50th Birthday Gift Idea

Looking for a 50th birthday gift idea?  Sometimes the wide choice of gifts available to you can be overwhelming.  One of the first concerns could be the budget, since the price range may help narrow the search for a gift.  Another consideration would be the Honoree's likes, interests or favorite activities. If you are not sure, do a little investigating and ask close family members or friends for help in selecting the perfect gift.

50th Gift Ideas

Find a memorable 50th birthday gift idea
here with a unique way to give it.

The secret to a great 50th birthday party is to make every guest feel special and each part of the celebration seem important.  That is why the collecting of birthday gifts should be as carefully considered as the gift itself.  Whether it's a bracelet filled with meaningful charms or a gourmet food basket, even the most modest gift deserves an exceptional presentation.  

Custom gifts.
Give the gift that's truly unique.  Made from the photo of the birthday boy or girl, these gifts are sure to be the talk of the party.

Custom bobbleheads.

Custom pajama pants.

Custom socks.

Custom puzzles.

Birthday 50 photo collage woman purple jigsaw puzzle
Cheers to 50 Years Number 50 Photo Collage Square Jigsaw Puzzle
Birthday 50 photo collage guy man black jigsaw puzzle

50th birthday gift for wife.

50th birthday personalized gifts.
Made to order personalized picture frames may be engraved with age, birth year and milestone year, and any one line custom message.  This 50th birthday gift idea basks in the theme and will become a treasured keepsake.

Personalized 50th Birthday Gift Idea

50th birthday gift for sister.

50th Birthday Gifts For Men.
Help him celebrate a half century with fun and affordable gifts.  

Personalized elegant monogram black golf towel
50th Golf birthday to golfer with balls and tees Golf Towel
cheers to 50 years modern black and gold golf towel

50th birthday gifts for husband.

50th birthday gifts for Dad.

50th themed gifts.
Themed gifts are especially exciting.  Not only do they capture the theme in a noticeable way, they also honor the Honoree's passion for a particular hobby or interest.  This apron is the perfect 50th birthday gift idea for an avid cook.

Themed 50th Birthday Gift Idea

Kitchen towels.

50 and Fabulous Birthday Kitchen Towel
Personalized 3-Photo Snapshot Frames Custom Color Towel

Sweet memories.
This birthday ode to fifty years is an unforgettable 50th birthday gift idea.  You can squeeze a pretty impressive collection of experiences, memories, and accomplishments inside one small box.

Memorable 50th Birthday Gift Idea
50th Birthday Gift Idea Memories

Best gifts for plant lovers.

Gifts of Money

Easy money.
Gifts are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.  Determine the gift amount and fill paper candy liners with real money and chocolate coins to create a unique box of chocolate.  Sweet.

Easy 50th Birthday Gift Idea

Photo courtesy of Life As Mom

Raining money.
Put your money where your umbrella is.  Imagine the surprise opening this seemingly ordinary umbrella with fifty one dollar bills attached to the inside - one size fits all. 

50th Birthday Gift Idea of Money

Photo courtesy of The Seasonal Home

Give your cash in a money clip and double the gift-giving.  

cheers to 50 years modern black and gold silver finish money clip
Big 50th Birthday Silver Finish Money Clip
Happy Birthday Old Man Grandpa Gift Idea Silver Finish Money Clip

Rolling in money.
This 50th birthday gift idea is clearly about the money.  Fifty rolled one dollar bills stacked inside a clear jar shows off the money to its best advantage.

Money 50th Birthday Gift Idea

Don't blow it all in one place.
I'd bet money this clever 50th birthday gift idea will not be overlooked.  Fifty one dollar bills taped together end to end and carefully stuffed inside a Kleenex box may be just the wow you are looking for.

Clever 50th Birthday Gift Idea

Photo courtesy of Lovezilla

More 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Jewelry gifts.
Milestone birthdays deserve something special.  Give a gift from your heart to theirs in a way that only jewelry can do.  This expandable bracelet is a lovely way to commemorate a 50th birthday.


Best friend 50th birthday gift.

Lucky you.
If you feel lucky, then this 50th birthday gift idea is for you.  Here, a box filled with lottery tickets is a nice surprise, along with balloons and a personal note.

Lucky 50th Birthday Gift Idea

Basket ideas.
Gift baskets are available to please anyone from the gourmet lover to the book lover.  With the vast assortment, you are sure to find the perfect gift.

Edible 50th Birthday Gift Idea

Shopping Tip
Online gift buying is an easy way to please just about anyone.  Save time while you let your fingers do the shopping for 50th birthday presents from the comfort of home.  Allow ample time to order and receive your gifts.

