1st Birthday Themes Girl

Looking for 1st birthday themes girl?  We know how important it is for this first birthday party to be a success.  One important key to a successful party is selecting a theme.  From a favorite song to a favorite toy, build this first celebration around your child's interests.  Then it's all about planning a celebration of colorful balloons, banners, streamers, favors, and of course, a beautiful cake that revolves around the chosen theme.

1st Birthday Themes Girl
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Celebrate ONE with 1st birthday party themes that range from dainty pink butterflies to the vibrant bold colors of a fiesta.  We hope you find a birthday theme here that not only celebrates the Big ONE, but also offers an enjoyable experience for guests.


1st Birthday Unicorn Theme.
A one-year-old fascinated by imaginary unicorns is a wonder to behold.  These personalized party supplies are proof that unicorns can be anywhere.  Add in rainbows and sparkles wherever you can, and turning one will be a magical celebration.


Check out these party supplies featuring the unicorn 1st birthday theme.

Unicorn Paper Plates Pink Gold Magical Birthday
Unicorn Paper Napkin Pink Gold Magical Birthday
Rainbow Unicorn Party Hat Unicorn Birthday Party
Unicorn birthday banner Magical Pink and Gold Girl

1st Birthday Unicorn Theme Cake

Ladybug 1st birthday.
1st birthday themes girl.  The Ladybug theme is a classic choice for a first birthday party.  The red, black and white color palette is easy to work with and adding in playful polka dots is a festive touch.  Allow your little one to be the focus of attention by dressing them in a Ladybug 1st birthday outfit.  Set up a Ladybug themed photo opt, so that guests can have their photo taken with your little ONE.


Click below for Ladybug first birthday party supplies.

Favor Bags
Cute Ladybugs 1st Birthday Party - Red White Paper Plate
Paper Napkin
Ladybug Polka Dot Custom Birthday Party Banner Poster
Paper Plate
Paper Napkin

1st Birthday Elephant.
How sweet it is!  Elephant 1st birthday party decorations featuring adorable pink elephants holding balloons.  Lucky for you, amplifying the theme with more balloons is one of the easiest ways to decorate. 

Elephant with Balloons Girls Birthday Banner
Elephant with Balloons Girls 1st Birthday Paper Plate
Paper Napkin

Princess Theme for 1st Birthday.
1st birthday themes girl.  If a fairytale is what you're looking for, capture the magic with a 1st birthday princess theme birthday party.  Whether you prefer a specific Disney princess or a more generic version keep things simple and sweet.  Of course, everyone will need a crown. 


Click below for party supplies featuring
Disney Princess 1st birthday party theme. 

Disney Frozen Elsa Birthday Banner
Frozen Elsa Birthday Paper Plate
Frozen Elsa Birthday Paper Napkins

Check out these party supplies featuring
Baby Princess 1st birthday theme.

Little princess girls 1st birthday chevron border paper plate
Paper Napkin
Princess Cupcake

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Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Theme.
Oh Toodles, we're celebrating ONE.  For this party, welcome guests with a colorful entrance and decorate the party space with noticeable expressions of the theme.  It's a good idea to define the parameters of the space with helium balloons, so the Minnie Mouse 1st birthday decorations aren't lost in a big area.  Wrap it all up with a personalized photo backdrop to provide a creative and fun place for pictures.

Minnie Mouse | Red & White Polka Dot Birthday Banner
Minnie Mouse | Red & White Polka Dot Birthday Paper Plate
Minnie Red and White Birthday Paper Napkins

1st Birthday Bee Theme.
1st birthday themes girl.  Celebrate your little Hunny with a 1st birthday Bee themed party that's as sweet as can Bee.  Carry out the 1st birthday Bee theme with soft shades of yellow and crisp white scattered throughout the party space.  This makes the black bees really stand out, along with turning one and your child's name.  Consider tucking a tiny bottle of honey inside each favor box to send a taste of honey home with each guest.

