Fall Baby Shower

Planning a fall baby shower?  Chances are if you are reading this, you are looking for ideas and inspiration.  Relax, there is not a season with a more recognizable palette than fall, making it easy to bring to life the perfect baby shower.  Our advice?  From the invitations to the decorations, welcome the new arrival and say hello to fall with a fresh new perspective that is anything but expected.

Fall Baby Shower Ideas You'll Love

Fall Baby Shower

From a little pumpkin to a little turkey on the way, these fall baby shower ideas can be personalized to fit your mom-to-be.  Choose your favorite baby theme and it will amaze you as to how far you can take it with the rich colors and symbols of fall. 

Pumpkin baby shower ideas.

Sure, you may have set out to incorporate traditional orange pumpkins into your baby shower decor and then you started thinking outside the box.  Take a look at the options below that feature fall pumpkins in many different styles and colors, from traditional to anything but.

More lil pumpkin baby shower ideas...

Little pumpkin baby shower cake...

Balloon boxes.

Any design element that makes a big impact on its own can be more noticeable than decorating with several little things.  Decorate your shower space with oversized balloon boxes filled with balloons, teddy bears, or basically anything that fits inside and focuses on the theme.  Want to go the extra mile?  Take your shower decor over the top with a fall themed balloon arch.

Fall in love.

With so much love in the air, why not wrap your fall baby shower ideas around it?  Choose your favorite design and fall in love with all the ways to customize it.  From traditional paper shower supplies to edible extras that you would have never thought to consider, repeating the same design brings a cohesive look to the party decor.  Click below for all the inspiring options...

Fall head over heels in love here...

Fall baby shower games.

Rustle up fall baby shower games that offer the chance to have some fun and accent the theme.  Look for games that are not complicated or last a long time.  Take a look at these familiar games that do just that.

Welcome signs.

Easy to customize, these creative signs are designed to get the party started as soon as guests arrive.  Place one near the front door to greet guests and then bring it inside to serve as a photo backdrop or hang behind the food table.

Fall sashes.

Make sure the mommy and daddy-to-be are given the recognition they deserve with a special sash or pin.  Take a look at these unique options that make it known how special they are...

A little turkey is on the way.

Gobble, gobble...if your baby shower falls during turkey time, celebrate both.  You'll be thankful for all the adorable ways to personalize plates, napkins, coasters, napkin bands, stickers, gift tags, favor tags, labels, candy tins, cake pops, dipped Oreos, sugar cookies, brownies, frosting rounds, Mason jars, and bottle openers.  Simply pick your favorite design and start shopping.

Baby shower cupcake idea.

Baking and decorating your own cupcakes has never been easier.  Select cupcake wrappers, picks, and toppers that tie in with the shower theme and create away.  It may even surprise you as to how much fun dressing up your cupcakes can be.

Football baby shower.

When a fall baby shower and football season collide, use both to your advantage.  It's a touchdown for a couple's shower or for those of us obsessed with football...

Fall boy baby shower ideas...

Advice and well wishes cards.

Everyone has an opinion and are more than willing to share it when asked.  Take a look at these fall themed cards that provide the perfect place for guests to give advice and share their well wishes for the new baby.  Mom-to-be is sure to enjoy this sentimental keepsake.


The more organized you are, the more relaxed you will be.  Guests will love these grab and go cutlery bags filled with everything needed and you will love having one less thing to worry about at party time.  Several days prior to the baby shower, assemble these neat little cutlery packages.  It's easy, simply wrap cutlery inside the napkin and tuck inside the pretty bags.

Looking for a spooktacular
halloween baby shower idea?

It's A Boo-y.

Celebrating a new baby on the way at Halloween is a boo-ti-ful thing.  And when the new baby is a Boo-y, well that's opening the door to a whole lot of pumpkins, ghosts, and little monsters...

A baby is brewing.

Pick our brains for inspiration in planning a spirited baby shower that celebrates a new baby is brewing.  Take a look at these bewitching decorations and paper supplies...

A little Boo is almost due.

When a little Boo is almost due, it's time to celebrate.  Treat guests to themed balloons, ghostly garlands, banners, or create one big area to serve as the perfect photo opt.  Get your spook on with one of these spirited kits that will have you ready and waiting for Boo time.

Halloween baby shower invitation...

More Halloween baby shower invites....

Fall serving ideas.

Fall into serving pieces that put the holiday mood on full display.  Invest in your favorite pieces that can be used every Halloween whether a baby is threatening to appear or just the usual ghosts and goblins.  These cupcake stands, caldron serving bowls on a rack, or pumpkin snack bowls will magically reappear year after year.

Mason jars baby shower ideas.

What says fall more than a Mason jar?  Take a look at these Mason jars painted in fall colors, embellished with seasonal accents.  Fill each jar with faux flowers, leaves, or sticks to create a diy centerpiece that anyone can do.

Baby shower gift registry.

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Sunflower baby shower.

Sunflowers are known for symbolizing happiness making them a blooming good theme for a fall baby shower.  Highlight your little sunflower on the way with eye catching personalized details.  Then take your one-of-a-kind design and boost the power of sunflowers throughout the shower supplies.  Click below for inspiration...

More blooming good sunflower shower ideas...

These sunflower themed games and cupcake toppers
are sure to grow on you...

Looking for a way to identify Mom and Dad-to-be?
Sashes, corsages, and headdresses are perfect and
make adorable photo props for a sunflower themed shower.

Adding S'more love to our family favors.

Adding s'more to the family is a sweet thought and there are plenty of ways to show the love.  Here, these favor tags get the playful treatment thanks to s'mores and the new addition...

Soap favors.

Offering a baby shower favor that is useful is a popular trend.  And while having a purpose is important, you still want to pamper guests.  The solution?  Consider one of these soap favors that captures the theme in a way that is both personal and seasonal.

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Wooden sign.

Make wooden signs part of your fall baby shower decor.  Whether you're looking for a decorative hanging sign or a free standing accent for the table, go all out with the autumn theme...  

The apple of my eye.

Looking for creative ways to make apples the star of your fall baby shower?  Click on the pictures below to see the perfect pairing of the apple of my eye theme and cheery fall apples.

Just ripe for the picking...
apple themed stickers,
candy bar wrappers, and games.


It's a bountiful harvest when twins are on the way, so make sure the baby shower supplies reflect a party of two.  Take a look at these options that are made for twins featuring colorful autumn tones.  Now that you have some good ideas for fall twin shower supplies, double down on the rest of the shower planning.  Check out these twin shower ideas.

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