Baby Shower Favors

Shake, rattle, and roll with sensational baby shower favors.  Whether you're on the giving or the receiving end, celebrating a new life is a big event so it's important that the favors be appropriately meaningful.  And that doesn't mean expensive, all you really need is a good idea and we have plenty of inspiration here.

Baby Shower Tulip Bulbs Favors

Baby Shower Favors

When the party's over, make sure it ends on a high note with a memorable thank you for coming gift.  Success lies in selecting something that complements the theme and above all is desirable.  From the instant gratification of edible favors to the lasting beauty of succulents, take a look at the baby shower favors below that are full of possibilities. 

Baby shower party favors girl.

Baby shower favors blue.

Champagne baby shower favors.

While alcohol is off the table for the mom-to-be, there are other ways to bubble over with excitement.  Champagne bottles are synonymous with celebrating, so fill champagne bottle containers with candy or gift a bottle of champagne to be opened after the new baby arrives.

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DIY baby shower favors.

Looking for a diy baby shower favor?  Consider these peel and stick labels that fit standard tic tac candy.  The personalization that is available makes the labels unique and taking the time to diy shows how much you care.  Candy not included.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower Tic Tac Labels

Dinosaur baby shower favors.

Some of the cutest baby shower favors have been inspired by a theme.  As you can see, these adorable baby dinosaurs are anything but terrifying.  From candy bars to bottle openers along with a dinosaur themed favor box, it's a dino-mite way to say thank you for coming. 

Tea party baby shower favors.

Could we offer you a tea favor that celebrates a baby is brewing?  Whether you would like to keep it simple by applying labels to individual tea bags or fill favor bags with one or two of your favorites, it's tea time.  Still want more?  Consider boxes shaped like tea cups and fill with whatever you like.

Personalized tea favors...

A Spot of Tea Teapot Baby Shower Tea Bag Drink Mix
Watercolor Greenery Baby is Brewing Baby Shower Tea Bag Drink Mix
Watercolor Baby Elephant Blue Baby Shower Tea Bag Drink Mix

Succulent baby shower favor.

Wanting to gift live succulent plants and not sure how to dress them up for a baby shower?  We've got you covered with chic ideas that elevate this shower favor to all it can possibly be.

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Enhance basic 2 inch pots with a succulent wrap...

Or, consider a small flower pot...

Add watch me grow succulent tags...

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Please take one...

Include a sign on your favor table asking guests to please take one home.  Shower guests will immediately be drawn to the beauty of the succulents and the sign makes it clear what they should do.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower Succulent Favor Signs

It's a boy baby shower favors.

It's a boy and the mom-to-be is over the moon with joy.  How can you make your shower favors just as exciting?  It's simple with these favor ideas that proclaim it's a boy for everyone to see.

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Baby Shower Cookie Favors.

It's a girl

Amazon Shop It's A Girl Baby Shower Favors

Drive by baby shower favors.

When planning a drive by baby shower, remember the sentiment behind the celebration is the same even though the delivery is a little different this time around.  Keep as many traditions in place as possible for moms benefit and extend that same thoughtfulness to the guests.  As guests drive by, express your appreciation with a small favor that shows that they too are an important part of the celebration.

Baby shower hand sanitizer favors.

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Winter baby shower favors.

Baby it's cold outside and you are looking for a heart warming shower favor.  Consider the gift of coffee, hot chocolate, or mini candy bar wrappers that perfectly thank shower guests who are willing to brave the cold.

Personalized hot chocolate baby shower favors...

Pretty Pink Baby Girl Stork Custom Baby Shower Hot Chocolate Drink Mix
Cute Pink Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Snowflakes Hot Chocolate Drink Mix
Baby Boy Shower Blue Feet Party Favor Hot Chocolate Drink Mix

Baby shower seed packets.

Something as simple as seed packets can look incredible with meaningful decorative details.  With a touch of whimsy, these wildflower seed packets get the message across that a new baby is on the way.  Guests will appreciate your efforts in providing a useful favor.

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Baby bottle favor.

Baby bottles are the perfect addition to a baby shower.  Fill them with whatever suits your fancy...jelly beans, M&Ms, Skittles, etc.  Not only are these fillable baby bottles the perfect shower favor, but you can fill them and use them as balloon anchors, hang from the chandelier, or attach to a wreath.

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Dumbo baby shower favors.

Dumbo and his Mother Magnet
Sweet Dumbo and Timothy Sleeping Magnet
Darling Little Dumbo & Timothy Magnet

Baby rattle favors.

Shake up your shower favors with a fillable baby rattle.  Take a look at these ready to fill rattles decorated with pretty ribbon and delicate accessories.  Want to create your own rattle favors?  Buy rattle shaped acrylic boxes and accessorize as you please.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower Fillable Rattle Favors

Jungle theme baby shower favors.

Welcome to the jungle.  Consider a jungle themed shower favor featuring delightfully wild animals...treat bags, candy bar wrappers, and pacifier necklaces.   

Jungle Animals Greenery Baby Shower Birthday Party Edible Frosting Rounds

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Ready to pop baby shower favor.

