Wedding Favors Bubbles

Wedding favors bubbles are a creative way to make your grand exit all you wish it could be.  Bubbles are a favorite way to stretch the budget while not compromising happily ever after.  What makes it special is the way you draw your guests in and allow them to participate.  With careful planning, a little creativity, and the helping hands of family and friends, you can have the send off of your dreams.

Looking for wedding favors bubbles?

When the event calls for champagne, the send-off calls for a bit of the bubbly too.  Blowing bubbles provides a soft, romantic alternative to throwing traditional rice or birdseed.  With so many options, your favor table will be an uplifting presentation.

When the heart is in the right place.
One way to give your wedding favors bubbles a distinctive look is to use objects in unusual ways.  Your wedding guests will be bubbling with delight over this idea.

Personalized bubbles.
Order self adhesive labels that fit around your .6 fl oz bottles of bubbles to form your own personalized favors.

Personalized bubble tube labels

Sitting pretty.
The perfect favor presentation for an outdoor or beach wedding.  Fashioning a tiny ribbon accent for each bubble tube adds to the decorative details of the day.

Vivid color.
To ensure that your favors are bubbling with energy, it is hard to go wrong with color.  These bubble favors seem to disappear into an explosion of color.

Bubbles of good wishes.
If you are planning a grand favor display and want picture perfect results, include flowers.  These flowers are romantic looking whatever the style of the wedding.     

Photo courtesy of Emily Scannell Photography

Stay neutral.
Sometimes the most appealing designs can be created with an abundance of all neutral elements.  The wonderful progression of textures make it all work.   

Photo courtesy of Elite Events Athens

Acrylic Bubble Send Off Signs

Bubbly farewell.
Let the guests send the happy couple off in a sea of bubbles.  Signaling the guests of the farewell time practically guarantees a successful send off.  This rustic sign is a natural solution.

Photo courtesy of Angela Wilson Photography

Bubbling with happiness.
Whenever it's possible to combine more than one element of the celebration, you're more likely to save money.  Expressing a touch of rustic chic in a one stop station for programs and bubbles is a smart combination.  

Photo courtesy of Longwood Events

Blow a kiss.
There are lots of different ways of putting a unique stamp on your wedding favors.  A ribbon that links up with the rest of the scheme easily dresses up these wedding favors bubbles.

A collection of your favorites.
True, too many elements may be overwhelming, but too few is just plain boring.  Layering the basket of bubbles, flowers, guest book, and lovely message achieve the optimum degree of design.  

Photo courtesy of Sarah Dickerson Photography

Natural inspiration.
This outdoor favor display welcomes guests while honoring the happy couple and the wedding party. The vintage glass adds a retro look that is decorative, functional, and naturally fits.  

Photo courtesy of Kayla Adams Photo Design Studio

Floating bubbles.
This extraordinary favor display features curly branches adorned with wedding favors bubbles. Accenting the bubbles with pretty ribbon adds to the beauty and makes easy access a breeze.

Photo courtesy of Anna Rozenblat Photography

Bubbles for the new Mr. & Mrs.
A splash of one color can make a big statement.  This simple presentation encourages guests to blow bubbles of good wishes for the Mr. & Mrs.

Photo courtesy of Kim Truelove Photography

Personalized ribbon.
The smallest of details can make even the simplest of things special.  With personalized ribbon, you can give ordinary bubbles your own personal touch.

Bubbles are more fun.
Sure, dressing bubble favors could be considered frivolous, but it certainly looks fabulous.  The raffia ribbon, monogram, and heartfelt message are little accessories that yield big results.  

Ready to blow.
What makes wedding favors take on a blissful theme are the elements used to accessorize them. These bubble favors are presented on silver trays all dressed up and ready to blow.

More ideas to make your bubble theme pop.

Bubbling over with style.
Shower your favor table with delicate bubble tea lights for a stylish presentation.  These bubble lights can be hung with string or wire from tree branches or the ceiling.  Use battery operated LED candles, crystal beads, or flowers to complement the theme of your wedding.

Bubbling over with drama.
This dazzling idea is the perfect tribute to the bubble theme.  Lighting that seems to float in the air like bubbles adds to the ambiance of the occasion.

Photo courtesy of Domino Arts

Photo courtesy of Amy and Stuart Photography

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