Our Little Hunny Bee Yellow Girl Birthday Welcome Banner
Our Little Hunny Bee Yellow Girl Birthday Paper Plate
Our Little Hunny Bee Yellow Girl Birthday Paper Napkins
Our Little Hunny Bee Yellow Girl Birthday Balloon
Hunny Bee Daisy Floral Yellow Girl Birthday Favor Box

Baby's 1st Birthday Butterfly Theme.
1st birthday themes girl.  This party theme is the ideal way to say Happy Birthday to a social butterfly that is turning ONE.  Whether you prefer the traditional soft pink color scheme or a fresh approach using purple and orange, you can release all the fluttering butterflies you want. 


Check out these supplies...Butterfly Theme Party for 1st Birthday.

Pink Butterfly Birthday Party Paper Plate
Paper Napkin
Cute happy orange butterfly cartoon illustration banner
Paper Plate
Paper Napkin

Twin 1st Birthday Party Themes.
Making it to the first birthday with twins means you survived it!  So pour all that joy of having two into planning the best 1st birthday party ever.  Be sure each child is individually recognized and that couldn't be easier with personalized party supplies.  Celebrating ONE is fun...with twins, it's double the fun!

Puppy Dog birthday banner Pawty Cute Balloons Twin
Paper Plate
Puppy Dog Paper Napkins Pawty Twins Boy Girl Twin
Thing 1 Thing 2 | Twins Birthday Banner
Thing 1 Thing 2 | Twins Birthday Paper Plate
Thing 1 Thing 2 | Twins Birthday Napkins

"I Can Show You A Thing or 2"...Dr. Seuss

Thing 1 Thing 2 | Twins Birthday Party Hat
Thing 1 Thing 2 | Twins Birthday Invitation

Animal Theme 1st Birthday Party.
Gather little party animals together to celebrate turning ONE.  To focus the party space, decorate with animals--stuffed animals that is.  And of course the animals should be dressed up for the party too, wearing party hats and funny glasses.  Without a doubt, this 1st birthday animal theme is a charming way to entertain wild one-year-olds.


Be kind to animals with these
animal theme 1st birthday party supplies.

Cute Animal Safari 1st Birthday Party Pink Welcome Banner
Wild One Safari Pink Girl's 1st Birthday Party Paper Plate
Cute Safari Animals Girl's Pink 1st Birthday Party Balloon

1st Birthday Bunny Theme.
1st birthday themes girl.  Hop to it and throw a party for some bunny who's turning ONE.  Incorporate sweet bunnies into all the party elements from the invitations to the cake.  Consider a photo booth with live bunnies to capture all those facial expressions that come from a one-year-old touching a bunny for the first time.  That's sure to please every bunny.

Some Bunny Is Turning One Birthday Paper Plate
Paper Napkin

First Birthday Cupcake Theme.
How sweet it is!  Oh what fun it is to plan a party that celebrates BOTH cupcakes and the joy of a first birthday.  Once you have chosen the color palette, keep the party decor sweet and delicate, just like a cupcake.  Consider a large cupcake as the smash cake and have the camera ready to let the fun shine through in pictures.


Click on the pictures below for 1st birthday cupcake theme.

Cute Cupcake and Happy Ice Cream Birthday Banner
Paper Plate
Paper Napkin

Tea Party Theme 1st Birthday.
1st birthday themes girl.  Plastic tea sets and little girls just seem to go together, so teatime suits little girls to a tea.  With guests coming dressed up like princesses and enjoying tea (juice) and fancy finger foods, pretending couldn't be more fun.  Present each girl with their very own teddy bear to play with at the party and take home later.  At this young age, invite the parents to have a spot of tea with you.

Paper Plate
Paper Napkin

1st Birthday Party Donut Theme.
1st birthday themes girl.  If this party doesn't make you happy, then I DONUT know what will.  This sweet theme is bursting with sugar and spice and everything nice...sound familiar?


Supplies for first birthday party donut theme.

Donut Grow Up Sprinkles Birthday Party Banner
Paper Plate
Paper Napkin

Sunflower Theme 1st Birthday Party.
Bring on the flower power, it's time to celebrate turning ONE.  Sunflowers are noticeable in their own right, so it is easy to make them the main focal point of the party.  Create a cohesive look by repeating sunflower accents and bright colors throughout the party space.  Adding a little flair to the tableware and invitations is a blooming good idea too.

