50th Birthday Party Decorations

50th birthday party decorations bring the entire celebration together in an irresistible tribute to the guest of honor.  Decorating ideas may seem like a simple enough thing, but embracing this all encompassing theme in a personal way is what really matters.  There is something so cool about a string of lit medicine bottles or sentimental pictures of days gone by.  But the beauty of this milestone birthday is about more than how beautiful it looks, it's a tribute to a beloved person in the essence of a birthday well spent.

Turning 50 marks the occasion for decorating ideas seasoned with age.  A whole mood can be established with balloons, banners, and confetti that boast this milestone birthday.  Centerpieces give way to decorative photo displays that are inspirational and simple enough for anyone, whatever your budget.

Creative 50th birthday party decorations
that let the theme do the talking.

50 anyone?
It doesn't get more customized than this.  We love how mixing delicious food with stylish 50th birthday party decorations turns up the theme in an inviting way.  


Photo courtesy of Minted Strawberry

50 and formal.
For a more formal sit down dinner, the dining tabletop is an important element of the overall design.  We love the combination of color, flower centerpieces, and candles.  Guests will enjoy dining in this beautiful environment.


50 and rustic.
A sweet idea for a 50th birthday party.  Old, vintage barrels and log slices lay the decorative groundwork for this rustic dessert bar.      


50 and casual.
A casual approach speaks to those who want a relaxed 50th birthday event.  This traditional country décor reflects an intimate feel making everyone part of the family.  A buffet dinner fits in perfectly with this style of party.


Photo courtesy of Creative Jane

50 and looking good.
Transform any table with decorative accents that magnify the party theme.  The 5-0 glasses above the plate add a fun touch of birthday flair to this tablescape.


50th Birthday Balloon Ideas

50 and welcoming.
Getting the greeting right is crucial when it comes to celebrating fifty.  This black and white balloon wreath announces 50th birthday in a welcoming, hospitable way.


Balloon greeting.
Go big or go home with 50th birthday party decorations.  An impressive balloon greeting such as this one has enough presence to wow guests, even in complete silence.


Balloon inspiration.
When entertaining in an area with high ceilings, balloons may be just the inspiration you need.  Here, black and white balloons float magically and fill the area with a touch of festivity.


Photo courtesy of One and Only Paris Photography

Balloons and memories.
Nothing lifts spirits more than balloons, unless of course a lifetime of memories is involved.  Try a festive assortment of solid colors, different shapes and types of balloons to create unique balloon bouquets.  Balloons grouped in odd numbers usually look best, so mix the more expensive Mylar balloons with the solid colors to keep the cost down. 


Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

50th Birthday Party Lighting

A dose of 50.
Every party needs a creative detail that is unexpected.  These prescription bottle lights inject some over the hill fun and show how different things can look with a little imagination.  Guests will remember this clever lighting option.

Lighting For 50th Birthday Party Decorations

Photo courtesy of Twirl It

A flicker of light.
A simple string of lights is one of the easiest ways to enhance the décor of your outdoor celebration.  This party accessory creates a festive mood while also providing a glowing source of light.

Photo courtesy of Jensen Larson Photography

This special effect allows the theme to shine through.  Perched on the mantle, accented with lights and ribbon, it makes a pretty impressive 50th birthday party decoration.

Impressive 50th Birthday Party Decoration

50th Birthday Banner

50 and glam.
This mantle is decked out with a shimmering metallic birthday message.  Each element of the 50th birthday party decorations pays a gratifying tribute to the theme from the candles to the birthday cards.

Banner 50th Birthday Party Decorations

Photo courtesy of My Dirty Aprons

Decked out at 50. 
What a wonderful way to make 50 feel celebrated.  Garlands are versatile decorations that can be easily adapted to any 50th birthday theme.  We love this garland of playing cards, a sure bet for a casino theme party.  Decorate with themed garland to add that festive touch to your special person's big day.

50th Birthday Party Decorations Garland

Photo courtesy of Entirely Eventful Day

Photo garland.
Give your photos the attention they deserve with this simple DIY photo garland.  Use clothespins to attach your most-loved pictures onto jute, yarn, or ribbon.  Then string across a room, use as a backdrop for table displays, or anywhere you want to create a festive atmosphere.

