50th Birthday Ideas For Women

50th birthday ideas for women should be as personal as the people they represent.  Because this occasion is such a big deal, the party planning should be completely centered around the Honoree.  What would make her happy?  With that in mind, make an effort to celebrate the Honoree's life in a distinctive way that makes her feel special and the guests feel lucky to have been a part of it.    

50th Birthday Women Ideas

50th Birthday Ideas
For Women

The real secret to success lies in the power of nostalgia and emotion.  Where to start?  Not all 50th birthday ideas for women are created equal.  Some are expected, some comical and some sentimental.  Choose the ones that best fit your Honoree and the memories of a life well lived.

Golden Milestone.
When someone gives you fifty good reasons for a celebration, make it golden.  Strike gold with these party supplies that come in gold glitter and rose gold.  Simply click on the pictures below of the plates, napkins, banners and favor bags for more details and personalization options.


Check out these glitter gold (not actual glitter) party supplies.

Gold Glitter 13th Birthday Paper Plate
Paper Napkin
Favor Bags

Prefer rose gold party supplies?

Birthday party rose gold glitter pink sparkle banner
Birthday party rose gold glitter glamour women paper plate
Paper Napkin

Golden Girls Theme.


Kiss Your 40's Goodbye.
Lucky for you, some 50th birthday ideas for women set the mood for fun.  And any time a party element can be used in more than one way, that's good for the pocketbook.  A 50th birthday party backdrop can be multi-purposed in noticeable ways.  Consider hanging the backdrop behind the food table to anchor the theme.  When guests seem to have had enough food, simply slide the table away.  Just like that, the same backdrop became a photo prop. 


When using a backdrop behind a buffet table or as a photo prop, keep pertinent information towards the top and choose the size that best fits your space.

kiss your 40's goodbye photo prop virtual party tapestry
kiss your 40's goodbye 50th birthday party photo tapestry
Paper Napkin
Stylish Pink Kissy Lips with xoxo! Happy Birthday Paper Plate
Favor Bags

Kiss Your 40's Goodbye Party Favors

Kissing the single life goodbye bachelorette party lip balm
Kissing college life goodbye red lips DIY Lip Balm

50th Birthday Luau Party Ideas.
If your Honoree loves Hawaii, showcase her love of the island with a luau themed party.  Thanks to these luau themed 50th birthday ideas for women, you can create paradise anywhere.  It's not a true luau until the floral leis come out, festive drinking straws and of course, grass table skirts are expected.  From the food to the beverages, be sure the tropical influence is everywhere.

Personalize Tiki Hut in Paradise Welcome Design Banner
Retro Tiki Bar Party 2 Paper Plate
Tiki Bar Napkins

50 and Fabulous.
To give the 50 and Fabulous theme the creativity it deserves, you'll need lots of glitz and glam.  This would be the time to not hold back and layer on detail after detail.  First determine the formality of your party and the color scheme.  For example, if you are planning a sit-down dinner and the colors are pink and rose gold, let that be the inspiration behind the decorations, tablecloths, candles, glassware, etc.  You'll be glad you did.

Check out more 50 and Fabulous Party Ideas here.

50 AND FABULOUS Copper Gold Confetti Photo Banner
50 AND FABULOUS Birthday Elegant Copper Gold Name Paper Plate
Paper Napkin

Guest Book for 50th Birthday Party.
Give guests the opportunity to express themselves.  Provide a personalized poster that guests can sign or write a short message.  These posters are available in different sizes, so if you intend for guests to write messages, the larger size would probably be the best choice.

50th Birthday Poster - 50 Reasons We Love You Gift
50th Birthday Gift Any Color Guest Book Poster

Gatsby Party.
Celebrate in elegant style as you enter into the world of the Roaring 20's.  Consider planning a night of music and dancing with all the great influences of the music and clothing of this distinctive time.  Click on the pictures below for all the luxurious options.

