Bubblegum Wedding Favors

Bubblegum wedding favors will capture the attention of young and old alike.  All that is required is a little ingenuity, not extravagance.  These visually attractive treats will transport your guests back into their childhood and are especially appealing to your little guests.  There are lots of wedding favors to choose from, but few that will catch their eye more than bubblegum favors. 

Bubblegum Wedding Favor Ideas

Invented in 1928, bubblegum has surely come a long way making its way into the wedding scene.  The wedding success is largely due to the color variety of gumballs and the ability to fit into any reception atmosphere.  

As retro favors, the gumball machine certainly fits with a turn back into the past.  The slot machines are a perfect addition for the Las Vegas or casino-themed celebration.  If you are planning a more up-scale event, the shimmering white gumballs add sophistication to candy buffets or favor bags.  The variety of gumballs offer many options for adding pops of color in fun and stylish ways.  Consider these old favorite confections as fun, tasty thank yous.  That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Chews bubblegum buddies.
Bubblegum buddy wedding favors are ordinary gumballs turned into bubblegum characters such as brides and grooms.  How?  The process starts with a gumball as the base for each buddy.  Then, let the icing begin.  The candy artist uses royal icing to hand-decorate each gumball into replicas of a bride and a groom.  The completed buddy is then placed in a clear plastic container ready for guests.

Chews color.
The playful use of color on this tablescape creates a happy atmosphere.  These gumballs are the perfect addition to continue the joyous mood.

Colorful Bubblegum Wedding Favors

Chews something for the kids.
Something new, something blue, and something for the little ones.  Surprise the kids that attend the reception with clear tubes filled with delicious assorted gumballs.  Young guests will enjoy bubblegum wedding favors made especially for them. 

Bubblegum Wedding Favors For Kids

Gumball Boxes.

Chews sophistication.
Guests will appreciate favors that are pretty.  This table setting sets the tone of sophistication, so the bubblegum wedding favors had to be presented with flair.  The clear boxes of gumballs satisfied the need for greater sophistication.

Sophisticated Bubblegum Wedding Favors

Chews gumball machines.
Consistent with the tableware, the gumball machines are white.  The bold color of the tablecloth makes the pieces stand out and shout notice me.

Gumball Machine Wedding Favors

Chews an initial.
Your choice of favors is a statement of who you are.  And what better way to express that than to customize your favors with an initial.  A simple detail with a modern twist that is especially meaningful to the bride and groom.

Monogrammed Bubblegum Wedding Favors

Chews bags.
For an easy do-it-yourself wedding favor, purchase gumballs in any color that strikes your fancy. Gumballs can become elegant favors when placed in clear cellophane bags with ribbon and monogrammed stickers.

Bubblegum Wedding Favor Table

Chews thankfulness.
A clear container with gumballs offers a visually appealing treat.  Ribbon and a simple thank you tag relay to guests your thankfulness.

Thank You Bubblegum Wedding Favors

Photo courtesy of Michelle Turner Photography

Chews nature.
A bird nest symbolizes spring and the start of new life.  A nest full of gumballs expand the look and feel of nature.  This eco-friendly favor expresses thanks from the love birds as they start their life together. 

Bird Nest Bubblegum Wedding Favors

Chews a winner.
Hit the jackpot with these mini gumball slot machine favors.  Each slot machine is filled with gumballs that are dispensed with each pull of the handle.  The odds are your guests will love these bubblegum wedding favors.

Slot Machine Bubblegum Wedding Favors

Chews gum.
Personalized gum favors will let everyone know you and your sweetheart were meant to stick together forever.  Chews from a variety of wedding themed designs and personalize with a special message.

Personalized Bubblegum Wedding Favors

More Bubblegum Inspiration

Chews mason jars.
A gumball filled mason jar is a simple, inexpensive way to carry on the bubblegum theme.  Topped off with a lily and suspended from a shepherd's hook, these would look stunning lining the aisle of an outdoor ceremony.

Bubblegum Wedding Favor Decor

Photo courtesy of Laura Novak Photography

Chews bubblegum fillers.
Use all white or colored gumballs as filler for your flower vases.  This is a beautiful way to stick with the gum theme.  This easy decoration idea will save you money too, since you can do it yourself. Your guests will certainly notice this extra creative idea.

Arrangement For Bubblegum Wedding Favor Table

Chews a wreath.
This gumball wreath is perfect to hang over your favor table.  Simply hot glue each gumball onto a wreath form and add coordinating ribbon.  So easy and so colorful.

Wreath For Bubblegum Wedding Favor Table

Chews a centerpiece.
Beautiful oblong centerpiece filled with multi-colored gumballs and candles.  Great idea for carrying the bubblegum theme to the centerpiece.

Centerpiece For Bubblegum Wedding Favor Table

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