Ideas For Gender Reveal Party

The ideas for gender reveal party here suggest exciting ways to answer the most important question of it a boy or is it a girl?  As the host of the party, it is your honor to share the news with everyone.  Knowledge is power, so tap into the excitement with as much drama as you can muster.

Gender Reveal Fun Ideas

Ideas For Gender Reveal Party

Is it a boy or is it a girl?  This question can be answered in so many different ways.  Take a look at some of our favorite ideas for gender reveal party that all come together with a resounding answer...

Touchdowns or tutus gender reveal.

Keep your party supplies neutral until the final play.  Whether you're on team boy or team girl, guests will enjoy the suspense...

Make personalization part of your game plan...

Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Touchdowns Or Tutus
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Football
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Touchdowns Tutus

Leave it all on the field.

Simply fill football with desired color powder pack.  When the ball is kicked or thrown against a hard surface, expect a cloud of colored powder.

Pinata and pom-poms...cheer on your favorite.

Balloon drop bag.

What better way to get the word out than with a balloon drop?  Without saying a word, guests get the answers they need when they see the color of the balloons falling from the balloon drop bag.

Boots or bows.

Looking for ideas for gender reveal party that are so cute you want them everywhere?  From edible frosting rounds to favor tags, everything needed for the boots or bows theme can be customized.  Click below to see the many products available.

Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Boots Or Bows

Boots or bows decorations...

Eating up the theme...

Can't wait to know!
Gender reveal shirts...

Gender Reveal Party

Baby gender reveal balloon.

The big question...boy or girl?  While everyone at the party thinks they know, there's only one way to be sure...pop the balloon to reveal pink or blue confetti.

Buck or doe gender reveal.

When hunting for ideas for gender reveal party, focus on what naturally fits the parents.  These rustic buck or doe themed party supplies are the perfect reveal theme for outdoorsy folks.  The weathered barnwood is the perfect background for the pink and blue baby colors.

Fawn over these buck or doe decorations...

Guests will be caught like a deer in the headlights
with these reveal ideas...

Gender reveal voting cards.

Allow guests the fun of guessing whether they think a baby boy or girl is on the way.  Each guest should complete one gender reveal voting card and place in the ballot box.  There's more than one way to play the game, so click below to find the game that is right for you...

Personalized foam voting boards.

Bragging rights are all that is at stake here.  Each guest records their vote on the foam board provided and it's only a matter of time to see who's right or wrong.  The personalization offered gives a more decorative punch to an otherwise fun gender reveal game.  

Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Bear Voting Board
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Voting Board
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Foam Voting Board


Who says ideas for gender reveal party must be structured and planned to the smallest detail?  Throw a BabyQ that allows guests the time to socialize and relax while waiting for the big reveal.  Decorate just enough to be festive, but be sure that the cause for celebration is clearly stated.  Take a look at these party supplies that feel more personal with the addition of personalization...

Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Baby Q
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal BBQ
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Barbeque

Scavenger hunt.

Looking for a way to make the big announcement a game?  Get everyone involved with a scavenger hunt.  All you have to do is hide the clue cards before guests arrive and then later watch guests try to crack the code.  The last card found says it all..

Balloon box.

Wait for it...opening a box has never had more attention than at a gender reveal.  When the parents-to-be open the box, either pink or blue balloons fly out.  And since you know that all eyes will be on the box, take advantage of these decorative options...

Lashes or Staches.

He or She?  Lashes or staches?  These adorable shower supplies go right down the middle with a 50/50 chance.  Whether you are on team lashes or team staches, odds are that someone will get it right.

Get personal with lashes and stashes party supplies...

Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Lashes Or Staches
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Lashes Stashes

Gender reveal buttons.

It's time to pick sides.  Allow guests to choose the button of their choice to wear until the final reveal.  Win or lose, it's all in good fun. 

He or she gender reveal.

Play up the traditional pink and blue color palette to reveal the baby's gender.  Take a look at these nostalgic ideas for gender reveal party...

What about gifts at a gender reveal? 
While not required, a gift is appropriate if it's something you want to do.  It's a great time to do something special for Mom, but baby gifts are a sweet gesture as well.

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A pinata?  Yes, please.  Emptying the contents reveals the gender of the new arrival and audience participation is encouraged.  From pulling a ribbon until the contents inside are released to giving it your best shot with a pinata stick, the end result is amazing.  What about what's inside?  Some come with fillers included and others you can easily fill yourself...

He or she what will it bee?

Focus on what the buzz is all about...what will it bee?  These whimsical shower supplies feature a gender neutral color palette that keeps everyone in the dark...

Can it bee?
Pinatas and balloons ready for the big reveal...

Gender reveal scratch off.