Gatsby-Party-For-50th-Birthday.  Enter into the world of the roaring 20's.  Take advantage of the music and clothes of this distinctive time.  50th birthday party ideas for women.
Birthday party black gold Gatsby 1920's art deco Tapestry
Birthday party black gold Gatsby 1920's art deco Paper Plate
Paper Napkin
Art Deco Dinner Menu | Editable Color
Gold | Napkin Ring
Black gold 1920's art deco glitter retro birthday favor box

Karaoke 50th Birthday Party.
A karaoke party is the perfect way to give everyone their moment in the spotlight.  Consider preparing a list of songs from the Honoree's favorites and allow guests to perform to their hearts content.    


Check out these karaoke machines.

Karaoke Birthday Party Microphone Musical Scale Pa
Paper Napkin
Mason Jar

50th Birthday Disco Theme.
Throw a 50th birthday party with all the flamboyance of the disco era.  From the disco balls to the partyware, plan a far out party full of fun and dancing. 


Groovy Disco Party Supplies.

Glamorous 45th Birthday Pink Party Disco Ball Banner
Paper Plate
Paper Napkin

70's Birthday Theme.
Power to the people!  Throw back to the old days with a 70s themed party.  Disco Fever.  Hippie Party.  Tie Dye Party.  Saturday Night Live Party.  YMCA Party.  Whatever you choose, keep your 50th birthday ideas for women groovy.   

Birthday Hippie Still Grovin Party Plates
Paper Napkin
Favor Bags
Glitzy Disco Ball| Gold & Neon Colors Retro Party
Bold 70's Disco Party| Colorful Nostalgic Paper Plate
Paper Napkin

The Woman The Myth The Legend.
If your Honoree has reached legendary status or is a legend in her own mind, consider these fully customizable party supplies.  You can literally create your own designs from scratch.  

Custom Cute Happy 50th Birthday Paper Plate
Favor Bags
Paper Napkin

Mardi Gras Birthday Ideas.
The 50th birthday ideas for women here are all uniquely tailored to the Mardi Gras theme.  From the Mardi Gras masks to the colorful beads, give guests the full New Orleans 50th birthday experience.  And while guests are in the Bourbon Street spirit, capture the fun with a photo booth.  Simply, hang a Mardi Gras backdrop and provide an assortment of accessories.


50th Birthday Mardi Gras Backdrops.  Click on pictures below.

Mardi Gras | Step and Repeat Photo Backdrop
Mardi Gras | Step and Repeat Photo Backdrop
Mardi Gras, Custom Party Banner
Mardi Gras, Carnival Party 9 Inch Paper Plate
Paper Napkin

Ideas for Surprise Party.
Add a burst of fun to your 50th birthday ideas for women with a surprise party.  To ensure the Honoree is where you need her, at the right time and dressed ready to receive guests, you'll need a trusted ally.  Once you have the Honoree taken care of, invite the nearest and dearest making sure they know it's a surprise party.  Now that you have created the atmosphere you had in mind, tie all the party details together in one big celebration.

Any Year SURPRISE Birthday Party Balloons A08 Pape
Paper Napkin
Candy Tin

The Big 5-0.
You don't need a miracle to make your 50th birthday celebration look like one.  Take a look at these party supplies that give the Big 5-0 the emphasis it deserves.

Mason Jar
Celebrating THE BIG 50 - Paper Plate
Paper Napkin
Paper Plate
Paper Napkin
Favor Bags
Personalize: Welcome to my 50th Birthday Party Banner
50th Guest Book Black and White Number Pattern Mini Binder
Personalize:  50th Birthday Black and White Theme Favor Box

Backyard BBQ 50th Birthday Party.
Are you looking for casual 50th birthday ideas for women?  Take the party outside and add a little something 50 to everything you do.  Simplicity is a beautiful thing. 

Happy Birthday Gingham Rustic Wood Picnic Party Paper Plate
Red Gingham Rustic Wood Backyard BBQ Birthday Sign
Paper Napkin
Royal Blue themed 70th Birthday BBQ Party Banner

Keep guests cool with this fun fan favor.

