80th Birthday Decorations

80th birthday decorations are one of the best ways to create a festive stage to celebrate a lifetime, so make them memorable. 

From elegant centerpieces to colorful banners, there are endless options to make the guest of honor feel cherished and loved on their special day.

Whether you're planning a small gathering with close family and friends or a large celebration with all their loved ones, drench the decor in the Honoree's favorite things.  We're here to show you that throwing a memorable party is fun, easy, and doable on any budget.

80th Birthday Party Decorations:  Large white light up 80 numbers surrounded by balloons.

Drench the decor with
80th birthday decorations.

Planning decor for an 80th birthday gives you the opportunity to create an experience.  Embrace aged to perfection balloons, confetti, candles, banners, centerpieces, and tablescapes.  

Mason jar candles adorned with pink bows and old photos.

Welcoming birthday signs.
Extend a warm and heartfelt greeting to each and every guest.  These welcome signs serve as a gateway to a celebration filled with love, nostalgia, and the joy that comes from celebrating eight decades of a life well celebrated.

80th Birthday Photo Collage Number 80 Personalized Foam Board
Any Birthday Black Gold Stars Photo Personalized Foam Board
Gold 80th Birthday Party Glitter Confetti  Foam Board

Back in the day decorations for 80th birthday party.

Vintage glam.
Burlap provides a casual texture to the vintage look of this table.  Remembering times gone by is part of the fun in making 80th birthday decorations.

A manly 80th birthday table decorated with burlap, books, a vintage suitcase, and jars of candy.

One of the easiest ways to make a statement is by incorporating a personalized backdrop into your party plans.  Hung behind the food table to anchor the theme instantly sets the mood for your celebration.  Another option is to use it for an 80th birthday photo backdrop to capture memorable moments and stimulate conversation.  Click on the photo below for creative ways to personalize your backdrop...

Birthday Balloon Backdrop 80th Nana Photo Prop
Backdrop 50th Birthday Rose Gold Black Confetti
50Th Birthday Backdrop, Black And Gold Photobooth

Milestone celebration.
The cotton checked tablecloth lightens the formality and allows guests to feel right at home.  The photo centerpiece brings back happy memories.

Table ready for guests with a photo centerpiece on a black and white checkered tablecloth.

Outstanding photo ideas.
This carefully curated collection of photographs is more than just a visual display; it is a heartfelt tribute to the milestones, adventures, and cherished memories of a remarkable journey through 8 decades.

Outdoor entertaining.
Entertaining outdoors creates a carefree atmosphere that cannot be duplicated at an indoor party.  A natural setting is ideal and creates unlimited possibilities.

Outdoor table featuring dark blue tablecloth with vibrant yellow flowers and candlesticks.

Light up 80th birthday party decorations.

Black and white and red all over.
Black and white are classic and timeless.  This is an easy color scheme to play up with an explosion of red flowers.

Beautifully decorated table with black and white print tablecloth and red flowers.

Clearly beautiful.
This table includes clear glass plates which allow the beauty of the tablecloth to show through.  A pretty table makes you want to linger longer.

Clear dinnerware  on green and white design tablecloth with flowers and candles.

Garden party.
The hostess placed a birdhouse on the table to infuse the Honoree's personal interests.  The tablescape takes its cues from the garden to complete the look.

Table decorated with a garden theme, featuring a bird house in a green and white color scheme.

80th Birthday Centerpieces

Crown your table with perfect centerpieces for a memorable 80th birthday party.  There are no limits to the variety of items to grace the center of your table.  Keep your party theme in mind while making your selection, and be creative.  Casual or formal, seize the opportunity to add pizzazz to your 80th birthday decorations.

Gorgeous in green.
The centerpiece is the focal point of the table, so make it as gorgeous as possible.  This beautiful display of hydrangeas is the perfect accent for this elegant table setting.

A white hydrangea centerpiece sitting in the middle of a table.

Candlelight centerpiece.
Repurpose old wine bottles into candle centerpieces.  The flickering candlelight creates a special ambiance perfect for this special occasion.  We love this bright idea.

Amber glass wine bottles with candles surrounded by purple flowers.

Pretty in pink.
To keep the look elegant, abide by the golden rule:  less is more.  Just a carnation and baby's breath in a teacup is perfect.

Tea party cups displayed on a table with a tea cup centerpiece filled with pink and white flowers.

