Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Thoughts of baby shower decoration ideas flood our minds as the party planning begins.  Where to begin?  We suggest finding one idea that you absolutely love and using it as the starting point to style the rest of the party.  Remember you are celebrating one of life's greatest gifts and it deserves all the creativity you can muster.

Baby Shower Ideas For Decorations

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Whether you are looking for classic baby icons, prefer something modern and chic, or the perfect balance of both, there are plenty of stylish options.  Take a look at the baby shower decoration ideas offered here that anyone can do, then let your imagination be your guide.

Baby shower balloon decor.

Express the excitement of the upcoming arrival with the wonder of balloons.  They bring such a festive vibe and are an affordable way to spread the decor throughout the party space.  From a spectacular balloon arch to spelling out a message, balloons are always, always noticed.  

Baby shower balloon boxes.

These baby shower decoration kits are all inclusive.  With one purchase, you have everything needed to decorate an entire room.  We love the balloon boxes that can be stacked vertically or horizontally and filled with balloons, teddy bears, or whatever tickles your fancy.  Click below for more details as to what is included in each kit.

Baby Shower Balloon Decorations

Baby shower balloon columns.

With the help of these kits, you can customize your own baby shower balloon decor.  Everything needed for the installation is included along with detailed instructions.  Great design tip:  a large statement piece can take the place of several small decorations saving you time and money.

Confetti balloons.

Love confetti, but hate the mess?  These confetti filled balloons bring it all together without the cleanup.  Choose a color that compliments your theme and make it oh so special with a sweet message.

Balloons say it all...

Baby shower balloon bouquets.

Add interest to your balloon decorations by gathering three or four favorites together in one lovely bouquet.  Repeating the same balloon bouquet throughout the party space is an eye-catching display. 

Personalized baby shower banners.

Today's baby shower banners are about much more than simply hanging up a single banner.  It's about coordinating personalized banners, using colors that complement the theme, and infusing different textures.  Still want more?  What could be better than a banner with meaningful photos attached for guests to ooh and ahh over.  

Baby shower banners girl.

Cute Girl Elephant Balloons Baby Shower Banner
Baby Shower Cute Teddy Bear Pink Heart Balloons Banner
Floral Hot Air Balloon Animal Baby Shower Backdrop Banner

Baby shower banners boy.

Baby Shower boy blue silver glitter balloons  Banner
Gold Stars & Moon Blue Baby Shower Banner
Over The Moon Dreamy Blue Sky Baby Shower  Banner

Decoration ideas with paper lanterns.

Make your baby shower feel like a party by hanging paper lanterns.  There are a multitude of colors and textures for every preference so you can mix and match to fit your theme.  You don't have to go far for inspiration.


Creating harmony with the paper lanterns is just a few pompoms away.  These tissue paper flowers work beautifully alone or add another dimension when part of a group.

It's a kit!  Banner, paper lanterns, pompoms...

Baby Shower Pompom Decorations

Table skirts.

Let the table be the central focus of the party decor.  Wow guests with a skirt that makes the table look grand with a little help from tulle, organza, and the twinkle of lights.

Beautiful baby shower centerpieces.

A variety of centerpieces are easy to create when you get the right start.  These decorative flower boxes provide the perfect base and are impressive when used as a group.  Add extra pizazz with personalized balloons and flowers to make them the center of attention.

Personalized Pink Footprints Hearts Baby Shower  Balloon
Pastel Mint Green Retro Carriage Baby Shower Balloon
Elephant Balloon (Personalized Boy Baby Shower)

Mason jar ideas.

Take advantage of the simplicity of a Mason jar to set a festive scene.  Place Mason jars filled with flowers throughout the party space...great baby shower decoration ideas for the gift table, food table, etc.  

Oh, Baby sign.

Decorative signs have become a popular trend that can instantly create a festive mood.  Whether you prefer a wooden sign that can be spray painted any color or the radiance of a neon sign, the theme gets the attention it deserves.

Hot air balloon baby shower decor.

Up, up, and away.  Incorporating several baby shower decoration ideas into one magnificent display is a grand plan.  As you can see here, a 5 foot balloon was transformed into a hot air balloon and then other decorative elements were layered in to create a cohesive statement.  Click below for more balloon details...

Baby Shower Hot Air Balloon Decoration

Diaper cake.

Over 2,000+ diaper changes occur in baby's first year...that's a lot of diapers.  Help prepare mom for diaper duty with a diaper cake.  Mom will love the practicality and you will love making it part of the baby shower decor.  Whether you choose to diy or want one ready to gift, this idea is sure to be noticed.

Door banners.

Put your baby shower decoration ideas on full display from the moment guests arrive.  These door banners are the perfect greeting and don't take up a lot of time or money.  They also make a fitting backdrop for photos when brought inside.

Baby shower umbrellas.

An umbrella is drenched with baby shower tradition, so take advantage of that history with a fresh new approach.  Make a big statement by hanging umbrellas with baby toys or teddy bears that have been attached with ribbons or fishing line.  Dress up the gift table by placing an opened umbrella across it and attaching a small gifts sign to it.  So if showers are in your forecast, bring out the umbrellas.

Baby shower sign ideas.

Spell it out with yard signs.  These signs stylishly welcome everyone to the baby shower and also make it easier for guests to find your house.  The success of some baby shower decoration ideas are dependent on a good location, so be sure your signs are highly visible.

Personalized baby shower signs.

Personalized yard signs offer you the opportunity to express welcome to the shower in a personal way.  Playing up personalized details ensures that all eyes go to exactly what is being honored.

Welcome Baby Shower Jungle Animal Sign
Fun Blue Hearts CustomPhoto It's a Boy Baby Shower Sign
Navy blue balloons Baby Shower boy Sign

How to decorate with stuffed animals.

For a style that's whimsical and casual, decorate with plush stuffed animals.  Whether guests find one tucked inside a wreath on the front door or nestled on the gift table, let the good vibes role.  After the shower, give one to mom to take home as the start of baby's stuffed animal collection.

Baby Shower Stuffed Animal Decorations

Baby shower confetti is sheer delight.

Baby shower chair for mom.

Be sure that your baby shower decoration ideas include a special place to sit just for mom.  You can't go wrong by marking her chair with one of these fabulous signs that makes taking a seat seem important.

More stylish ways for mom to have a seat.
Fun or elegant, you choose...

Baby Shower Mommy To Be Chair

Decorate the food table with serving pieces.

Set a party mood with festive serving pieces.  Consider pieces that can be stacked to open up more space when needed or used alone when appropriate.  Raising the food from the surface of the table gives it more presence and style.  Take a look at these baby shower decoration ideas for serving that are simple and sweet and can be utilized many different ways.

Fill the gift table with exactly what mom needs.  Encourage her to register with Amazon and include it on the invitations.

Shop Amazon - Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Baby shower gift table sign.

Since the purpose of the baby shower is to help prepare for the new arrival, it's important to designate a table to hold all the gifts.  Take advantage of these personalized signs that creatively instruct guests where to put their treasures.

Stars Pink Clouds Baby Shower Cards & Gifts Sign
Baby Shower Gifts Sign, Cards and Gifts Poster
Cards and gifts elephant balloons baby shower sign
Baby Shower Gift Table Decoration

Gift table ideas for baby shower.

It's always a good thing when a shower decoration can become a gift for baby.  Hang a baby mobile over the food or gift table and after the party is over, gift it to mom for baby's crib.  

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