Personalized Family BBQ Hand Fan
Picnic Reunion Red Checkered Tablecloth Summer Hand Fan
50 and Fabulous Photo black and gold Hand Fan

Progressive 50th Birthday Party.
What is a progressive party?  It is a celebration centered around a full-course meal.  The easy part is that the decorating and food responsibilities are divided, with each host providing one course of the meal.  Guests are given menu cards that detail the menu selections and the locations.  This continuous celebration of food is an ideal theme for an adult 50th birthday party, but if kids are part of the fun plan accordingly. 

Customized menu cards let guests know the what, when and where.
You design it, they make it.  Click on the options below.

Picnic BBQ, Bridal Shower, Wedding, Party Menu
Blush Pink Small Gold Confetti Elegant Menu Card

Fiesta 50th Birthday Party Ideas.
Let's taco 'bout fiesta party supplies.  Colorful plates, napkins, banners, party hats, pinatas, party favors, serapes...all celebrating 50 with southwestern flair.  Still want more?  Create a photo prop for your amigos with a fiesta themed backdrop, sombrero and maracas.  These fiesta themed 50th birthday ideas for women are so much fun, and the memories will last forever.


Check Out These Fiesta Party Supplies.

Taco 'Bout A Fiesta Banner
Taco 'Bout A Fiesta Party Hat
Taco 'Bout A Fiesta Paper Napkins
Taco 'Bout Birthday Party Banner
Taco 'Bout Birthday Party Paper Plate
Taco 'Bout Birthday Party Paper Napkins

Fiesta Themed Backdrops for 50th Birthday.
Click pictures for more details.

Fiesta Birthday Party Mexican Serape Blanket Tapestry
Mexican Fiesta Pinata Party Photo Booth Backdrop

Photo Decorations for Birthday Party.
Get into the spirit of 50 with photo sculptures of the Honoree.  Using your favorite photos, these acrylic works of art are sure to be noticed.  They come with a black stand, so you can place them anywhere or make a grouping of sculptures.  No doubt, this unique party idea is worth the effort.

Zazzle 50th Birthday Ideas For Women Photo Sculptures
Zazzle 50th Birthday Ideas For Women Photo Statuette

50 and Still Smokin' Hot.
Make sure your 50th birthday ideas for women are smokin' hot.  Get your party fired up with...Cake toppers.  Tableware.  Personalized t-shirts.  Favor Bags.  Invitations.  Stickers. Coffee mugs.

50 and Still Smokin Hot | 50th Birthday Paper Plate
Paper Napkin
Favor Bags

Smokin' Hot 50th Birthday Party Favors.

R.I.P. 40's.
Take your 50th birthday ideas for women up a notch with a mock funeral.  With gravestones, dead funeral wreaths and guests dressed in black ready to mourn, this passing of youth will long be remembered.

50th Birthday RIP 40s Invitation
RIP Tombstone Custom Banner
Paper Plate
RIP Tombstone Personalized Trick or Treat Favor Bag
Paper Napkin

50th Birthday Tea Party Ideas.
Tea parties and 50th birthday ideas for women are the perfect match.  Celebrate with an array of sweet treats that may or may not be homemade.  The entire process is pretty uncomplicated with personalized party supplies that add a touch of 50 in a classy way.

Par-Tea Floral Teapot Happy Birthday Banner
Teapot Floral Birthday Par-Tea Paper Plate
Floral Teapot Birthday Par-Tea Napkins

Custom Party Supplies.
With step-by-step instructions, create custom party supplies that are too striking to resist.  And best of all, the possibilities are endless...Click on the pictures below.  

Happy Birthday Gold Glitter Photos Any Year Custom Paper Plate
Fabulous birthday custom photo surprise party tapestry
Silver Gold Confetti Photo Collage 50th Birthday Banner
Personalized Funny Add Your Photo Birthday Party Party Hat
Any Birthday Black & Gold Photo Name Balloon
ANY AGE Black & White Initial & Photo Birthday Bun

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