1st Birthday Themes Boy

Looking for 1st birthday themes boy?  A first birthday deserves to be celebrated in style.  Although there are many choices, throw a birthday party that reflects your little one's personality, with classic 1st birthday influences.  We hope you find a first birthday theme here that does just that.      

1st Birthday Themes Boy
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Since your little boy is only twelve months old, plan a party that is fun for all ages.  When selecting a theme, capture the little one's attention with a favorite toy or beloved TV friend.  Plan your decor around personalized party supplies, so there is no doubt who is the Little Man of the hour.


Mr. ONEderful.
It's only natural that everyone thinks that their little boy is Mr. ONEderful, so why not celebrate it in style.  Let these Mr. ONEderful party supplies announce your little one's birthday in a bold way.  We love the idea of making your Mr. ONEderful the star of the party.  Click on the photos below for the  many design options available.

Mr Onederful Birthday Banner Boy Black Gold
Mr Onederful Birthday Banner Boy Baby Blue
Mr. ONEderful Custom Paper Plates 9
Mr Onederful black and gold bow tie Paper Plate
Mr ONEderful 1st Birthday Paper Plates

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Baby Shark 1st Birthday.
1st birthday themes boy-Baby Shark.  This Baby Shark 1st birthday theme will surely be recognized by all the little party-goers.  And Mama Shark will enjoy the selection of party goods and how easy it is to pull this party together.  From tableware to banners, these cute shark themed party supplies are adorable.  Warning:  Getting the theme song stuck in your head is a risk...Do-Do-Do-Do

Cute Shark Blue Balloons Birthday Party Banner
Cute Shark | Blue Birthday Personalized Balloon
Cute Shark | Blue Balloons Birthday Paper Plate
Cute Shark | Blue Balloons Birthday Napkins

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Toy Story 1st Birthday.
1st birthday themes boy-Toy Story.  You've got a friend in this first birthday theme.  Your little guy will certainly take notice when he sees Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the gang.  Reach for the sky with these fully customizable Toy Story 1st birthday party supplies.  It's hard not to fall in love with this cowboy and his gang.

Toy Story Character Birthday Banner
Toy Story Character Birthday Napkins

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Wild One Theme 1st Birthday.
1st birthday themes boy-Wild One.  Have a wild time turning ONE with these adorable animals.  These Wild ONE first birthday party goods are much greater with personalization that comes across in a wildly sweet way.

Cute Wild One Jungle Safari Animals First Birthday Banner
Cute Wild One Jungle Safari Animals First Birthday Napkins
Cute Wild One Jungle Safari Animals First Birthday Paper Plate

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First Birthday Fishing Theme.
Help your little fisherman reel in the big ONE!  Anchor the theme with fishing tackle, nets, poles and of course ONE everywhere you can. Throw in something unexpected like a fishing themed blanket to strike a balance between fishing and the softer side of turning one.


We love these 1st birthday fishing theme party supplies hook, line and sinker. 

The Big One Fishing Theme Boys First Birthday Bunting Flags
Paper Plate
The Big One Fishing Theme Boys First Birthday Paper Napkins

1st Allstar Birthday Theme.
1st birthday themes boy-Baseball.  With these vintage inspired party supplies in the lineup, you're sure to have a grand slam party.  Continue the nostalgia with a customized first birthday backdrop for photos.  Watch this 1st birthday baseball theme photo opt work its magic as baseball fans in attendance pose for pictures.

Vintage Baseball First Birthday Banner
Baseball, Sports First Birthday Balloon
Baseball First Birthday Backdrop
Baseball First Birthday Water Bottle Label
Vintage Baseball First Birthday Napkins
Baseball First Birthday Paper Plate

Photo Baseball.
Pictures and first birthdays are the perfect combination.  Bring the heat to the party decor with a favorite photograph of your little MVP.

Cute Baseball Chalkboard 1st Birthday Party Photo Paper Plate
Paper Napkin
Favor Bags

Mickey Mouse 1st birthday.
1st birthday themes boy-Mickey Mouse.  Create a party full of fun with the baby Mickey 1st birthday theme to guide you.  From start to finish, it's all about Mickey and ONE...Invitations. Tableware. Personalized super soft baby bodysuit. Birthday banner. Photo cube.  Want more Disney 1st birthday party themes?  Take a look at these Mickey Mouse birthday party ideas.

