
This fan display coordinates beautifully with the vintage theme.  The frill of a pretty ribbon adds a soft blissful feel.  

Vintage Wedding Favor Fans

Photo courtesy of Anna K. Photography

In a pot.
The size of the thank you doesn't matter, as long as you say it.  This tiny thank you tag attached to a fan makes the presentation special.

Creative Wedding Favor Fan Display

Photo courtesy of Junebug Weddings

On the table.
Besides dinnerware and centerpieces, other interesting elements can grace your table.  This place setting shows how wedding favor fans can be an important part of the tablescape.

Wedding Favor Fans Tablescape

Photo courtesy of Project Wedding

Thanks for celebrating with us.

In a box.
If you prefer, have someone distribute your fan favors.  Otherwise, place on a table near the entrance for guests to help themselves.

Wedding Favor Fans Box Display

Photo courtesy of Today's Bride

In a jar.
What could be more southern than a Mason jar, sweet tea, and a fan?  The thank you card attached expresses southern hospitality at its finest.

Wedding Fans Displayed In Mason Jars

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Fantastic idea.
Hanging fans can be used as landmarks to direct the way.  Guests simply grab a fan on the way into the ceremony.

Straw Wedding Favor Fan Display

Photo courtesy of AGA Jones Photography

Tag, you're it.
Attaching a tag to your fan favor is a good way to say thank you.  It is also a good idea to cover the fan to amplify the color scheme.   

Tags For Wedding Fans

In a metal stand.
This metal plant stand serves as a favor station and works well with the simple beauty of the outdoors. We love how the colors and shapes of the fans adds to the overall look.  This versatile presentation would coordinate perfectly with a rustic or garden setting.  For added interest, consider painting the stand a bright color.

Wedding Favor Fans Presentation

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs

Bouquets and baskets.
Double duty for the bouquet.  It goes to show that flowers are beautiful anywhere.

Baskets Filled With Wedding Favor Fans

Photo courtesy of Azuree Photography

In a suitcase.
Display wedding favor fans in an open suitcase for guests to take as they arrive.  This vintage treasure allows you to upcycle something old into something new and stylish.  Because suitcases are portable and easily fit in different places, consider using several for various purposes.

Suitcase Wedding Fan Presentation

Photo courtesy of Rustic Wedding Chic

Infuse color.
Contemporary styling and colors unique to your wedding will give your outdoor wedding favor a modern twist to an old favorite.

Pretty Wedding Favor Fan Display

Photo courtesy of Allie Lindsey Photography

Cool idea.
Fan favorite for tropical or beach themed weddings.  A simple note informs guests to take one.

Cool Wedding Favor Fan Idea

Make yourself wedding favor fans are easy with this diy program kit.  This kit allows you to create your own programs complete with paper fans, wooden sticks, glue dots, and instructions.  With a few do-it-yourself steps and a home computer, you can create your own programs for pennies.

Wedding Favor Fan Program Idea

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