Photo courtesy of Vintage and Cake

Basic black.
This lantern will be a centerpiece to be remembered.  You can be nostalgic or modern, depending on what pieces you choose and how you combine them.

Here is a simple and easy step-by-step guide on how to make photo lanterns:

  1. Choose the photos you want to display in your lantern. You can print them out in black and white or color, depending on your preference.
  2. Carefully remove glass panels and cut out the photos to fit the size of the panels.
  3. Tape them to the glass panels with clear tape.
  4. Place panels back in lantern.
A lantern with photos sitting on a black and white striped tablecloth.

Photo courtesy of Party Perfect

Crystal clear.
Say Happy 80th Birthday with ice.  This ice sculpture is not only decorative, but functional as well--an exciting and enticing combination.

An ice sculpture for an 80th birthday shaped like the number 80 with shrimp.

Photo courtesy of eHow

Stark white.
Azaleas are garden dazzlers that can easily transition into a show shopping centerpiece.  The clear vase featuring favorite photographs is sheer genius.

White azaleas in clear square vases.

Photo courtesy of Jacolyn Murphy

Super Dad.
The star of this 80th birthday centerpiece is Dad.  Almost anyone can create this bold and colorful table display.

A festive 80th birthday centerpiece featuring a blue tin container featuring the words Super Dad.

Photo courtesy of Joy's Thoughts and Things

The crowning jewel of any table is the centerpiece, so be creative. Adorned with flowers, balloons, candles, greenery, crystal or edible centerpieces, your table will be the star of your 80th birthday party ideas. Whether created by you or the professionals, take a moment to access your needs.

What is the size and shape of the table?
If your table is very narrow, a wide centerpiece would be overpowering. The centerpiece should bring eye appeal to the table, not take over. The 80th birthday decorations should allow sufficient room for the table setting and not obstruct the view of people sitting across from each other.

What is my color scheme?
Centerpieces for 80th birthday party should be noticeable and add pop to the table. Select colors that enhance your decorating scheme. Whether you choose to coordinate or contrast, seize the opportunity to tie the party decorations together with color.

What height centerpiece do I need?
A consideration in the selection of 80th birthday decorations is the ceiling height in the room. If the ceiling is high, a tall centerpiece would not get lost in the room. For lower ceilings, a shorter arrangement in individual glass bowls would work well.

How does the time of the party affect my centerpiece selection?
An evening celebration can be enhanced by candlelight. Place your centerpiece on a mirror surrounded by flickering votive candles for a room filled with ambiance. A beautiful alternative would be slender tapers or votive candles scattered throughout greenery. Candles are one of the most inexpensive decorations with shining results.

What best suits my Honoree's personality?
Remember, the goal is to create a centerpiece that not only enhances the visual appeal of the celebration, but also resonates with the honoree on a personal level. Pay attention to the little details, and the centerpiece is sure to be a hit.

One Stop Party Ideas Centerpiece Tip

Raise your centerpiece for maximum impact.  Whether using tall or short centerpieces, a lifted item commands more attention and interest.  Take a step back and look at the overall affect.  80th birthday decorations that overpower can be distracting, so keep yours above or below eye level.

80th Birthday Balloon Ideas

Birthday balloons will get your 80th birthday decorations off the ground. Balloons are an inexpensive and popular way to decorate for your party. Whether latex or mylar (foil), nothing adds a more festive impact to your event than color coordinated balloons. Placed strategically throughout the party area or grouped in impressive bouquets, Happy Birthday balloons floating in the air are delightful.

Personalized birthday balloons.
Make your celebration extra special with custom balloons to show off your 80th birthday enthusiasm.  Personalize with name and photo for an unique 80th birthday decoration that guests are sure to notice.

Look who is 80 custom photo pink white 80th balloon
Happy birthday 80 custom name photo black white balloon
80th two custom photos colorful confetti birthday balloon

Simple with bold impact.
The color choices used in this party tablescape are unique and compelling.  The extra large balloons make an extra large statement.

Outside dining with gray tablecloth,  hot pink chair pads, and large orange balloons.

Photo courtesy of Onya Magazine

Reaching new heights.
It's not just hot air, it's for sure the Honoree is turning 80.  When guests enter the party under an archway of balloons, big things are expected on the other side.

80th birthday balloon art consisting of a large number 8 and an open 0 forming an arch.

Photo courtesy of Mad Balloons

Dramatic party look.
The biggest pop comes from coordinating balloon colors to the color scheme of the party.  Consider the colors of the tableware and decorations and choose balloons that best enhance the custom look of 80th birthday decorations.

