Gourmet Chocolate Wedding Favors

Offer gourmet chocolate wedding favors when only the best will do.  Extending your best makes guests feel special and emphasizes the grandeur of the celebration.  There is something about the word "gourmet" that makes something seem extra extravagant.  So treat your guests to handmade elegant confections fit for a king.

Gourmet Chocolate Wedding Favor Ideas

The idea behind creating a focal point of your wedding favors is to create an interesting enough place for guests to notice.  Once you have grabbed their attention, provide something special that gives them an unexpected treat to take away with them.  Gourmet chocolate is a luxurious way to say thank you for noticing.

Gold rush.
Gourmet chocolate favors create an exciting and sumptuous look, especially when served in a grand fashion.  Taking its inspiration from the wedding cake, this candy tower is a golden opportunity for guests to easily serve themselves.

Grand Gourmet Chocolate Wedding Favors

Photo courtesy of Capture It

Pure indulgence.
Strawberries dipped in gourmet chocolate contribute richly to this festive display.  Not only are they great food elements, they make for beautiful decor.  

Strawberry Gourmet Chocolate Wedding Favors

Strawberry tree.
Allow your wedding guests pick their own strawberries right off the tree.  A natural colored tree captures the spirit of decadence with gourmet chocolate and bright pink ribbon accents.

Gourmet Chocolate Strawberry Tree

Photo courtesy of Paul Barnett Photography

Chocolate extravagance.
This presentation makes gourmet chocolate look as good as it tastes by doing everything in tones of gold and cream.  In pursuit of an extravagant display, candlelight is a glowing idea.

Extravagant Gourmet Chocolate Wedding Favors

Here comes the chocolate.
Few things capture the spirit of the occasion more than replicating the bride and groom.  These dipped pretzels let the chocolate do the talking. 

Gourmet Chocolate Pretzel Wedding Favors

Guilty pleasures.
A carefully placed gourmet chocolate wedding favor reminds us of life's simple pleasures.  The gold rimmed plates, gold charger, and gold wrapped candy all sit well together. 

Gourmet Chocolate Favor

Chocolate with purpose.
Decorate the escort cards with gourmet chocolate wedding favors in royal style.  Putting additional time into the seating arrangements can make your guests feel more comfortable creating a memorable experience.  

Gourmet Chocolate Escort Cards

Photo courtesy of The Full Bouquet

Very berry centerpiece.
Wow your guests with this edible very berry centerpiece.  Spending a little bit of time thinking about the wow factor will make your candy wedding favors truly memorable and distinctive.

Gourmet Chocolate Strawberry Centerpiece

Here's to chocolate.
Toast fine gourmet chocolate wedding favors.  This clear stemware allows the gold candies and elegant ribbon to take center stage.

Glasses Filled With Gourmet Chocolate Wedding Favors

Box of chocolates.
Layering each setting carefully creates beauty and order.  Here we see an individual setting in detail, with all the elements-the cutlery, china, glassware, flower, candle, and topped off with a beautifully wrapped chocolate wedding favor.  

Gourmet Chocolate Wedding Favor Display

Photo courtesy of Photography by Seneca

The perfect pear.
If you are looking for something unique and creative, consider delicious pears dipped in gourmet chocolate.  You could attach a personal note saying "Leslie and Josh, the perfect pair".

Pears Dipped In Gourmet Chocolate

Favor chocolate.
Shaped gourmet chocolate is a great favor choice for your big day.  With endless shapes to choose from, pick one that contributes to the decor and is properly conveyed in a beautiful little package.

Shaped Gourmet Chocolate Wedding Favors

Chocolate truffles.
Packaging is an incredibly important element of the overall favor design.  This paper bag accented with soft blue ribbon keeps things simple, but fancy enough for champagne truffles.

Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Wedding Favors

Photo courtesy of Natalie Franke

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