Mickey Mouse | First Birthday Banner
Mickey Mouse | First Birthday Paper Napkins
Mickey Mouse | First Birthday Paper Plate
Personalized Baby Mickey and Donald Cube
Mickey Mouse | First Birthday Invitation
Mickey Mouse Kids Birthday Party Ideas

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1st Birthday Football Theme.
When a first birthday and the love of football meet, something exciting happens.  It's not how big you are, but how big you party.  Tackle the theme with winning first birthday football party goods that are all about turning ONE.  We love the party favor boxes that express thank you in a language that kids understand...treats. 


Click on the first birthday football options below.

Personalized Football 1st Birthday Party Banner
Football 1st Birthday Party Paper Plate
Football 1st Birthday Party Napkins
Football 1st Birthday Party Balloon
Football Birthday Party Favor Box
Yard Sign

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1st Birthday Cowboy Theme.
Howdy Ya'll.  Gather all the little cowboys together and saddle up for a cowboy first birthday.  Giddy-up with western party supplies and gallop to the wild, wild west.  Little folks love to dress up and this theme is bursting with possibilities.  Treat your little cowboys to cowboy hats and red bandanas or ask guests to come to the party dressed in western wear for their first rodeo.

Cute Cowboy 1st Birthday Party Banner
Cute Cowboy 1st Birthday Party Napkins
Cute Cowboy 1st Birthday Party Paper Plate

1st Birthday Circus Theme.
Come one, come all, to the greatest first birthday party on earth.  Plan a circus theme 1st birthday party that celebrates turning one where thrills abound and spills are no problem.  Look for carnival themed party supplies and authentic food choices...cotton candy, shaved ice, etc.


Check out these 1st birthday circus theme ideas.

Circus Cute Colorful 1st Birthday Party Theme Bann
Circus Cute Colorful 1st Birthday Party Theme Button
Circus Cute Colorful 1st Birthday Party Theme Bunting Flags
Circus Cute Colorful 1st Birthday Party Theme Party Hat
Circus Cute Colorful 1st Birthday Party Theme Favor Bag
Circus Birthday Party Ideas Clown

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1st Birthday Sesame Street.
1st birthday themes boy-Sesame Street.  Set the stage for 123 Sesame Street with themed party decorations and supplies that honor baby's first birthday and the Muppets.  From personalized t-shirts to party hats, it's all brought to you by Sesame Street.

Sesame Street 1st Birthday Theme

Sesame Street | Baby's First Birthday Paper Plate
Sesame Street | Baby's First Birthday Banner
Sesame Street | Sweet Baby Birthday Party Hat
Elmo Kids Party

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Little Monster 1st Birthday.
1st birthday themes boy-Little Monster.  These friendly monsters spoof the first birthday monster theme in a sweet, non-scary way.  The bright colors and fun feel of this 1st birthday monster theme are age appropriate.  Small children love watching balloons (out of the reach of little hands) decorated with monster faces or enjoying cake pops decorated like one-eyed monsters. Click on the pictures below for more monster mash ideas. 

Little Monster Birthday Banner Boy Chalk Confetti
Little monster Paper Plates Birthday Party Boy
Paper Napkin

Lumberjack 1st Birthday.
Go out on a limb with this 1st birthday theme.  Easy does it with personalized party supplies that honor your little lumberjack and the occasion.  Lumberjack first birthday ideas begin with Buffalo Plaid.  Add in rustic wood elements to continue the natural theme.  Click on the pictures below to see all the lumberjack possibilities.

Lumberjack 1st Birthday Banner - Bear
Lumberjack 1st Birthday Balloon - Bear ONE Custom
Lumberjack 1st Birthday Napkin - Bear RED

1st Birthday Boy Dinosaur Theme.
Although they may be extinct from the planet, dinosaurs are alive and well in a child's world.  Thrill little ones with a first birthday dinosaur themed party that's almost gentle.  With a little help from a baby stegosaurus and a baby t-rex, you can celebrate ONE with sweet, whimsical reptiles.  


Take a look at these prehistoric party supplies.

Baby's First Birthday - Baby Dinosaur Party Paper Plate
Baby Dinosaur 1st Birthday Napkins
Baby's First Birthday | Dinosaur T-Rex Stegosaurus Party Hat

1st Birthday Paw Patrol. 
No job is too big, no pup is too small.  Little ones will take notice when Paw Patrol characters show up to celebrate.  Incorporate Paw Patrol 1st birthday decorations to keep beloved characters in full view without a lot of work.  Let's dive in! 

