Candy Apple Wedding Favor

A candy apple wedding favor is a fun, cheerful favor for friends and family of all ages.  Smiles will abound as guests enjoy these unique, scrumptious apples.  You can choose red candy or caramel covered apples or have a mixture of both.  Add to the temptation with gourmet chocolate, customized decorations, fun candies, and sprinklings of nuts or crushed cookies.  Or make a big impression with a more modern, contemporary look with a monogrammed apple design.  The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your apple wedding favor is that it be a fine representation of you and the style you love.  

Candy Apple Wedding Favor Ideas

Adding an interesting twist to wedding favors in the way of presentation is a good idea.  Focusing on the display allows you to transform a token gift into a treasured remembrance of a magical day.  Let your personality shine through to create an amazing design that is as beautiful as the wedding itself.  And while many traditions still apply, altering them to fit your own personal style is the modern application. Here are some candy apple wedding favor ideas we hope you enjoy.      

Candy apple tree.
Creating a magnificent apple tree is the perfect way for guests to pick their own candy apple wedding favors.  The convenience of self serve along with the beauty of a distinctive presentation make this idea majestic.

Creative Candy Apple Wedding Favor Display

All because.
This favor display feels romantic, stylish, and visually stunning.  Look to nature to hold your apple, avoiding any poisonous tree or shrub.  When in doubt, use craft sticks. 

Lovely Candy Apple Wedding Favors

Photo courtesy of loneman photography

Naturally appealing.
The natural basket, wrought iron table, and earth tone flowers work together to create a country casual feel.  Offering guests an assortment of treats is a thoughtful gesture.

Casual Candy Apple Wedding Favor Idea

Photo courtesy of Randy Wilson Photography

Apple orchard.
Spending time thinking about your wow factor pays off in the overall guest experience.  This apple tree bears an abundance of candied fruit presented in an unexpected way.

Unique Candy Apple Wedding Favor Idea

Candy apple red.
Color is one of the most important elements of the wedding because it is so personal.  This dynamic look was achieved by using vibrant color on a neutral backdrop.

Colorful Candy Apple Wedding Favor Idea

Photo courtesy of Hannah Photography

Pure vintage.
Guests spend a lot of time at the tables at your reception, so tabletop design is incredibly important.  This antique tablecloth serves as a beautiful foundation for all the table needs including the candy apple wedding favors.

Candy Apple Favor Tablescape

Photo courtesy of Andie Freeman Photography

Suitable setting.
This favor display looks comfortable in the setting.  Attention to detail when setting the scene is always noticed.  It creates a good feeling and offers apple picking at its best.

Candy Apple Wedding Favor Display

Photo courtesy of Ashley Davis Photography

Apple station.
Efficiently serving guests is very important to the overall flow and feeling of the reception.  Here the dips, toppings, and apples are all in one convenient station enhanced by candlelight.

Candy Apple Wedding Favor Station

Apple slices.
Minimizing the amount with maximum results.  This mini-apple station offers bite size slices as an example of childhood favorites that guests can serve themselves and enjoy.

Candy Apple Wedding Favor Presentation

Vision of beauty.
The idea behind a successful favor table is to create a focal point to distribute take home gifts.  The vision of candy apple wedding favors circling this table is a grand sight.

Beautiful Candy Apple Wedding Favors

Photo courtesy of Alissa Dinneen Photography

H-apple-y ever after.
Each apple favor is placed onto the table for guests to take at the end of the evening.  The yellow ribbon and sticker are mighty design components that make a mundane package into a present and instill a sense of joyful anticipation.

Candy Apple Wedding Favor Packaging

High style.
The tiered effect of this table makes the wine and candy apples a little more special.  The labels provide a common thread that ties the two together.

Stylish Candy Apple Wedding Favor Idea

Fresh design idea.
This wedding favor presentation walks a fine line between formal and rustic.  The tablecloth is draped to the ground in formal attire while the candy apples spill from a rustic basket.

Candy Apple Wedding Favor Design Idea

Photo courtesy of mahalbellaphotography

Naturally thankful.
Delicious green apples dipped in caramel with a woodsy handle look naturally tempting.  Topped off with a heartfelt thank you message makes all the difference.

Candy Apple Wedding Favor

Photo courtesy of brea McDonald Photography

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