Baby Shower Games

Entertaining baby shower games are a fun way to break the ice and engage guests.  Choose games that are simple, appeal to all ages, and most of all fun.  From sit and play games to interactive activities, your baby shower games can easily become the life of the party.  Remember, when you're having fun, most likely your guests are too.

Baby Shower Ideas For Games

Let the baby shower games begin...

It's best to plan several games that are simple and require little or no set up.  Take a look at the options below that are sure to become part of your winning game plan.  From a small gathering to a large group, there is something for everyone.

Simple fun baby shower games.

Looking for baby shower games and not sure which one to choose?  There's no need to limit yourself with these sets that offer a variety of games.  Choose your favorites and play as many as time allows.

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Guess the birthday.

Who wouldn't want to guess the baby's birthday?  Each guest writes down their prediction for the baby's birthday.  This shower game is all about bragging rights...

Pink Gold Baby Shower Birthday Prediction Calendar Poster
Minimalist Baby Shower Guess Due Date Calendar Poster
Blue Elephant Baby Birthday Prediction Calendar Poster

Name the baby.

As guests arrive, have them write down what they think would be a good name for the new baby on the card or paper provided.  Encourage guests to be creative and unique.  Gather all the name suggestions, and one by one, read them aloud to the group. This is the fun part of the game, as some names may be traditional and others might be quite unique!

Baby Shower Name Game.
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Baby shower advice cards.

No skill required. Simply, pass out prediction and advice cards and allow guests to share their best guesses and opinions.  

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Personalized baby prediction game cards...

Pink Floral Baby Predictions Baby Shower Game Card
Little Peanut Elephant Yellow Baby Prediction Card
Boy Baby Shower Predictions Guess Game Card
Advice Game For The Parents.

Baby shower game with balloon.

How to play:  Provide each guest with a balloon. Divide your guests into teams of 4 or 5. When you say “GO”, the first person from each team must blow up their balloon and stick it under their shirt. The next person in line continues and on down the line until all the balloons are filled and under their shirts.  The first team finished wins.

Candy guessing game ideas.

Looking for a get acquainted shower game?  To encourage mingling early, set up a container filled with candy near the entrance.  As guests write down their best guess as to how many candies are in the jar, conversation is inevitable.  The closest number to the correct amounts wins.  Tip:  Before guests arrive, count the candies and write it down.  Then, when it's time for the big reveal you don't have the added pressure of remembering how many.  

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Baby shower stickers for kisses...

My water broke.

Serve guests a refreshing beverage that includes an ice cube with a tiny plastic baby doll frozen inside.  Explain that the first person to have an ice cube that melts and releases the baby doll should yell "my water broke" for the win.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower My Water Broke Game

Baby shower mad libs.

Ask guests to write down their best advice for the mom-to-be.  These game cards make it simple, all the player has to do is fill in the blanks and sign at the bottom.  Whether the player prefers to give thoughtful answers or outrageous nonsense, mom-to-be will have a permanent keepsake to take home.

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Baby shower scratch off.

Allow guests to try their luck with a scratch off game.  Take a look at these ready to play tickets that positively glow with the theme and make game play simple.  Click on each option for more details.

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What's in your purse baby shower game?

Looking for a game that is inexpensive and loads of fun?  The only expense with this purse baby shower game is the game cards and a prize if desired.  As you can see here, the cards are certainly worth it...

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What's on your phone?

Everyone has their phone with them these days, so this game was bound to happen.  It's a modern twist on What's In Your Purse and is sure to inspire some fun conversations.  Guests simply answer all the questions and add up their points.  

Amazon Shop Baby Shower What's On Your Phone

Pass the gift baby shower game.

There are several different ways to play this game..left and right, pass the prize, or pass the poem.  No matter how it's played, someone will end up with a gift.

Gold Glitter Baby Shower Left Right Story Game Poster
Burgundy Floral Pass the Prize Baby Shower Game
Pass the Poem Baby Shower Game Bee and Eucalyptus  Poster

Name the baby food game.

