Checklist For 1st Birthday Party

A checklist for 1st birthday party is the best way to ensure success without all the pressure.  A first birthday is meant to be celebrated, so keep yourself on track and organized with a list of things that simply must be done.  As each task is completed, the responsibility decreases.  All it takes is a little imagination and a plan to create a first birthday to remember.


Checklist for 1st Birthday Party

Checklist for 1st birthday party?  Why do I need a checklist?  What should be on it?  What do you need for a 1st birthday party?  The answer is simple...give your party the full attention it deserves and use the checklist to check off tasks as they are accomplished.  That way you can check off everything beforehand and enjoy this once in a lifetime birthday along with everyone else.

Checklist for 1st birthday party...Start planning early.
The beginning of the planning process is the dreaming phase, so allow yourself plenty of time to plan.  Approximately six weeks before a first birthday party is a good starting point, but it also depends on how far you want to go.  The more complicated your vision, the more time you will need.

Set a budget.
Make your best estimate as to what you are willing to spend on this first of many birthday parties.  Identify the party elements that you are not willing to compromise and adjust the not-so-important details to fit the budget.

Choose time, date and place.
Plan the party time around your baby's schedule, so that your little one is at their best.  First birthday parties are often held at home, but a farm, park or your child's favorite play space are considerations as well.  It's very important that 1st birthday party venues are child friendly and not too crowded for active toddlers.


Checklist for 1st birthday party...Guest list. 
A 1st birthday party guest list tends to revolve around close friends and family in the child's life.  Toddlers are most comfortable when surrounded by people they know, so keep that in mind when making the guest list.

Select a theme.
How do I select a theme for a one-year-old?  Consider favorite characters or toys, stuffed animals or simply focus on turning ONE.  With all the love pouring into the planning of this party, the magic of the occasion will naturally shine through.  Once the theme is determined, it helps to focus the party and sparks the imagination to make all the other decisions easier. 

Need 1st birthday theme ideas?  Check these out:  
1st birthday themes girl.           1st birthday themes boy.

Purchase party decor.
Decorations can be as simple or elaborate as you wish.  There's always an abundance of decorations for a kid's party, so you should have no difficulty finding them.  Focus on two to three areas within the party space and choose a color palette to tie it all together.  Helium balloons hanging freely from the ceiling with curling ribbons hanging down or balloon clusters placed strategically throughout the party space makes a big statement.  Add a personalized 1st birthday backdrop behind the food table to anchor the theme, throw in banners, streamers and bunting to complete the look.  

Checklist for 1st birthday party...1st year birthday invitation.

When the invitation arrives, guests get their first taste of the fun to come.  It's easy to get creative with the overall design, while making sure all the pertinent information required is provided.  Send invitations out two to three weeks before the party.

1st Birthday Invitation With Photo

All That Glitters First Birthday Party Invitation
Donut 1st Birthday Invitation with Photo
Pink, Gold Glitter First Birthday Photo Invitation
Hooray | Photo Birthday Party Invitation | Blue
He's Turning One Navy Boy's First Birthday Photo Invitation
Beautiful Boys 1st Birthday Party Photo & Script Invitation

1st Birthday Invitation Girl

First Birthday Pink Balloon Invitation
Pink Ombre Cake First Birthday Glitter Invitation
Fun to Be One Girls 1st Birthday Rainbow Gold Invitation

1st Birthday Invitation Boy

Blue Watercolor Party Hat 1st Birthday Party Invitation
Boy Navy Blue Green First Birthday Invitation
Modern Gold Foil Balloon 1st birthday Invitations

Choose 1st birthday outfit. 
Dressing your little ONE for the party is a one of the biggest highlights for Mom.  Whether your party calls for a casual personalized t-shirt or dress up with ribbons and bows, there are so many options from which to choose. 

Entertainment for first birthday. 
Entertaining one-year-olds may be easier than you think.  Plan a mixture of entertainment that allows toddlers to play independently, as well as adult supervised games with everyone playing the same game.

 Take a look at these entertainment ideas for 1st birthday party.


Food for 1st birthday party ideas.
Parties for this age group involve food choices for the adults as well as the kids.  Good food is always appreciated, no matter how old you are.

Choose and order birthday cake and smash cake.

Choose first birthday party food...kid and adult snacks.


Checklist for 1st birthday party...Choose a party favor.

It's always thoughtful to thank guests for taking time out of their busy lives to attend your first birthday celebration.  First birthday party favors don't have to be big, just a polite thank you for coming. 

Take a look a these 1st birthday party favor ideas.

Plan something unexpected.
There's always that one thing that everyone talks about after the party is over.  It's usually something that is new or a fresh approach to an old favorite party tradition.  Capture guests' attention with something unexpected that is as unique as your little ONE...

Personalized photo party supplies such
as balloons, napkins, party hats etc. 

Time capsule.

Hire a story teller.

Plan a visit from their favorite character.

Whimsical One Pink Baby Girl 1st Birthday Photo Balloon
One Cute Princess 1st Birthday Personalized Photo Balloon
Wild One 1st Birthday Party Photo Balloon
Photo Template Birthday Year Party Hat
Happy Birthday Pattern Blue Party Kids Photo Cute Party Hat
Heart frame custom photo hat

1st birthday photoshoot ideas.
Capture this special day with photographs.  With so much time and effort going into throwing the best 1st birthday party ever, be sure to make a photo area to record the memories.  This is one party idea that you will not regret and staging has never been easier.

My 1st Birthday Photo Album

1st Birthday Photo Album 3 Ring Binder
Safari 1st Birthday Keepsake Binder
CUPCAKES Birthday Personalize ANY age Binder

1st Birthday Party Photo Props

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