Wedding Favors for Children

Wedding favors for children should be fun and exciting.  There are so many good favor ideas, the challenge will be deciding which ones are your favorite.  Once you have made a decision, the next step is to focus on how and when the wedding favor should be presented.  Whether you choose to set up a table for kids and allow them to play right away or send home bags filled with take-home wedding favors to be enjoyed later, make every detail kid-friendly. 

Wedding Favors For Children

One favor fits all?  Maybe not.  Sometimes it's easier to shop for kids rather than adults because kids love a lot of different things, and they love surprises.  No matter how old your guests are, we hope you find something here that is ideal and sure to be a big hit.  And if you prefer a variety of wedding favors for children, offer several so that they can pick their favorite.

Kids wedding activity pack.
Variety is the spice of life.  These fun kids wedding entertainment packs have something for everyone.  They are anything, but boring...coloring books, mazes, scavenger hunts, and much more.

  Take a look at these kids wedding activity pack ideas...

Coloring pages for kids wedding.
From a dot game wedding cake to Tic-Tac-Toe wedding rings, it is almost certain that these high-quality drawings will provide lots of coloring fun.  And you can personalize with photos and text at no additional upcharge.

Custom Illustrated Wedding Bride Coloring Page
Wedding Coloring and Activity Page
Illustrated Wedding Activity Coloring Page
Illustrated wedding activity dot game
Illustrated Tic Tac Toe Wedding Activity Page
Illustrated Wedding Activity Cake Coloring Page

Wedding themed coloring books.
Stick with the theme!  These wedding themed coloring books keep the focus on love and marriage while entertaining kids for hours.  Remember to include a box of crayons with each book.  

How can I present coloring books to kids?
Signs placed on an easel or in a frame are a great way to guide kids to your coloring book wedding favors.  The kids will be quick to take the hint and help themselves.  

Fun wedding placemats.
Get them coloring with wedding themed place mats.  Kids are familiar with coloring activities at the table, so they'll know just what to do.  Not only is it a fun activity for the kids, but it is also a unique way to decorate the kids table.  

Push pop bubble fidget toys.
If you are looking for wedding favors for children that are all the rage, take a look at these bubble fidget toys.  From adjustable bracelets to keychains that can be attached to any bag or backpack, kids are obsessed with these things.  The pressing and popping is so much fun, and the kids benefit from reduced anxiety and restlessness, allowing them to be more attentive and focused.

What kid could resist these adorable mini teddy bears?
Whether you choose bears with ribbons already in place or prefer
to tie on a ribbon of your choice, these teddy bears are simple and sweet.

Not expecting many children?
Click on the link below the picture for more about this plush teddy bear.

Mr. & Mrs. Elegant Floral Wedding Teddy Bear
Mr. & Mrs. Elegant Floral Wedding Teddy Bear

Wedding I Spy cards.
I spy with my little eye...the goal is for guests to snap photographs of the items listed on the card.  The guests will have a blast taking the pictures and the bride and groom will have even more fun looking at all the moments that were captured.

I Spy wedding reception game english spanish game
Wedding I Spy
Wedding I Spy

Disposable wedding cameras...

Kids wedding bubbles.
Blowing bubbles naturally lifts the spirits and brings on smiles.  So, why not bring all that joy to your wedding favors for children?  They will be thrilled with a bubble wand or a special shape that makes the bubble experience more fun.  Take a look at all the choices below that are sure to have the kids bubbling over with excitement.

Confetti wands.

Personalized tumblers.
Seems to us that no one is better at having fun than kids, so keep that in mind when planning wedding favors for children.  These personalized tumblers come with liners ready for decorating with stickers or coloring.  Not only are they great fun for the kids to make, but the tumblers are just as much fun to use.

Water bottle labels.
A great way to enhance water bottles and spread the love is to add a personalized label.  The idea is to make everyone feel special and this is just one more way to show that pint-sized guests are just as important.

Custom fun colorful Birthday party balloons print
Birthday Balloons Water bottle label

Finger puppets.
Kids love pretending and what better way to stimulate the imagination than with finger puppets.  If you are assembling favor bags filled with an assortment of treats and toys, finger puppets are a great addition.  Take a look below at all the fun just waiting to be had...

Easy puppet favor gifting.

These finger puppets look lovely nestling inside a pretty heart container.  Originally designed for Valentine's Day, they are the perfect fit for a wedding too.  Simply replace the Valentine's card with a wedding themed gift tag, and they're ready to share.

Wood puzzles.
If you are looking for simple, smart ideas that make your wedding favors for children more interesting, consider wood puzzles.  Encouraging brain power while having fun is the motivation, and finding one here is in plain sight...

Classic card games.

Kids love card games, it's as simple as that.  And classic card games never get old with updated graphics that grab players attention...Memory, Old Maid, Go Fish and more.

LEGO wedding favors.
Everything you need to make your wedding favors for children a big success...something that has been around for a long time, yet still popular, and appeals to a wide range of ages.  The LEGO Minifigures offered here are easy to gift and the kids can't get enough of them.

Make kids feel special with something that is always on their wish list...Play-Doh.  It comes in different size cans, so choose the size that best fits your needs.  Place in a clear bag, tie on a ribbon, and attach a personalized tag.  It's a great way to keep the packaging kid-friendly...if it looks good to a kid, it will be well worth the extra effort.

Kid-sized sunglasses.
We came across these sunglasses for kids and could not resist!  Designed for kids ages 4-8, the lens can be customized separately or together with an image or text.  There are step-by-step instructions provided to make the customization easy.  Pick your favorite color of frames and you are on your way to the most talked about swag at the party.  Fun guaranteed!

Change the sunglass lens any way you like.
Take a look below for easy instructions.

FLOWER GIRL  Party Shades
RING BEARER wedding party shades gift for kids

Candy favors for kids.

It's clear that kids respond immediately to candy, so why not make your wedding favors for children all about sweetness.  From gumball machines to candy jewelry, there is no wrong choice here. 

Candy jewelry.

Ring pops.

Gumball machines.

Goodie bags.
Attending a wedding is exciting for kids, so make every detail seem important.  These goodie bags feature personalization that makes it known that something big is happening and there's something special inside.  With a wax paper interior, these kids wedding party bags are perfect for candy and baked goods.

Ideas for kids wedding bags...

All you need is Love and Candy Favor Bag
Favor Bags
Love is Sweet Wedding Favor Candy Bag

Kids table wedding sign.
Designating a kids table is a smart idea and kids love their independence.  Make the table inviting with a sign that creatively says "This is just for you!"  Keep children's wedding table entertainment simple so that kids can easily manage it themselves.  When it's time for food or snacks, simply push the activities to the side.  Best of all...if the kids love their place to sit, they are more apt to stay there.

Editable Chalkboard Kids' Table Pedestal Sign
Kids' Table Wedding Reception Sign
Elegant Gold Calligraphy Kids Table Sign

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