Gather 5 different baby food jars or pouches and make sure to cover the labels or remove them to create a guessing challenge.  One jar at a time, allow guessers to examine the appearance, texture, and smell of the baby food and write down their best guess.  Award points for correct answers and the one with the most wins.  Another fun way to play this game is to provide a baby spoon or popsicle stick for each player, so that they can taste the baby food if they desire.

Guess The Baby Food Game
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Don't say baby baby shower game.

Play starts as soon as guests arrive.  Some players will lose almost immediately (try not saying baby at a baby shower), but one will outlast them all.  Warning:  As each person forgets and says the forbidden word, everyone is bound to laugh and enjoy their loss.

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Don't Say Baby Game

Cotton ball baby shower game.

When a baby shower game is as much fun to watch as it is to play, you've got a winner...take this cotton ball game for example.  Here's what you will need:

2 large bowls - one filled with cotton balls and one empty

1 large kitchen spoon

1 blindfold

With a large kitchen spoon, each player attempts to transfer as many cotton balls as possible into the empty one minute and blindfolded.  The challenge for the player is that because the cotton balls are so light, it's impossible to tell if any are actually making into the bowl.  Onlookers may well be watching the player dip air into a bowl lol.  The player who transfers the most cotton balls wins.

Dress up the bowls and spoon by adding decorative elements...
ribbon, stickers, or choosing colors that match the shower theme.

Pampers Baby Shower Games

Diaper thoughts.

It's the thought that counts.  Allow guests to write a message, joke, or encouraging words on a diaper booty.  Whether the words are thoughtful or outrageous, it may be just what is needed to make midnight diapering not so stinky.  Simply place markers, diapers, and a sign that eloquently lets everyone know what to do...

Late Night Diapers Sign Elephant Baby Shower Girl
Cute Diaper Thoughts Sign Diaper Baby Shower Game
Twinkle Star Boy Baby Shower Diaper Thoughts Poster
Amazon Shop Baby Shower Late Night Diaper Games
Late Night Diapers game for baby shower.

Blindfolded Diaper Changing Baby Shower Game.

This is a fun game in which guests will attempt to change a diaper on a stuffed animal or baby doll while blindfolded.  You will need enough blindfolds, diapers, and dolls for all the guests.  The fastest diaper changer wins.

Baby Shower Diaper Changing Game

Diaper raffle.

The diaper raffle game starts with the invitations.  Include information on the invitation that a diaper raffle is being held and ask each guest to bring a pack of diapers to enter.  As the guests arrive, collect the diapers and ask that they complete a raffle ticket and place it in the box.  At the appropriate time, have the drawing and award a prize that you provide.  Guests get to play a fun game and mom-to-be gets a big supply of diapers.  Take a look at these cute baby themed kits that include the raffle tickets and a card box.    

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Baby shower game guess who.

Who does it...Mom or Dad?  Knowing the parents well might give a player an edge, but outright guessing works too.  Guests simply answer questions as to who would perform specific baby tasks.  The one with the most matches to the parent's answers is the winner.  Buying pre-printed game cards is a big time saver and these are simply adorable.

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Baby shower Bingo.

A familiar game with a modern twist.  Pass out blank baby shower Bingo cards and ask guests to write in each square what gifts they predict the mom-to-be will receive.  As mom opens her gifts, cross off the matches.  The first player with five in a row shouts BINGO.

Watercolor Floral Purple Violet Baby Shower Bingo
Yellow and Gray Elephant Baby Shower Bingo Game Flyer
Baby Shower Bingo - Cute Boy Polka Dots Game
Amazon Shop Baby Shower Bingo Games

Baby shower emoji game.

For those that love a good brain teaser, this is the perfect shower game.  Each guest tries to guess as many words and phrases as possible written with emojis.  The person with the most correct emoji baby shower game answers wins.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower Emoji Games

Pacifier games for baby shower.

This shower game takes a little preparation before guests arrive, but it's worth the effort.  One never outgrows a fun game of hide and seek, even if it is finding a hidden pacifier.  Take a look at this game bundle that includes the pacifiers and a sign that reveals to guests what they are looking for and what happens in the end.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower Pacifier Hunt Games

Pin the pacifier on the baby.