Balloon columns featuring yellow, lavender, and purple balloons forming an 8 and 0 at the top.

Dancing on the ceiling.
Oh what a feeling, when there's balloons hanging from the ceiling.  Coordinate balloon colors and choice of ribbon for an interesting display.

Pink balloons hanging by black ribbons from the ceiling of the party area.

Photo courtesy of Brassy Apple

Age is just a number.
This balloon presentation makes eightieth birthday pop.  The contrast between the solid colored balloons gives eye popping results and would be a fun diy project.

Shiny yellow balloons spelling out "80"against a background of dark purple balloons.

One Stop Party Ideas Balloon Tip

Balloon weights are an attractive and effective way to display balloons.  Simply choose the location, tie the balloons to the weight and enjoy.  For areas that would otherwise be impossible to place a balloon bouquet, these weights are perfect.  This inexpensive party item securely holds your 80th birthday decorations in place and allows you the freedom to choose the location.

Coordinate the balloon weights to match your party theme.  The festive colors available further enhance the balloon spirit.  Or consider a silver, gold, iridescent or neutral colored weight to use again and again.  Once you have tried them, you won't be without balloon weights again.

Ideas For 80th Birthday Banners

80th birthday banners are the perfect greeting to announce this momentous celebration.  Placed in a prominent location, your guests will know that it's time to party from the moment they arrive.  Banners add a fun, festive feeling to your 80th birthday decorations.

80th birthday burlap banner hanging on a white picket fence.

Queen for a day.
Your birthday banner should reflect the formality and the theme of the party.  Make no mistake, this celebration is all about your guest of honor and your banner clearly states this.  You may also want to include the Honoree's age for this milestone birthday.  Eighty years deserves recognition and it is up to you to make your 80th birthday decorations special.

80th birthday table, mantel, and banner fit for royalty.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Make an unforgettable impression with a banner personalized with a picture of your special loved one.  When choosing the banner photo, you may want to use a current picture of your guest of honor.  If you are having a blast from the past party, a young picture would be appropriate.  Your photo banner will not only bring back memories, but also will create a new memory for your guests and Honoree.

A birthday banner made with the Honoree's smiling faces with party hats.

Photo courtesy of Queenie Eileenie

Crafted with love.
We love how this banner is so creative and fits the space.  Being handmade by relatives makes it even more special.

80th birthday banner with blue background with clouds and hot air balloons hanging on staircase.

Photo courtesy of Present an Event

Decorative Birthday Candlelight

Celebrate your 80th birthday decorations in style with the flicker of birthday candles.  Whether on a traditional birthday cake or increasingly popular cupcakes, nothing says birthday like the glow of candles.  One of the most photographed moments of a birthday party is of the Honoree blowing out the candles.  Make wishes come true with the perfect birthday candles.

Candle celebration.
Make an impressive statement with 80 glowing candles.  Steer clear of vents as they can make the candles burn unevenly.  We love this idea but can be dangerous.  We recommend using battery operated candles.

Table of 80 burning birthday candles.

Looking through the glass.
It's always a good idea to make use of what you have.  Here, favorite stemware becomes a candle holder when turned upside down.  Adding unexpected extras that reinforce the party theme or decor is a pleasant surprise.  

Stemware turned upside down with candles and flowers.

Birthday cake candles come in a variety of attractive colors, shapes and sizes. Some prefer the number of candles reflecting the age of the Honoree.  However for the age sensitive, there is a meaningful option.  Place three candles on the birthday cake.  One represents the "past", one represents the "present" and one represents the "future." 

A time to sparkle.
Eighty commands special attention to details.  Light up the face of your Honoree with this unique birthday cake presentation.

80th birthday cake with sparkler candles.

Photo courtesy of Cakebot

Flickering candlelight.
One of the secrets of good lighting is an unexpected vessel.  These bottles can hold a candle to any decorating idea.

Clear wine bottles filled with tapered candles on a table.

One Stop Party Ideas Candle Trivia

The history of birthday candles can be traced to an 18th century German birthday celebration for children.  There were enough candles on the torte to symbolize one for each year of life and some added candles for upcoming years.

Today, the ritual of blowing out the candles is an expected birthday party tradition.  Preceded by the singing of Happy Birthday to You, the guests take a moment to focus on the birthday Honoree as the candles burn brightly.  Once the song is completed, a private wish is made only to come true if all the candles are extinguished in a single breath.  The cake is then shared with the guests representing joy and togetherness.