1st Birthday Farm Theme.
Reap bushels of fun with a farm themed birthday party.  This theme is ripe with decorating ideas that begin with personalized party supplies.  For example, place a couple of haybales in front of a personalized farm animals backdrop and 123 you've created a photo opt.  This 1st birthday farm animal theme works especially well at a first birthday, because photographs are so important at this young age.  Cultivate your own farm anywhere with stuffed animals and donate to a children's hospital after the party is over.  Your guests will be talking about this party 'til the cows come home.

Farm Animals Backdrop / Banner (Blue for Boys)
Farm Animal Balloon (Blue for Boys) - Personalized
Barnyard Boy Birthday Party Paper Plates (Blue)
Farm Birthday Favor Box (Gable Box) - Blue
Farm Favor Bags (Personalized with Your Message)

Click below for farm themed party supplies that feature your baby's photo.

Custom Photo Farm Happy Birthday Paper Plates
Paper Napkin
Favor Bags
John Deere Tractor

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1st Birthday Winnie the Pooh.
Hip Hip Hooray!  Winnie the Pooh is perhaps the most traditional bear theme 1st birthday.  From a personalize-it-yourself banner to unique tableware, this 1st birthday theme focuses on the birthday boy and Winnie the Pooh.  Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. 

Winnie the Pooh Balloon | Boy - First Birthday Invitation
Winnie the Pooh Balloon | Boy - First Birthday Banner
Winnie the Pooh Balloon | Boy - First Birthday Square Sticker
Winnie the Pooh Balloon | Boy - First Birthday Paper Plate
Winnie the Pooh Balloon | Boy - First Birthday Paper Napkins

1st Birthday Construction Theme.
Build excitement with a construction themed birthday party.  This age group loves to build things, so consider providing building blocks or dump trucks and backhoes to entertain these future builders.  Try to keep this activity relaxed without much structure by allowing kids to build whatever they like.  Make your construction site authentic by adding in orange traffic cones and safety tape.


Click on the pictures below for personalized construction first birthday party supplies.

Construction Happy Birthday with Age Boy Banner
Construction Happy Birthday - Name and Age Boy Balloon
Construction Happy Birthday, Excavator and Age Boy Bunting Flags
Construction Happy Birthday - Name and Age Boy Paper Plate
Construction Happy Birthday - Name and Age Boy Party Hat
Construction 1st Birthday Theme

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Little Man 1st Birthday Theme.
1st birthday themes boy.  A 1st birthday Little Man birthday party celebrates turning one in a whimsical way.  And when the birthday boy's name is included, the party instantly becomes special.  Consider a personalized photo back drop with plenty of accessories...mustaches, bow ties or suspenders.  Take a look below at some of our favorite first birthday Little Man party supplies.

Little Man Boy's 1st Birthday Party Banner
Little Man Boy's 1st Birthday Party Napkins
Paper Plate
Little Man Boy's 1st Birthday Party Balloon
Little Man Boy's 1st Birthday Party Tablecloth

1st Birthday Halloween Party.
A Hallo-ONE birthday party is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild with special effects that are more sweet than spooky.  Abracadabra!  Work your magic with simple kids birthday party ideas that reflect the theme.  Create a centerpiece or party favor display by drilling holes in a pumpkin and inserting lollipops dressed like ghosts (a white cloth with eyes drawn on and tied at the neck).  Face painting or applying tattoos is a fun activity for any age.  Want more?  Check out all our Halloween Party Ideas that are wicked easy and filled with tricks and treats.


Click on the pictures below for Hallo-ONE party supplies that are no toil or trouble.

Halloween First Birthday Banner
Halloween First Birthday Party Plate
Halloween First Birthday Party Napkin - Custom

Custom Party Supplies.
1st birthday themes boy.  Personalized 1st birthday party supplies allow you to create a birthday experience-ONE that your guests will remember.  Picture this...Invitations. Paper goods. Party hats. Party favor boxes. Banners. Balloons. Yard Signs. Backdrops...all customized with your baby's photo.  

Happy Birthday Simple Modern Custom Photo Balloon
Photo Template Birthday Year Party Hat
Happy 1st Birthday Colorful Balloons Red Banner
Paper Favor Box, Gable
First Birthday Blue | 12 Month Photo Bunting Flags
Cute Baby Family Photo Paper Plate

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