Get your guests involved with scratch off cards.  Amp up the fun by passing out the cards all at once, so that everyone scratches at the same time.  Looking for creative ideas for gender reveal party held virtually?  Mail cards to guests and ask them to hold them until the appointed time.  It's an exciting way to get everyone's reaction to the baby news no matter where they are.

What's the scoop?

This is a sweet theme that can be transferred to other needed shower supplies.  Simply create your own personalized design and with the click of a button apply it to whatever strikes your fancy.  Click on the picture below for all the unique options available...  

Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Ice Cream Scoops
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal What's The Scoop

What's the scoop?
Take a look at this decorative sign that makes a big statement.
Use as a party decoration or backdrop for photos.

A pretty presentation makes everything taste better...

Quick gender reveal ideas.

Allow guests to be a kid again with a silly string reveal.  No instructions needed, you know what to do...

Waddle it be gender reveal.

Who could resist this rubber ducky theme?  It's an easy way to get your ducks in a row for the big reveal...

Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Waddle It Be
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Ducks

Waddle It Be?
Gender reveal fizzes for in-person or virtual reveals...

Ideas For Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal bash cake.

Break the news in a delightful and delicious manner with a gender reveal bash cake.  Whether it's a burst of pink or a splash of blue, this cake holds a delightful secret within its layers.

The snow cone reveal.

Looking for cool ideas for a summertime reveal?  Snow cones baby!  Either buy or rent a snow cone machine and get ready to feel like a kid again.  Fill a bottle that you cannot see through with pink or blue colored snow cone syrup and when the syrup hits the ice, everyone knows.  

Gender reveal golf balls.

If you want to make a golf lover happy, reveal the baby's gender with exploding golf balls.  When the ball is struck hard, a cloud of pink or blue powder appears.

Baseballs or bows.

Make America's favorite pastime part of your ideas for gender reveal party.  Whether it's baseballs or bows, it's anybody's game...

Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Baseball Or Bows
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Baseballs Bows

Get into the swing of things with
exploding baseballs and pinatas...

Dart board reveal.

Have fun keeping guests in suspense with a dart board game.  The end result is determined by whether more pink filled balloons or blue filled balloons are popped.  The color with the most popped is the gender of the baby.

For example, if you have 16 balloons on your dart board:

Inflate 9 blank balloons
For a boy:  Fill and inflate 4 blue and 3 pink
For a girl:  Fill and inflate 4 pink and 3 blue

Hit a bullseye with one of these
gender reveal themed dart board kits...

Fishing theme.

Having a theme offers instant direction for party planning.  Take a look at these fishing themed party supplies that will reel guests in hook, line, and sinker.

Catch of the day.
Personalized gender reveal supplies.

Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Fish He Or She
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Whales

Fishing for the big reveal?
These exploding fishing lures should get their attention....

Unwrap a gift to reveal gender.

Looking for a more subtle approach in revealing baby's gender?  Allow Mom to unwrap a onesie with the answer printed right on the front.

Twinkle star.

Often times, it's the theme that makes the gender reveal extra special.  There's a lot to love about these twinkle, twinkle little star party supplies...

Personalized details put the twinkle in these party supplies...

Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Twinkle Star
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Twinkle Little Star
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Twinkle Twinkle

We're obsessed with taking pictures.
Make a scene that encourages guests to strike a pose.

How I wonder what you are.
Here are dramatic ways to find out...

Prince or Princess.

Give guests the royal treatment with a prince or princess themed reveal.  Here are some enchanting ideas for gender reveal party...

When you want to make the gender reveal a party...

Ideas For Gender Reveal Party Table

Gender reveal candy.

Eye candy...this candy becomes as much a part of the decor as it is delicious to eat.  Whether you set up a candy buffet, hand out goodie bags as take home favors, or use it to decorate the food table, they'll want candy.

Senor or Senorita.

Throw a fiesta themed gender reveal party.  Create a vibrant party atmosphere with colorful banners, balloons, and of course it's a wonderful opportunity to treat guests to a taco bar.

It's time for the main event.
Will it be a senor or a senorita?

Bows or burnout gender reveal.

A gender reveal theme based solely on the question of the day...burnouts or bows.  Whether it's a boy or it's a girl, both possibilities are clearly represented here.

Wouldn't you like to know?
Take a look at a memorable way to find out.

Christmas gender reveal ideas.

Tis the season to fill your Christmas gender reveal with holiday magic.  Choose your favorite design, add personalized details if you like, and spread the joy throughout the rest of the party supplies.  Click below to find all the products available for each design...

Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Christmas Snowman
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Christmas Gingerbread
Zazzle Ideas For Gender Reveal Christmas

A gender reveal is just like opening a Christmas gift,
no one knows what's inside...

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