Once available only to the wealthy, birthday cakes complete with the proper number of candles have become a popular tradition.  This sweet treat only gets better served with a side of ice cream.

Creative Confetti

Birthday confetti has evolved more through the years than any other party decoration. Every size, shape, color and sparkle is at your fingertips to add that wow factor to your confetti celebration. Choose from perhaps the Honoree's name, birthday cakes, balloons, stars or age specific confetti. If there is confetti available that matches the theme of your 80th birthday decorations, simply add it to the mix. For example, if there is a special hobby like fishing, include some fish shaped confetti. If your party occurs at a particular season of the year, add those leaves, snowmen or palm trees. There is no end to the fun with creative choices.

Personalized birthday confetti.
Celebrate with confetti that you can customize with a name or photo.  This small touch will be remembered.

80th Birthday Party confetti with Photo in Black
Happy birthday 80th name and photo paper confetti
Stylish pretty personalised birthday confetti 80th

Jelly bean confetti.
We love the idea of using jelly beans as confetti.  Add a splash of color to the table with the unexpected.

Colorful bottles with flowers and jelly bean confetti scattered on the table.

A new twist.
When two birthday favorites collide, a new party decoration is born.  Fill balloons with confetti and inflate.

Dinner table with colorful flower centerpiece and confetti balloons.

Photo courtesy of Camille Styles

Birthday confetti.
Confetti adds another element to your tablescape.  Mix and match colors and designs to command the most impact.  These multi-colored sprinkles are absolutely worth the effort.

Dining table set for a party featuring a white tablecloth, colorful flowers, candles, and confetti.

Flower confetti.
Decorating the tables with blossoms is an attractive finishing touch.  This is particularly fitting for a spring or garden themed birthday party.

Pink and white flower petals used as  confetti on a green tablecloth.

We found these lovely petals at Beau-Coup.

One Stop Party Ideas Confetti Tip

The best place to start the confetti is in the beginning.  Put your guests in a party mood by adding sprinkles of confetti inside the invitations.  Then, carry the festivity to the party with the extra touch of confetti sparkling on tables or added to gifts.  Confetti is one of those party details that adds so much fun.

80th Birthday Garland Ideas

Decorative garland is a seemingly small party detail, but a clever choice can be the talk of the party.  Greet your guests with garland draped doorways, tables and ceilings.  Garland works beautifully on any surface and is often times wired to hold any shape.  Don't limit yourself to one type or style of garland.  Mix colors, textures and lights together to add interest to your 80th birthday decorations.

Reflection of 80 years.
Another chance to use family photos and take guests down memory lane.  Use pictures to create a time line of the Honoree's life.

A collection of old photos strung together in a garland.

Photo courtesy of Party Perfect Blog

Colorful crochet.
Bring the love of crochet to the garlands.  Your Honoree will surely appreciate the handiwork involved in creating 80th birthday decorations like this.

Brightly colored crochet garlands.

Photo courtesy of ing things

One Stop Party Ideas Garland Suggestions

Read All About It.
If your Honoree was in the newspaper business, consider a garland newspaper.  Those newspapers hanging from a decorative cord are sure to be a conversation piece.  This idea can be applied to any vocation.  Hang items that reflect the Honoree's occupation to a cord.  Add festive 80th birthday garlands that compliment each other.  

Everyone Loves Pictures.
Stir up some fun by hanging up some favorite pictures.  Attach copies of photos to ribbon or yarn to create a garland to be noticed.  Include pictures of as many guests as possible.  Your guests will enjoy seeing photographs of the Honoree from past to present.  For extra fun, allow each guest to choose a photo copy to take home.

Go Fish.
Let's not forget the men in our family!  For instance if your guy's favorite hobby is fishing, hang a fishing line in a prominent place.  Attach corks and fishing lures.  With all the bright colors, this idea will certainly be a good catch.

Name It.
A paper garland spelling out your Honoree's name made from cardstock is an easy solution.  Hand letter or use a stencil to make it your own.  Add some glitter for extra pop.  Then, pick colors that tie the 80th birthday decorations together. 

Shine On.
It is your time to shine!  If you don't have the time or desire to create your own, choose party garlands that glitter to add something extra to the party. 

Frosting is to the cake as a decorative garland is to the party.
So make every party detail count.
Dress up your 80th birthday decorations with color and sparkle.


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