Night on the town.
Treat your Guest of Honor to a special dining experience.  Pick a favorite restaurant or a new one he or she is anxious to try.  Consider splurging with tickets to a concert, premier movie, sporting event, etc.

Birthday getaway.
What could be a more exciting 50th birthday gift idea than travel?  Whether for a weekend or an extended stay, a birthday getaway provides a wonderful opportunity for relaxation and fun.  

Perhaps making travel a gift theme for all the guests would be a good idea and design your 50th birthday party theme around the destination point.  For example, if your gift is a trip to Mexico, plan a Mexican fiesta dinner with margaritas.  If you have booked a trip to Hawaii, throw a luau complete with grass skirts and leis.

If the budget allows, make your Honoree feel like a celebrity with a stretch limousine.  Whether you take a drive out of town or just ride around familiar surroundings, arranging for limo service is the perfect addition to this special celebration.

50th Birthday PRESENTation Ideas

Lots of pictures.
One of the easiest ways to express the past through your 50th birthday decor is with well-placed pictures.  Here, attaching photographs to a ribbon and hanging them around the gift table is a warm reminder of the Honoree and extends the theme.   

50th Birthday Gift Idea Presentation

Photo courtesy of The Bride's Cafe

Gifts come natural.
This is no ordinary gift table.  Party gifts come natural here with a burlap lined wheelbarrow accented with an artsy banner.  Guests will be pulled in by this unexpected pleasure.

Natural 50th Birthday Gift Idea

Thanks for everything.
Accepting gifts in a way that also expresses gratitude is a thoughtful thing to do.  Everything has its place at this gift table - a birdcage for cards, plenty of room for packages of all sizes, flowers, and a big thank you banner.

Thankful 50th Birthday Gift Idea

Gifted idea.
This trunk is simple enough not to interfere with the rest of the decor, but prominent enough to serve a purpose.  The understated sign indicating where to put the gifts is a helpful hint for party guests.

50th Birthday Gift Idea Suggestion

Photo courtesy of The Sweet Iced Tea Soiree 

Gift cards.
Using the Honoree's initial as inspiration, it's amazing what hot glue, mini clothes pins and paint can become.  Whether used to gather gift cards from guests at the party or given as your own gift, this idea makes gifting personal.    

50th Birthday Gift Idea For Gift Cards

Calendar gift wrap.
Commemorating a very important birth date in the gift wrap is a clever idea.  With very little cost involved, the personalized message and colorful details make a big impression.

50th Birthday Gift Idea

Photo courtesy of Blah to Tada

Yearbook gift wrap.
You may not think that gift wrapping could have such an impact on your birthday gift, but as you can see it certainly can.  Copy a page of the Honoree's yearbook and use it for wrapping paper.  

50th Birthday Gift Wrap Idea
Modern monogram your family 16 photo collage grid wrapping paper
Collage Custom Personalized Photo Wrapping Paper
Custom Personalized 4 Photos Collage Christmas Wrapping Paper

Personalized 50th Birthday Wrapping Paper

50th birthday mono look 50 custom photo and name wrapping paper
Happy 50th Birthday - Over the Hill Wrapping Paper
Black, Faux Gold
50th Birthday Custom Name Custom Color Wrapping Paper
50 and Fabulous Modern Woman 50th Birthday Wrapping Paper
50th birthday pink look 50 custom photo and name wrapping paper

Brown bag it.
Gifting made simple:  a brown paper package tied up with string...filled with a few favorite things.  The result - a personalized gift that is all about the Honoree.

50th Birthday Gift Bag Idea

Photo courtesy of Counting Our Blessings

Chalk it up.
When it comes to a unique gift presentation, inspiration can be found anywhere - even the gift wrap. Honor your special someone with gift wrapping that is personal, useful, and tough to outdo.

Chalkboard Gift Wrap For 50th Birthday

Photo courtesy of Tidy Mom

I Wrote A Book About You!
A fun book that will become a work of love. The result is a cherished gift for a 50th birthday that your Honoree will never forget.

Memory book.
A creative 50th birthday present often becomes a family treasure.  Reflecting on past life events such as accomplishments, achievements or other certain facets of their life that had great meaning can result in an amazingly personal gift idea for a 50th birthday.  Not only the events that meant so much to your Guest of Honor, but also the loved ones and friends who shared in these special times.

50th birthday gift idea for men.
If your Honoree was an athlete in his younger days, you may want to create a "Glory Days" memory book featuring his accomplishments in sports.  This gift idea is not only very personal, but establishes permanent bragging rights.

50th birthday gift idea for women.
Create a family memory book.  You may want to include spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings, parents or any combination of these.  Be sure to choose the one's nearest and dearest to your Honoree.

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