Sunflower Cute 1st Birthday Party Banner Decor
Sunflower Cute Happy 1st Birthday Bunting Banner
Sunflower Cute 1st Birthday Party Hats
Paper Napkin
Paper Plate
Favor Bags

Mermaid Theme 1st Birthday Ideas.
You're not getting cold fins now, are you?  Planning a 1st birthday mermaid theme party will go swimmingly with the beautiful colors that are naturally found under the sea.  Dive right in with beautiful seashells, mermaid tails, starfish, and goody bags filled with gadgets and gizmos aplenty.  And what's a mermaid party without mermaids?  Have little party goers come dressed in an Ariel costume or their favorite Disney princess.


Click below for Disney 1st birthday party themes 
featuring the most famous mermaid of all, Ariel.

Ariel | The Little Mermaid - Chalkboard Banner
Ariel | The Little Mermaid - Chalkboard Paper Plate
Ariel | The Little Mermaid - Chalkboard Napkins

1st Birthday Fiesta Theme.
Let's fiesta!  Indulge in brightly colored banners, flags, balloons, and paper supplies that are infused with the bright colors of Mexico.  And of course, a first birthday fiesta theme pinata for the older children would be much appreciated.  Ole'!

Fiesta Birthday Party Banner No Time To Siesta
Paper Plate
Paper Napkin

1st Birthday Summer Themes


Watermelon 1st Birthday Party.
The mere sight of watermelons gets kids excited.  A timeless treat, watermelons can be creatively carved or cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters.  Stars, hearts and the number 1 are good shapes to reinforce the 1st birthday theme and are easy for little hands to handle.


Click on the pictures below for watermelon 1st birthday party supplies.

One in a Melon Birthday Banner
One in A Melon Watermelon Paper Plate
One In a Melon Birthday Napkin
One in a Melon Watermelon First Birthday Favor Box
One in a melon, Birthday Party Hat, Watermelon Party Hat

Pool Party 1st Birthday Theme.
Summer themes usually mean fun in the sun.  Gather together beach balls, sand pails and bath toys and enjoy a water day in your own backyard.  Inexpensive blowup pools with a small amount of water work well with this age group.  Provide a sand box and sand pails for building sand castles and give as party favors when the party is over.  Be sure you have a designated adult watching each pool, so the kids will have a safe day playing in the water.

Girls Pool Party Ice Cream Sunshine Birthday Banner
Girls Pool Party Ice Cream Sunshine Birthday Paper Plate
Girls Pool Party Ice Cream Sunshine Birthday Napkins
Girls Pool Party Cooling Station Birthday Sign
Girls Pool Party Birthday Water Bottle Label
Pool Party Sign

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1st Birthday Tropical Theme.
1st birthday themes girl.  Give one-year-olds their first glimpse of paradise with a tropical themed birthday party.  From start to finish, create a relaxed vibe that the kids will love using bright colors and the tropical influence.

Click below for flamingo 1st birthday party supplies.

Pink Flamingo Tropical 1st Birthday Party Decor Ba
Pink Flamingo Cute Tropical 1st Birthday Party Hat
Flamingo Tropical 1st Birthday Plates

1st Birthday Valentine's Day Theme.
February 1st birthday themes are the perfect way to put a spin on a milestone birthday.  With Valentine's Day being full of love and appreciation, applying that sentiment to a 1st birthday party is a synch.  Decorate to your hearts content with personalized party supplies, balloons, hearts and polka dots.  XOXO

Glitter Sweetheart Valentines Girl First Birthday Paper Plate
Glitter Sweetheart Valentines Girl First Birthday Napkins
Glitter Sweetheart Valentines Girl First Birthday Favor Bag

Cookie Monster Theme 1st Birthday.
What's not to love?  Kids and Cookie Monster.  Brought to you by Sesame Street, this first birthday theme is as sweet as can be.  Click on the pictures below for an up close look at personalized party supplies featuring Cookie Monster and a 1st birthday.

Cookie Monster | Baby's First Birthday Bunting Flags
Cookie Monster Baby Birthday Paper Plate
Cookie Monster Baby Birthday Paper Napkins

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