Taking inspiration from pin the tail on the donkey, this familiar game has been reinvented to fit the baby shower theme. The donkey has been replaced by a sweet baby and the tail is now a pacifier. Blindfold the guest and allow them to pin the pacifier on the baby. Initial where each attempt landed and the closest to the correct spot wins...the most fun comes from those that don't.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower Pin The Pacifier Games

Baby shower scavenger hunt list.

Thanks to cell phones, a photo scavenger hunt works perfectly at a baby shower.  Provide a list of photos required and the first person to snap them all first or has the most when the time expires wins.  With all that picture taking going on, encourage guests to share their favorites with the group.

Teddy Bear Pink And Gold Photo Scavenger Hunt Game
Teddy Bear Sage Green Photo Scavenger Hunt Game
Teddy Bear Blue Balloons Photo Scavenger Hunt Game

Baby shower games measure the belly.

Either before the shower or as soon as the mom-to-be arrives, give her a roll of toilet paper and assist her in measuring her belly all the way around.  Count the number of toilet paper squares required, write it down, and mum's the word.  How to play:  Each guest should guess how many toilet paper squares that they think it would take to get around moms belly.  The closest to the correct number wins.  

Want to play the measuring game without toilet tissue?
Consider these kits that include everything needed to play
with measuring tapes instead of toilet tissue.

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Measure The Belly Game for Baby Shower.

Toilet paper baby shower game.

We love this ice breaker game to learn more about your guests.  Pass a roll of toilet tissue and request each guest to pull off as many squares as they like.  Then inform guests to reveal something about themselves according to how many toilet paper squares they took.  Those that took several squares are in a pickle much to the enjoyment of the others.

Find the guest.

Baby shower games that encourage guests to get to know each other is a good thing...the more you know, the better you do.  Each participant must talk to the other guests to find out more about them in order to answer simple questions.  Here's a questionnaire for baby shower that is ready for game time...

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Fun Coed Baby Shower Games

Baby bottle games for shower.

Looking for extreme fun?  Play a baby shower game where guests chug from a baby bottle.  Wash and fill the baby bottles with your choice of beverage and whoever chugs it down the fastest wins.  If everyone doesn't want to play, pick teams and select a competitor from each group cheered on by their team members.  The fun and photos are priceless.

Baby shower candy bar game.

This game is sure to grab everyone's attention.  Fill a diaper with chocolate candy (the pooh) and give players the opportunity to guess what kind of candy bar did the damage.  Number each diaper and have guests give it their best guess.  The more realistic the mess, the better.

Baby changing relay baby shower game.

This relay race begins with a dressed baby doll swaddled in a blanket and ends that same way.  On the command of GO...

Player #1. Unwrap the blanket.

Player #2. Undress the baby doll.

Player #3. Change the diaper.

Player #4. Dress the doll.

Player #5. Swaddle in the blanket.

The above directions are set up for a team of five or one person can do it all.  If you have a smaller group, simply combine some of the tasks.  For example, the same person can take off the blanket and undress the baby doll, etc.

Speed diapering game.

Who can change a baby's diaper the fastest?  You'll know after playing this game.  Either have players compete against the clock or each other as they try to change the baby doll's diaper faster than everybody else.  Want to watch a game turn into entertainment?  Play at a couples shower, it's hilarious.

Baby shower trivia party game.

Knowledge is power.  Babies don't come with an instruction manual, so it might be a good idea to test how prepared mom and dad are...

Pink Trivia Shower Game.
Oh Baby, True or False Shower Game.
Blue Baby Trivia Shower Game.

Twin baby shower game.

Take a chance on these baby shower games
that are all about twins and luck...

Game pencils.

Every little thing makes a big difference with thoughtful planning.  Pencils are an essential item in many games, but that's no reason to be ordinary.  As you can see, these half pencils are undeniably cute and destined to be noticed.

Amazon Shop Baby Shower Game Pencils

Ideas baby shower prizes.

Make the ending of the game as exciting as the beginning by awarding prizes.  From candles to bath bombs, here are some of our favorites...

Diaper raffle prizes.

Looking for a prize for the diaper raffle?  The guests did their part by contributing to baby's much needed diaper supply, so you can show your gratitude with a special prize for the winner.  Take a look at these options that are slightly fancier than the game prizes.

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