50th Birthday Cake Ideas

The 50th birthday cake ideas found here give this special occasion the attention it deserves.  Infuse your gathering with a little fun by choosing a cake that encourages laughter and joy.  If you prefer a sentimental approach, look for cakes that artfully express a fiftieth birthday in a grand way.  Some are funny, others beautiful, but all give that little something extra that makes a birthday cake memorable.

50th Birthday Celebrate Cake

50th Birthday cake ideas that could play
a starring role at your party.

The single most important factor in choosing a 50th birthday cake is honoring the birthday man or woman.  What are they known for, do they have a hobby they are passionate about, do they enjoy a good laugh, appreciate beautiful things, and is there a favorite cake flavor.  Once you have chosen the creative direction, make the presentation matter.

For the love of the water.
This cake idea peacefully reflects being out on the water.  Bursting with bright colors and natures finest features make it perfect for the outdoor enthusiast.  

50th Birthday Cake Ideas

Photo courtesy of Rubytea Cakes

For the fabulous lady.
Fabulous is the inspiration behind this 50th birthday cake idea.  Here an array of bright and happy colors set the scene for a starring cake presentation.  

Fabulous 50th Birthday Cake Idea

Photo courtesy of CMNY Cakes

For the man in your life.
A taste of fifty for him.  Regardless of age, a special birthday cake makes a big impression. This red and black color scheme with a splash of silver is a distinctive decorating idea for the man in your life.

50th Birthday Cake Idea For A Man

For the good old days.
There is something about the simplicity of the 1950's that still evokes a happy feeling.  We like the retro look that this cake presents from the poodle skirt to the juke box.

Retro 50th Birthday Cake Idea

Photo courtesy of Sugar Siren Cakes Mackay

For vintage 50th birthday cakes.
Bake your own cake and leave the decorating to an edible cake topper.  Peel the backing off and apply the topper right to your cake.

For the gambler.
This 50th birthday cake idea keeps things high-spirited and fun, in line with the theme.  Much like Vegas, what happens at 50 stays at 50.

50th Birthday Cake Idea For Gambler

Photo courtesy of Bake Me A Cake

For the shopaholic.
Shop til you drop is creatively captured here-a feast for the eyes as well as the palette.  The secret to success lies in capturing the honoree's personality.  We love the pink and black paisley design and finishing touches like the tissue paper.    

50th Birthday Cake Idea For The Shopaholic

Photo courtesy of Pink Cake Box

For the biker.
Give this flaming cake idea a spin.  Since the chopper is the star of the cake, the exciting, colorful details bring out the motorcycle lover in us all.

Motorcycle 50th Birthday Cake Idea

Photo courtesy of Cake Central

For the classy chic.
Cake ideas are more stylish than ever, and this idea raises the art of the birthday cake to the highest level of chic.  The high heel, pink flowers, and delicate accents all come together in a totally feminine look.  

Chic 50th Birthday Cake Idea

Photo courtesy of Special Day Cakes

For the golfer.
This cake celebrates a 50th birthday par-tee in true golfers fashion.  Complementary colors and patterns keep it all texturally interesting.

Golfing 50th Birthday Cake Idea

For the grandma.
The first signs of aging are cause for celebration, and even doubly so if turning 50.  Looking to the future with humor is prettily presented here in a pink and brown color scheme.  

Grandma 50th Birthday Cake Idea

Photo courtesy of deleukstetaarten

For the grandpa.
This lighthearted and playful cake idea calls for a birthday boy with a sense of humor.  Everyone will get a chuckle out of this 50th birthday cake idea focused solely on age.  

50th Birthday Cake Idea With Grandpa

Photo courtesy of CakesDecor

How much cake do I need?  
Of course, it all depends on how big you slice it.

1/4 Sheet Cake, 9 x 12, serves 12-20
1/2 Sheet Cake, 11 x 15, serves 18-40
Full Sheet Cake, 18 x 24, serves 48-96

10" round serves approximately 21
12" round serves approximately 28
10" square, serves approximately 25
12" square, serves approximately 36

For the dainty dame.
Create a gorgeous grouping of sweets using bedazzled cake stands of different heights and sizes. The striking floral accents complete the overall air of sophistication and festivity.

Elegant 50th Birthday Cake Idea

For the sharp dressed man.
This tuxedo cake showcases 50 at its finest.  A well-dressed cake in formal attire complete with top hat is a dapper look indeed.

Man's 50th Birthday Cake Idea

For the big 5-0.
Age really is just a number, so why not make the most of it.  Here, the chevron pattern and floral accents make 50 look so appealing.

Chevron 50th Birthday Cake Idea

Photo courtesy of Craftsy

For the fisherman.
Fish stories told here...with cake.  This fishy idea utilizes the big 5-0 to illustrate a beloved hobby in an artfully cohesive way.  

50th Birthday Cake Idea For Fisherman

Photo courtesy of Cakes Decor

For the fun of it.
There is nothing better than seeing eyes light up when a birthday cake like this is brought out.  Every detail is such a fun part of the theme that the cake becomes a pot-ty on its own. 

Toilet 50th Birthday Cake Idea

Photo courtesy of Reenaj Deviant Art

For the fleeing youth.
Better to be over the hill than under it.  This 50th birthday cake idea provides a final resting ground for fleeing youth complete with headstone and flowers.  

Grave 50th Birthday Cake Idea

For the love of music.
If your special someone is gifted in music, this cake will strike a chord.  Every detail in this cake design is important and expresses the love of piano to perfection. 

Piano 50th Birthday Cake Idea

For the laughs.
In a word...hilarious.  For those who have stopped pretending that they're okay with growing old gracefully-there is no denying the message here.

Toilet Tissue 50th Birthday Cake Idea

For everyone.
This 50th birthday sheet cake will delight guests and create a picture perfect memory.  The lively use of color adds to the excitement making it a good choice for the age sensitive.

50th Birthday Cake

Photo courtesy of Baked by Jen

One Stop Party Ideas Tip

Bake your cake and eat it too.  50th birthday cakes for the beginner baker can be simple and easy. Choose a cake mix that is easy to prepare.  Since there are two numbers, you can get creative with two different flavors or one favorite.  Decorate with sprinkles, candies, toppers, and complementary colors to reinforce your party theme.  Serve side by side for the big 5-0.

50th Birthday Cake Number Five
50th Birthday Cake Number Zero

Photos courtesy of That's Life

More fabulous 50th birthday cake ideas.

5 cakes, 5 decades.
Bake 5 cakes, each representing a decade.  Tempt your guests with different flavor combinations and serve on different styles and heights of cake plates.  Weave a pretty fabric around the bases of the cake plates and sprinkle party confetti on the cloth for extra pizzazz.  Five favorite cakes artfully arranged together makes a big impression.

Pretty presentation.
Elevating your cake creates a stage for the star of your show.  Sturdy boxes or pedestal cake plates are great ways to get your cake up off the table and in full view.  It can also eliminate the need for a centerpiece.

Trust the professionals.
When baking your own cake is not convenient, shop on-line or visit your local bakery.  Take advantage of professional help in finding the perfect 50th birthday cake idea.  To give the cake decorator a visual picture of colors and theme, provide anything that will aid in achieving the desired look. 

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