Baby Shower For Dad

Share your enthusiasm for the new arrival with everyone by throwing a baby shower for Dad.  Whether Dad would prefer a baby-que or a golfing par-tee, make it celebratory and full of engaging decor just for him.  Take a look at some of our favorite party ideas that capture the excitement of a new arrival in a manly sort of way.

Baby Shower For Dad

The planning of a daddy baby shower is just like one for mom except this one gives recognition to the dad-to-be.  The end result is the same, lots of gifts to prepare for the new baby on the way.

Daddy Shower Ideas With Daddy Nestling Newborn Baby


What's a Dadchelor party?  It's a cross between a baby shower for the dad-to-be and one last celebration before fatherhood.  Due to the popularity of man showers, the invitations have become fearlessly inviting.  Take a look at the options below...

Favorite tees for Dadchelor party...

Diapers for daddy.

Prepare Dad for diaper duty with a diaper party.  Simplifying the gift giving process for guys is helpful, since they may not have as much experience in selecting shower gifts.  Be sure that guests are prepared by presenting an invitation that includes any special requests such as brand preference, etc.

Diapers for Daddy Baby Shower Invitation

Dad sash.

Since Dad is the dude of honor, give him the attention he deserves.  These sashes, pins, and buttons make sure that the proper recognition is given in a fun, outrageous way that is just for him.

Poker and pampers party.

A poker and pampers party won't be a gamble if your dude-of-honor loves to play cards.  Invite all the bros over for a night of poker to wish Dad beginner's luck as he prepares for fatherhood.  We bet one of these creative invitations will ensure a full house.

Lucky for you...
personalized playing cards.

BBQ baby shower.

Looking for a theme for a summer baby shower?  Throw a casual BBQ that honors the soon to be Dad and his friends with good food, relaxation, and baby stuff.  Get guests interested with a manly invitation that lets them know of the fun time to come.

Diaper golfing par-tee fore Dad.

Gather all Dad's golfing buddies together with a shower invitation that reflects the love of the game.  As you can see here, the personalized details call attention to who is becoming a Dad, while also pointing out when, where, and what time the par-tee will start.'s golf themed decorations and games.

Personalized golf balls and tees...

Shop Personalized Golf Tees


Host a destination baby shower for Dad at his favorite place, the bowling alley.  His buddies will be bowled over with the opportunity to do what they love while honoring the dad-to-be.  Bowling alleys have come a long way with upbeat music and glow-in-the-dark features creating a festive party vibe.  Planning and clean up are minimal.  These personalized invitations strike the bowling theme perfectly...

Make Dad a king-pin with a personalized tee shirt
order everybody one in team colors to form teams.

Zazzle Baby Shower For Dad Bowling Team Shirt
Zazzle Baby Shower For Dad Bowling Shirt

Just for fun...award trophies to the winners.

Dad baby shower decorations.

The theme of the Dadchelor party you are planning often dictates the decorations.  Take a moment to plan before you shop so that you have a good idea of what decorations are needed, and then make choices that amplify the theme.  If personalization is available, take advantage of it.  From a sports themed baby shower to an outdoor barbeque, focus on well placed decorations that make a big statement...balloons, banners, etc.

Man baby shower game ideas.

Play Dad baby shower games that allow the guys to bet on when the new baby will be born.  Fill out the calendar and place a due date sticker on the official due date.  Then allow guests to write their name on the calendar as to when they expect baby to arrive.

Scratch offs.

Who is the baby's Daddy?  Guests will have to scratch-off a lottery ticket to find out.  When famous celebrity faces begin to appear, the laughter continues until the real "winner" is revealed.

Diaper raffle.

Make gift giving fun for the guys with a diaper raffle.  The entry fee is a pack of diapers of any size and the winner gets a's a win-win. Take a look at these creative ideas for themed diaper raffle tickets and a unique way to collect them.  

Who knows Daddy best?

Showing off one's knowledge of the baby's Daddy can be a fun shower game to play.  Guests answer basic baby shower questions for Dad and the one with the most correct answers wins.

Dad jokes.

Few things can hold a candle to joke telling.  Whether reading from a joke book or writing down Dad joke punchlines, laughing out loud makes everyone feel good.  Get some knee slapping inspiration here...

Baby bump or beer belly.

For those with a twisted sense of humor, consider these hilarious baby shower for Dad games.  Laughter guaranteed.

Horror or labor?

There's a fine line between the facial expressions made watching a horror movie vs. those made while in labor.  Can you tell the difference?

Love or labor?

Baby bottle chug.

Chugging a baby bottle may seem like an unlikely baby shower for a man game, but trust us guys are up for the challenge.  There are no beverage restrictions for a Dadchelor party, so fill the baby bottle with a favorite beverage and watch the fun begin.  The first one to empty the baby bottle is the winner.

Advice for dad-to-be.

Pearls of wisdom from dude-to-dude are worth recording.  Provide cards for guests to write down their best advice, wishes, and predictions.  From sentimental to laugh out loud outrageous, there is sure to be some unforgettable advice that bears repeating.


If your group appreciates a good cigar on special occasions, give them as a thank you for coming shower favor.  These peel and stick labels are easy to apply and the personalized details keep the focus on the occasion.

Handing out bubblegum cigars
is a nod to tradition with a sweet twist.

Offer guys a shower favor they will actually use.
Personalized can covers...

More great favor ideas...

I Love Daddy

Daddy baby shower gift.

Finding a baby shower gift for Dad is easy when you embrace the theme.  Take a look at these gift selections that proudly tell the world that someone is excited about becoming a Dad...  

Preparing Dad for diaper duty...

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