Gifts For Baby Shower

Let's face it, gifts for baby shower are fun to buy.  Parents need so much with a new baby that any gift will be welcomed and appreciated.  Bibs, diapers, baby clothes, diaper bags, strollers...well, you get the picture.  Finding the perfect baby gift shouldn't be a chore and we have the inspiration here to prove it.

Baby Shower Gift Idea

Gifts for Baby Shower

What to buy as a baby shower gift?  Check the baby shower invitation to see if Mom is registered anywhere or if the gift is part of a theme.  If not, go with what you love that fits your budget, because volume is not a problem with a new baby on board.


What can I do to make one of the most common baby shower gifts special?  Personalization is the personal touch that turns these baby blankets into the star of the baby shower.  Baby's name is so beautifully personalized that it is sure to become a treasured keepsake...

Baby monitors.

Give the parents-to-be peace of mind.  Making sure baby is safe is a top priority and today's baby monitors offer more ways to do that than ever before.  From sound and camera to motion trackers and smartphone compatibility, it's the next best thing to being there.  Check out the baby monitors below to compare the features offered for each one...

Amazon Shop Baby Monitors


Not all baby strollers are created equal.  The best strategy when gifting a stroller is to check Mom's wish list and if that stroller is in your price range, go for it.  If you are giving it your best shot on your own, take a look at some of our favorites that may just become yours...               

Car seat to stroller.

Need an extra hand?  In seconds, go from car seat to stroller with one simple motion.  Doesn't get much easier than that, right?

Amazon Shop Car Seats To Strollers

Phone holder for stroller.

It's one less thing for Mom to worry about...where's my cell phone?  These phone holders securely attach to baby's stroller so the cell phone is always within fingertip range and it's hands free.  

Amazon Shop Baby Stroller Phone Holders

Diaper pail.

Some conveniences are worth the money.  Consider these hands-free diaper pails with the best odor control possible.  No more stinky smells and prevents the spread of germs.

Amazon Shop Diaper Pails

Baby shower gift registry.

Encourage mom to consider an
Amazon baby shower gift registry.
It's the help guests need and
the gifts mom really wants.

Shop Amazon - Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Unique baby shower gifts for baby girl.

One of the great joys of gift buying is finding sentimental baby shower gifts that are likely to become a treasured keepsake.  And judging from the meaningful gifts below, that's easier than we thought...

Personalized baby shower gifts girl.

Get especially creative with a personalized wooden name sign.  It's the perfect wall decor for the nursery and can be re-invented as the child grows and the look of the room changes.  If you are hosting the baby shower, consider using the baby's name sign in the shower decor and then giving it to mom as your shower gift.

Baby shower gift basket for girl.

Why not indulge in all things girly girl?  Fill a basket with as many baby essentials as the budget allows.  Have fun by adding decorative touches such as pretty pink ribbons and bows.

Gifts For Baby Shower Basket Girl

  Everything nice...that's what little girls are made of.
These gift sets do all the work for you...

Amazon Shop Baby Girl Gift Baskets

Baby shower gift baskets for boy.

Looking for gifts for baby shower that are all boy?  First time Moms may not know exactly what they need, so put your baby experience to the test.  Assemble a basket of goodies that might not have made the gift registry, but are sure to be needed.

Gifts For Baby Shower Basket

Or take a look at these gift sets that are
assembled and ready to gift a bouncing baby boy...

Amazon Shop Baby Boy Gift Baskets

Bathtub filled with bath-time essentials.

If you're looking for a themed gift, look no further than bath time.  It all starts with making a slippery baby as comfortable and safe as possible, like these baby bath tubs...

Gifts For Baby Shower Bath

Complete your bath time inspired gift with
bamboo baby washcloths, soft hooded towels
and a gift set full of needed bath items.

Grooming kits.

Trimming baby's nails can be a tedious task, but having the right tools especially designed for tiny fingers and toes is a must.  Take a look at these grooming kits that will help get Mom prepared for all sorts of grooming and healthcare needs.  And that's not all, each kit includes a tote bag or case making it easy to use at home or on the go.

Amazon Shop Baby Grooming Kits
Gifts For Baby Shower Display

Personalized memory book/photo album.

Thanks for the memories and a thoughtful way to preserve them.  These keepsake books feature an eye-catching monogram that makes them as beautiful as they are useful.  

Zazzle Gifts For Baby Shower Photo Book Pink
Zazzle Gifts For Baby Shower Photo Book Blue

Baby swing.