50th Birthday Photo Garland Decoration

Photo courtesy of The Shabby Nest

50th Birthday Party Candles

50 reasons to celebrate.
Brighten up your party with the glow of candles.  Not only for the birthday cake, this idea celebrates the basic tradition of a birthday candle in a fun, surprising way.  However you choose to use candles, this is one of the least expensive ways to decorate for a birthday party.

50th Birthday Party Decoration Candle Idea

Photo courtesy of Decoratrix

Memory lane.
The most important thing with 50th birthday party decorations is to make the honoree feel the thrill of something big and just for them.  Here, a photo candle marks important milestones on life's way that gains more and more interest with each addition.

Photo courtesy of Party Perfect

50th Birthday Party Centerpieces

Looking good at 50.
A touch of the past can add another dimension to your 50th birthday party decorations.  It's all about looking good here with a nostalgic photograph grabbing your attention first, and then keeping it with flowers and candlelight.      

Photo courtesy of Color Me Paisley

Bottled up.
Empty wine bottles used as decor is a popular decorating idea.  A grouping of three wine bottles tied together, filled with colorful flowers sets a rustic and romantic tone for this striking centerpiece.

Photo courtesy of  Diocese of Lansing

Happy times.
One of the best things about 50th birthday party decorations is the chance to showcase your memories.  These pictures displayed in gold frames are reflective of happy times, while the captions are small details that guests are sure to enjoy.   

50th Birthday Party Decorations Centerpiece Display

Simply 50.
To make your centerpiece a 50 birthday party decoration, try this idea.  A live plant tucked into a decorative box is simple enough, adding decorative elements that celebrate 50 is the perfect balance.

50th Birthday Party Confetti

Confetti tribute.
Here, confetti takes shape in a variety of different ways.  Paying tribute to the journey of life with photo confetti only proves that birthdays get better with age.

50th Birthday Party Photo Confetti

Party confetti.
A sprinkle of confetti is an instant way to make the tablescape a party.  Even the most classic table will look wonderful once the confetti has started, as evidenced here in silver and gold.

50th Birthday Confetti Decoration

Photo courtesy of Kelli Trontel

Confetti balloons.
Balloons are a wonderful decorative element and a fun way to establish a party atmosphere.  These clear balloons filled with confetti are found at Beau-Coup ready to fill with helium and float into a cloud of festivity.   

50th Birthday Party Decorations Confetti Balloons

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More 50th Birthday Party Decorations

Snickers at 50. 
It's the big 5-0 and time to bid farewell to your prime.  This candy bar poster is sure to get plenty of snickers as it pokes fun at life after 50. 

50th Birthday Party Decorations Candy Bar Poster

It's only 50.
In this case, playful wording tells guests to keep calm there is life after 50.  The addition of flowers continues the calming effect and makes the whole display look quite fanciful.

50th Birthday Party Decorating Idea

Photo courtesy of A W Events

50 years ago. 
My how things have changed.  This fun conversation piece is filled with historical facts, events, and tidbits from 50 years of living.  Chalkboard art is a great way use 50th birthday party decorations to celebrate the past.    

50th Birthday Party Decorations Chalkboard Art

Years of memories. 
Celebrate half a century of the Honoree's life with a retrospective poster.  Spotlight years of memories with photos of childhood, graduations, weddings, and other important events.  Everyone will enjoy reminiscing about all the lovely memories.

50th Birthday Party Decorations Memory Board
50th Birthday Party Decorations Collage

Photo memories. 
This vintage door is the perfect backdrop to display your photo garlands.  The door provides ample space to express 50 good reasons for a party. 

50th Birthday Party Decorations Photo Garland

Photo courtesy of Chris & Adrienne Scott Photographers

Kiss your 40's goodbye.
A candy buffet is a fun addition to any event, but especially for a 50th birthday party.  Get creative with your candy choices.  Offer candies that correspond with the theme, such as Hershey Kisses to kiss your 40's goodbye or hot tamales to denote 50's are hot.

50th Birthday Party Decorations Candy Buffet

Nifty at 50.
Allow the theme to dictate your 50th birthday party decorations and let your imagination run wild. Themed inspired decorations enhance the overall party atmosphere, while providing impressive additions that will not be forgotten.

50th Birthday Party Decorations Poker Party

Sign of aging.
Your Honoree may show no signs of aging, but this is a sign of aging everyone can see.  Signs add to the festive mood, while providing a chance to showcase your artistic talents. 

50th Birthday Party Decoration Sign Idea

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