M&Ms Wedding Favors

M&Ms wedding favors will melt in your mouth, not in your hands.  Every bride wants her wedding favors to be a one of a kind.  She looks for details and personal touches that reflect her style and the style of the groom.  A few well chosen extra details can change an ordinary favor into a truly special gift that commands attention.  Here, you will find some stylish ideas that demonstrate the key to visually interesting candy wedding favors. 

Show your style through color.
Today's bride can choose from a wide array of M&M colors.  Match your M&M's to the colors you have chosen for your special day or choose a complimentary blend.  

Show your style through packaging.  
Fill boxes, tubes, bags, and jars with little M&M's for a big impact.  Expressing gratitude with a stylish tag or personalized ribbon shows how important it is to say thank you.

Show your style through presentation. 
Show off your personal style with an unforgettable overall presentation of your wedding favors.  To find or create a commanding display requires nothing more than a little imagination.  

M&Ms Wedding Favor Ideas

Of all the personal touches a bride makes for her wedding, the wedding favors tell so much about her.  The favor itself, the packaging, and most importantly how to present to guests are all personal choices that reflect individual style. Successful favors are more about making even the smallest gesture seem well thought out down to the last detail.

Candy and flowers.
Personalized candy adds creative fun to your wedding reception in the most unexpected places. Flowers are beautiful on their own, but adding M&M candies may be all you need for sudden impact. We love the idea of using this arrangement as the focal point on a candy buffet.  Elevated in the center of a table surrounded by varying levels of candy would be stunning.  

M&Ms Wedding Favors Idea

Photo courtesy of Evolution of Style

On a roll.
Think outside of the box with clear glass favor tubes.  These three-dimensional favors are a fun and fresh presentation of a traditional candy favorite.  Since the tube is actually clear, the bright colors of the M&M's shine through.  We found them available in two sizes, small and large.  Each tube has a pop off cork cap and is ready to fill with M&M candies.  Accent with ribbon and a tag.

M&M Wedding Favor Tubes

Tied and true.
Individual M&Ms wedding favors all dressed up in pink tulle.  The contrasting colors of tulle and M&M's keeps the focus on the candy.  The crystal adds sophistication, but any container that fits your personal style would work.  Cut the tulle into six to eight inch circles.  Fill with M&M's and tie with ribbon.  Add a charm, flower, or personalized tag for extra bling.

Tulle M&M Wedding Favors

A little favor.
Clear glass containers with lids come in assorted shapes and sizes.  They are perfect to have and to hold your M&Ms wedding favors in the colors you prefer.  Include coordinating tags that say thanks to guests for sharing in the day.

M and Ms Favor Jar
M&Ms Wedding Favors Idea

Sweet hello.
M&Ms wedding favors can be placed at each table setting to greet guests when they sit down for the meal.  This favor is simple, elegant, and timeless.

M and Ms Wedding Favor Tablescape

Sweet goodbye.
These traditional and contemporary candy buffets are stunning.  Staggering clear containers allows the M&M's to be the focal point.  The use of color brings a dramatic effect to the table.  Scoops and take home containers allow guests to make a sweet exit.

Traditional. . .
Pretty in pink and white.  The picture on the left features the unexpected use of a punch bowl as a unique base for the rock candy.  The display on the right shows how one color can have a striking impact.

M&M Wedding Favors Punch Bowl
Pink & White Candy Buffet

Contemporary. . .
Bold and beautiful.  These more contemporary candy bars feature colorful lighting and funky clear glass containers.  The size enables you to offer one candy station or scatter several throughout the reception area.  We love the modern spin that enhances the party atmosphere.

Contemporary M&Ms Candy Buffet
Modern M&M Candy Buffet

Opposites attract.
We love when two worlds come together to form a perfect look.  A white or off-white tablecloth is the perfect backdrop for the pastel colored flowers.  Mixing the elegance of the candlelight, stemware, and flowers with the simple casual look of a plain favor box creates a strong statement.  The no frill favor placed in this elegant atmosphere results in an overall pleasing table.

Elegant M&Ms Wedding Favors

Photo courtesy of Kate Headley Photography

Charming welcome.
The best way to personalize a place setting is to give it a name.  This simple glass jar filled with M&Ms has purpose and creates a charming, welcoming feeling for your guests. 

Charming M And Ms Wedding Favors

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Geary Photography

Sweet departure.
Good things come in small packages.  The sheer container reveals the vibrant colors of the M&M's. Plain ribbon, tied in a simple bow, finishes this wedding favor in an unfussy but pretty style. 

Boxed M&Ms Wedding Favors

Photo courtesy of Pink Martinis & Pearls

 Another clear winner in favor packaging. . .

M&Ms Wedding Favors

Sweet deal.
Often it is the personalized touches that you add to M&Ms wedding favors that make it your own. These M&Ms tucked inside pretty tins is the perfect example of pulling together a few things you love to make a special wedding favor.

M&Ms Wedding Favor Tins

Personalized Fun Size Favors

I heart M&Ms.
Everyone loves hearts and this simple M&M wedding favor is clearly a sweet idea.  The pale pink ribbon is an added touch that makes it lovely.   Not a lot of fuss, but simply romantic.

Heart Shaped M&M Wedding Favors

M&Ms Couple

M&M's have been a candy favorite since their debut in 1941, when they were created as a treat for our soldiers fighting in WWII.  Since then, they have become an American icon with those little animated characters appearing everywhere.

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