Stating the obvious is a strategy that could make your baby shower more fun.  We love the ready to pop stickers that can be applied to favor bags, boxes, or wherever a creative touch is needed.

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Shower puff baby shower favors.

If your planning a spa themed baby shower, allow the theme to guide you to the perfect favors.  Think of loofahs, nail polish, bath bombs, lotions, flipflops, tote bags...all in colors that match the theme.

Nautical baby shower favors.

Ahoy!  We're sharing some of our favorite nautical themed baby shower favor ideas.  It's smooth sailing with sailboats, whales, anchors, and seashells.

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Sunflower baby shower favors.

Let's just say it--sunflowers are a happy flower.  You can't go wrong with beautifully boxed sunflower style soaps or customized seed packets with the mom-to-be's name and shower date.  Or sunflower themed keychains that include yellow organza gift bags and thank you're smiling already.

Sunflower baby shower favors.

Luau baby shower favors.

Aloha to leis, sunglasses and tropical themed stickers.  Greet guests with their take home favors and ask them to wear them throughout the shower.  It's an instant mood changer and perfect for summer baby showers.  Go coconuts by asking guests to wear bright colors and play music with a tropical flair.

Luau Lip Balm Baby Shower Favor Watercolor Flowers


Customized baby shower favors are great fun to gift and there are plenty of can covers that pop out at you.  Planning a Baby-Q?  Great for a bbq baby shower to use immediately or guests can grab one on the way out.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower Koozies

Pea pod baby shower favors.

It's twins!  Whimsical and adorable, these favor ideas feature two peas in a pod.  Ideal when twins are on the way, mix it up with a variety of customized candy presented in a mini favor box that all focus on the theme.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower Two Peas In A Pod Favors

Noah's ark baby shower favor.

Get on board with the Noah's ark theme.  Whether one-by-one or two-by-two for twins, these candy bar wrappers and chocolate kiss labels are a great choice.  Pack treat bags bearing personalized details full.

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Baby shower favor ideas candles.

If you're determined to find a useful shower favor, consider candles.  The baby theme shines brightly with packaging that is pretty enough to gift just as they are.

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Baby shower favor candle poem.

Make your candle favor special with a meaningful gift tag that requests guest participation.  With a modern flair, these favor tags artfully ask guests to burn their candle on the day the baby is born.  Customization makes it possible for you to write your own poem or choose from words already written. 

Blue Gold Baby Shower Candle Votive Favor Favor Tags
White And Gold Glitter Stars Baby Shower Candle Fa Favor Tags
Pink Gold Baby Shower Candle Votive Favor Favor Tags
Amazon Shop Baby Shower Candle Poem Favors

Soap for baby shower favors.

Guests attend baby showers to shower the mom-to-be with gifts, so return the favor by showering guests with the gift of soap.  Click below for more details on each soap...

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Rubber ducky soap baby shower favor.

Bath bomb shower favors.

Bath bomb shower favors are right on trend and more popular than ever.  And while everybody loves them, you want your bath bomb favors to stand out.  Here are some good ideas of how to grab the guests attention on the way out.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower Bath Bomb Favors

Consider fully customizable favor tags that allow you to pick the color, text, or start with a blank slate, like these...

Bath Bomb Baby Shower Favor tag
Babies are the Bomb Gift Tag, Kraft Baby Shower Favor Tags
Bath Bomb Baby Shower Rubber Duck Favor tag

Candy with baby theme.

Candy buffets are all the rage and can quickly become a sight to behold.  Start by choosing a color or colors that complements the baby theme and then pull together an assortment of candies in different shades, shapes, and sizes.  Serve from clear containers to allow the pretty candy to shine through.  Take a look at the eye candy below that is perfectly coordinated...

Baby shower candy table girl.

Baby shower candy table boy.

Chocolate baby shower favors ideas.

Looking for a sweet good-bye?  Try an explosion of chocolate to stir up memories after the party is over.  Perfect for a winter time baby shower.

These favor tags are the bomb...

Pink Its a Girl Baby Shower | Hot Cocoa Bomb Favor Tags
Mint Green Gingham Bath Bomb Favor Tag
It's a Boy Baby Shower | Hot Cocoa Bomb Favor Tags

Baby Shower Candies Ideas

Baby shower mints.

If it's mint to be, it'll be.  Thanks to the baby talk on the wrappers and tins, these buttermints look customized and fabulous.  Even though they are inexpensive baby shower favors, no one would ever guess by looking.

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A candy themed baby shower?
Lollipops are amazing by themselves
or make great fillers on a candy table.

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Cotton candy.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower Cotton Candy Favors

Cookie favors for baby shower.

Who doesn't love cookies? They can be decorated to fit any theme in any color combination and shape you can imagine. These cookies are individually wrapped making them the perfect shower favor.

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Macarons for baby shower.

Macarons have everything going for them--they're trendy, delicious, and easy to serve.  Create a striking presentation by serving macarons on an elevated mirror supported by two glasses.  It's a lot of wow for a minimum of fuss.  Place boxes or bags nearby so that guests can easily help themselves to a sweet send off.

Baby shower bags for favors.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower Favor Bags

A pretty favor box can make all the difference.

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