Get in the swing of things and make everybody happy.  A baby swing not only soothes and comforts baby, but Mom will love it too.  

Hang in there...
Clip on toys for the swing, stroller, car seat, etc.

Diaper bag.

Today's diaper bags are so well designed that there is a place for everything and convenience is paramount.  When Mom leaves home with baby in tow, it sometimes feels like she's moving out.  Diapers, wipes, creams, snacks etc. are necessary whether it's a quick trip or a few hours.  Take a look at these quality diaper bags that are high functioning without sacrificing style and Dad won't mind carrying it too...

Amazon Shop Baby Diaper Bags

Pacifier ideas.

Keeping up with baby's favorite pacifier can be frustrating for both Mom and baby.  The solution?  Clips and holders that keep the binky always within reach.  This is one time that adding personalized details not only looks pretty, but also helps avoid germs by putting the spotlight on the owner.

Give the gift of Prime.

The gift that keeps on giving.  With so many new needs
and no time to shop, give Mom the gift of Prime.

Personalized burp cloth.

These burp cloths are the perfect example of when function meets pretty.  You can never go wrong with meaningful baby shower gifts that are useful and in high demand.

Crib sheets.

A baby must-have!  Keeping baby's bed fresh with clean crib sheets can be a challenge.  So, how many crib sheets are needed?  We recommend 4 to 7.  It all depends on the situation, if baby spits up frequently more changes are needed.  The last thing anybody wants to do is wash sheets in the middle of the night.

Amazon Shop Baby Crib Sheets

Baby bottles.

Most Moms have a preference when it comes to baby bottles, so the first step is to check her gift registry.  It is recommended that baby's start with 4 ounce bottles and then progress to bigger bottles as their appetite grows.


Is a sterilizer necessary?  The short answer is no.  However, they do inhibit the spread of germs and give Mom peace of mind.

 Baby Brezza is our top pick...

Budget friendly option...

Munchkin sterilize bags are great for travel

Diapers and wipes.

Looking for practical baby shower gifts?  If there's one thing that every new parent needs, it's diapers and wipes.  And the best thing is that every diaper size is needed and wipes are used long after diaper duty is over.

More gifts for baby shower...
Diaper caddy organizer.

Baby wipes and warmers.

Personalized onesies.

There are few gifts that get more attention than personalized onesies.  Whether you're showing off the love of the game or creating your own design, here baby is the center of attention.

Amazon Shop Baby Personalized Onesies

ID tags for bottles and diaper bags.

The easiest way to ensure that what belongs to baby stays with baby is to put their name on it.  Here are some stylish ways to identify baby's things...

Baby bottle labels designed specifically
to keep baby's most prized possession safe...

Make the diaper bag highly visible
with a personalized tag...

Unique baby shower gift ideas.

Looking for an off-registry item that is totally unique?  Consider these kits that feature baby's handprints and footprints along with sweet photos if you so choose.

Keepsake box.

When preserving important baby items, it's best to be organized.  Take a look at these keepsake boxes that do just that...

Baby proofing ideas.

It's better to give than receive, but in this case everybody is protected and Mom can rest easy.  From cabinet locks to outlet covers, these baby safety kits are easy to install and certainly worth the effort.

Amazon Shop Baby Home Safety Kits

Personalized children's books.

Many believe that reading to babies has merit and can be a positive influence socially as well as intellectually.  In addition, holding your baby while they listen to your voice is a bonding experience like none other.

Make story time personal.
Good books to give as baby shower gifts...

Mom gifts for baby shower.

This is how you spoil Mom a bit.  Indulge her with thoughtful baby shower gifts that show how much you care...

Baby shower gift table sign.

Anything that enhances the shower decor with purpose is a good thing.  As guests arrive with gifts for baby shower, clearly mark a special place so that they know where the gifts go.

Cute ways to give baby shower gifts.

There's no set rule that opening gifts at baby shower must be done in front of guests.  Time is precious with family and friends, and many Moms have strayed from traditional gift opening to spend that time visiting with loved ones.  The solution?  Host a display shower where guests are asked to bring their gifts unwrapped.  Designate someone to place name tags on all the gifts so Mom knows who gave her what.  Be sure to insert display shower request cards in the invitations... 

How much to spend
on a baby shower gift?

The average baby shower gift cost all depends on how close the relationship is with the parents-to-be.  Casual acquaintances may choose to spend $25, while close family members are more in the $200 range.  Fortunately, cheap baby shower gifts are needed just as much as the more expensive items, so keep it real and don't overspend.  

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