Baby Shower Supplies

Oh baby, it's time to start shopping for baby shower supplies.  The more you plan ahead the more likely you are to find the look you love.  Take inventory of the party supplies you already have and what is needed.  Repeat party throwers know that adding a new item periodically is a budget friendly way to keep party supplies right on trend.

Supplies For Baby Shower

Baby Shower Supplies

Looking for unique baby shower supplies?  Happily, there are many choices available to fit almost any theme.  While functionality is key, there is no reason to sacrifice style these days.  Take a moment to familiarize yourself with what is available and the biggest challenge will be which one to choose.

Plates, cups, silverware, oh my.

Basic paper baby shower supplies become fanciful when the theme is embraced.  Whether you are shopping for a sweet baby girl, bouncing baby boy, or a neutral theme when the parents are waiting to find out at birth, these party essentials are anything but ordinary.

Girl baby shower supplies...

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Boy baby shower supplies...

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Neutral baby shower supplies...

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Glass dessert plates.

Start with the basics by investing in reasonably priced party supplies that seamlessly fit in with any theme.  These glass dessert plates will be used party after party with impressive results.  Buy a few more than you need, so that you will always have enough and can easily replace as needed.

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Disposable plastic cutlery is ideal for casual baby showers.  The possibilities are endless with the many beautiful color choices available and the cleanup is sure to make you smile.

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Custom baby shower napkins.

It shows how much you care when you take the time to create personalized napkins.  Here meaningful photos and text artfully highlight the occasion being celebrated.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Photo Modern Napkins
Modern Photo Script Typography Baby Shower Napkins
BABY PINK Photo & Name BABY SHOWER Paper Napkins
BLUE Baby Shower IT'S A BOY! Photo Paper Napkins

Napkin bands.

Make it easy on yourself and the guests by providing prewrapped cutlery.  Simply wrap utensils with a napkin and secure with a napkin band.  Place the silverware bundles in a convenient location so that guests can simply grab and go.

Chalkboard Baby Shower Napkin Bands
Grey, White and Pastel Pink Polka Dot Baby Shower Napkin Bands
Oh Baby Blue Stripes Napkin Band

Punch bowl.

Typically punch bowls are all the decoration your table needs.  The punch bowl itself is the star of the show and when filled with punch that perfectly complements the theme, it instantly becomes part of the decor.  Looking for punch recipes?  Take a look at these punches for baby shower.

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Glass or plastic?  Remember the punch cups...

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Beverage dispenser.

Invite guests to help themselves by setting up a beverage dispenser.  Make it visually appealing by customizing the punch color to match the theme or simply infusing water with delicious fruit.  It's a great time saver and the convenience is undeniable.  Frequent party throwers and for those of us with big families that gather often, consider adding a beverage dispenser to your party arsenal.

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Paper coasters.

Baby shower supplies that serve a purpose without sacrificing style is always a good thing.  These fully customizable coasters will delight guests and you will never regret protecting your furniture.

Personalized Pink Footprints Hearts Baby Shower  Square Paper Coaster
Yellow Polka Dots Blue White Baby Shower Cute Square Paper Coaster
Simple Oh Baby Light Blue Baby shower for Boys Paper Coaster

Encourage mom-to-be to create an Amazon gift registry.  Click below for more details. 

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Folding tables.

Let's face it, folding tables have been a party staple for many years.  Whether you're partying inside or outside, they're versatile and available in more than one size and shape.  Folding tables make setting up food stations, favor table, gift table, or a beverage station a snap.  We recommend starting with one and adding more as the budget allows.

Table cloths.

Bringing out a cloth table covering is a signal that something important is about to take place.  From stark white to festive colors, dress the table to complement the shower decor.  Take a look at the table cloth options below...

Table runners.

Think of the table as the stage and the table runner as the red carpet.  Start with a simple table runner and tie the ends with ribbon or allow it to puddle to the floor.  Then add decor to the table that magnifies the purpose...a gift table--add a sign, a food table--add serving pieces, etc.  These chiffon table runners are surprisingly inexpensive and are just the right touch for a baby shower tablescape.

Personalized table runners...

Pastel Pink & Gray Chevrons Baby Shower Collection Short Table Runner
Cute Yellow Bumble Bee and Honeycomb Baby Shower Short Table Runner
Pastel Blue & Gray Baby Shower Suite Short Table Runner

Folding chairs.

Need a place for guests to sit and eat? Set up a folding table and chairs, add a tablecloth, and decorate. Voila! There is room for everyone to eat comfortably.

Baby shower sign ideas.

Gently guide guests throughout the party space with decorative signs.  Zazzle offers many options for baby shower signs that are not only stylish, but give helpful direction.

Zazzle Logo

Baby Girl Elephant eucalyptus wreath food sign
Baby Girl Elephant eucalyptus drinks table sign
Baby Girl Elephant eucalyptus cards and gifts sign
Baby Girl Elephant eucalyptus wreath favors sign

Baby shower backdrop ideas.

The absolute best way to build a magnificent focal point is to frame the intended area.  Consider anchoring the scene with a fabric backdrop and then layering in additional decorative elements.  Balloons, stuffed animals, balloon boxes, or banners are perfect for a baby shower.  Whether the backdrop is used behind the food table or as a photo opt, set it up a day or two in advance to allow plenty of time to test out your great ideas.

Serving pieces.

Practice makes perfect.  Once you have decided on the party food, focus on how to serve it.  Practice arranging serving pieces to determine if you have everything needed.  Stackable serving pieces save valuable space when needed and can be separated when the table looks bare.  We have found that placing a slip of paper identifying what goes in each serving piece eliminates the stress of food placement on party day.

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Here's your chance to get creative
with serving pieces...

A tiered stand is a stylish way to heighten the presence of small treats or help yourself to an enticing donut wall display.  Whatever you choose, there is strength in an unexpected serving idea.

Baby shower guest book.

These guest books give guests the opportunity to write down a personal message or simply send well wishes.  The mom-to-be will be thrilled when presented this unique keepsake.

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Looking for new and exciting guest book alternatives?
We've got you covered... 

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Photographing a baby shower.

Wouldn't it be a shame to put all that effort into the perfect baby shower and have nothing to show for it?  Fill a basket with disposable cameras and ask guests to snap random pictures throughout the shower.  It's fun for the guests and mom-to-be will love the candid moments captured.

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Need a safe place to keep those special photos?
Take a look at these customized binders.

Girl Teddy Bear Baby Album Binder
Gender Neutral Teddy Bear Baby Album 3 Ring Binder
Blue Gold Baby Boy Shower Organizer Keepsake Album 3 Ring Binder

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