Chocolate Bar Wedding Favors

Chocolate bar wedding favors with personalized wrappers are a unique way to thank your guests for sharing your big day.  The wrapper design comes easier when you focus on what you like, what your look is, and how you want to share your style with those around you.  The biggest style today is mix and match, taking what you traditionally like and mixing it up with something totally different.  Whether you love bright colors, soft pastels, neutrals, or bright whites you will find a wrapper to please you.  Once you have chosen the style of wrapper, you will be ready to personalize with your name, initials, wedding date, or anything that is special to you.  Delicious bars of chocolate make a wedding favor idea a delectable treat. 

Chocolate Bar Wedding Favor Ideas

Style is an expression of our likes and dislikes and is reflected in everything we do. The final presentation is a result of pulling all of your favorite things together.  Marry some of your own ideas with these, and you'll be on your way to developing a wedding favor presentation with your trademark style.  Here you will find all the chocolate bar wedding favor ideas needed to plan, organize, and create an irresistible display.   

Silver and gold.
This grand display of chocolate bars is composed of luscious layers.  Gold chocolate bars rest on a mirrored tray.  Next comes candlelight and flowers in sparkling vessels.  A wedding favor presentation full of splendor.

Silver And Gold Chocolate Bar Wedding Favors

Photo courtesy of Wed Couture

Hershey's Large Bar Wrapper Christmas Copper Blur
2 Hershey's Large Bar Wrapper Summer Love & Shells
Hershey's Large Bar Wrapper Gray Snowflake

Harmonious presentation.
The inspiration behind this favor presentation is presenting multiple elements in a harmonious way.  As you can see the candlelight, personal photographs, flowers, and a personal thank you all work together to anchor the table.  Guests can easily grab the chocolate bars that surround the edge of the table. 

Chocolate Bar Wedding Favor Idea

Photo courtesy of Perez Photography

Classic chocolate.
Perhaps the most popular color scheme is one color plus white.  This chocolate bar wedding favor is part of a gorgeous grouping that hones the elegant look to perfection.  The red monogrammed initial on the stark white candy wrapper is noticeably classic. 

Classic Chocolate Bar Wedding Favors
Hershey's Large Bar Wrapper Black Flourish Red Str
Elegant White/Silver Wedding Large Candy Bar Wrap
Hershey's Large Bar Wrapper Crimson Red Gray Bg Wh

Looks matter.
Your guests come expecting something a little different and will appreciate favors that are a little outside the norm.  Red roses are the the historical symbol of romance and this favor display makes the most of it.    

Chocolate Bar Wedding Favor Cake

S'more bar.
The way your chocolate bars are presented has a lot to do with whether or not they will be noticed.  It is around the s'mores bar that guests will understand best that childhood treats are as good as they remember.  Everyone will want s'more and s'more.

S'more Chocolate Bar Favor Station

Photo courtesy of Bella Wedding And Events

Decorative details.
Pretty personalization is what you want on your chocolate bar wedding favors, so think about the details.  It is easy to do and you don't need to worry about going over the top.  Just have fun with the decorative details. 

Personalized Chocolate Bar Wedding Favors

Mr and Mrs.
These chocolate bar wedding favors replicate the bold patterned black and white design used as the background for this candy buffet.  Everything is perfectly balanced, and the candy bars lined up on the corner of the table complete the clean classic look.

Chocolate Bar Candy Buffet

Love sweet love.
These chocolate bar wedding favors are a simple way to express love, sweet love.  The white wrapper with soft colored accents is subtle and subdued-a sigh rather than a shout.

Lovely Chocolate Bar Wedding Favors
Two-tone Grey Damask Wedding Large Candy Bar Wrap
2 Hershey's Large Bar Wrapper Black Tie Affair
Hershey's Large Bar Wrapper Pink Floral Petals

S'more chocolate.
This simple favor will have your guests wanting s'more.  You could send this wedding favor idea over the top with personalized chocolate bar, ribbon, and creative tag attached.  What a sweet thought.

S'more Chocolate Bar Wedding Favors

Photo courtesy of Jenn Bakos Photography

Chocolate menu.
Everything is better in chocolate, even the menu.  Distinctively unique, this solid chocolate bar is personalized with your reception menu.  Your guests will love this yummy detail that doubles as your wedding favor.

Chocolate Menu For Wedding

Photo courtesy of Delysia Chocolatier

Candy bar scripture.
Share your faith with these unique favors.  Center your two mini nugget candy bars side by side on paper and glue in place.  Write or print your verse and glue to the candy bars, and then add your bookmark.  Consider 1 Corinthians 13:13 "But the greatest of these is love".

Scripture Candy Bar Favors

Photo courtesy of Latter-day Homeschooling

Mini chocolate bars.
Designing a mini chocolate wedding favor is fun and less expensive than the full sized bar. Some actually prefer the smaller size, so they can offer a variety of designs.  If you are building the new and trendy candy buffet, these mini fun size bars would be an excellent addition.

Mini Chocolate Bar Wedding Favors

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