50th Birthday Party Games

50th birthday party games are a great time filler and a great way to ease the stress of age.  There is still great enthusiasm for indulging in birthday games that most of us remember fondly from our childhood.  

Staging your own activities allows the Honoree and age to be the center of attention, while the guests relax, unwind, and have a good time.  Judging the greatness of 50th birthday games is often determined by the size of the laughs or the memories recalled.  We hope you celebrate the big 5-0 with fun and games that get even better with age.

50th Birthday Party Games.

Just for fun, here are 50th birthday party
games to keep the big kids entertained.

The key to 50th birthday party games is not how much you spend, but that you approach it creatively and thoughtfully, with the Honoree in the center of it.  The main game components can remain the same, but the 50th birthday elements should clearly be the focus.  

50th Birthday Photo Booth Ideas.
What's exciting about photo booths is that the props relate entirely to the Guest of Honor while featuring the guests in an unforgettable way.  It will certainly go down as one of the most memorable 50th birthday party activities and the pictures will last forever.

Photo Backdrops

Selfie Photo Frames

Photo Props

Photo Mug Shots

50th birthday Photo Booth Ideas With Props.

50th birthday piñata.
Enter your second childhood by taking a swing at a piñata.  Fill with a mix of candy or add to the fun with pill bottles of candy.  Another option is to fill with small envelopes with one containing a gift card.  As soon as the envelopes spill out, guests will dive for the lucky envelope.

Guess my age.
There is a whole host of fun to be had with old photographs.  Display photos of the Honoree at different times of life.  Guests must guess the age of Honoree for each photo.

Guess the Honoree's Age in Old Photos 50th Birthday Game.

Photo courtesy of Meghan Elizabeth Photography

Pin the glasses on the Honoree.
Have a picture of your Honoree made into a poster.  Purchase a sheet of poster paper and cut out a pair of bifocal eyeglasses.  Play pin the glasses on your guest of honor.  Or, play pin the glasses on Sophia...  

Birthday wishes.
This makes a great keepsake for the birthday person as guests share memories and well wishes.

Python printable games.
Choose your favorite 50th birthday party games, download, and print.  Feel free to get everyone participating and laughing out loud.

50th Birthday Party Games Pack

My how times have changed.
Fifty things that have changed since the Honoree was born.  Allow guests to make a list that includes everything from the price of bread to hair styles through the years.  It's a great way to see how far we have come, both good and improved.

How well do you know the Honoree?
Before your guests arrive, have your Honoree answer a list of questions about themselves.  Hand out those same questions to your guests.  After the questions are all answered, call out each question to see who knows the most about the Honoree.  The person with the most matches to the Honoree's answers wins.

50th Birthday Questionnaire Game.

Photo courtesy of Burlap and Lace

What's in your phone?

  1. Distribute the Game Sheets:
    When it's time to play, hand out a game sheet and a pen or pencil to each player.
  2. Explain the Rules:
    Instruct the guests to go through their phones and find the information that matches the questions on the game sheet. They should write down their answers next to each question.
  3. Set a Time Limit:
    Set a reasonable time limit for guests to complete the game. This will keep the activity engaging and prevent it from dragging on for too long.
  4. Collect and Tally the Sheets:
    Once the time limit is up, collect the completed game sheets. The host or a designated person can tally the scores and announce the winners.
  5. Award Prizes:
    Depending on how you've structured the game, you can offer prizes for various categories, such as "Most Socially Connected," "Texting Champion," or "Photo Enthusiast." Be sure to have fun and creative prizes for the winners.
  6. Share Fun Findings:
    As you announce the winners, share some of the fun and interesting findings from the game. It's a great icebreaker and conversation starter.
Zazzle 50th Birthday Party Games Fifty Phone Game
Zazzle 50th Birthday Party Games What's On Your Phone
Zazzle 50th Birthday Party Games Phone Game

Karaoke is a great way to bring friends and family together to sing their hearts out and celebrate this milestone occasion. With a wide variety of songs to choose from, everyone is sure to find a favorite tune to belt out. So grab the mic, warm up those vocal cords, and let the good times roll at the 50th birthday karaoke bash!

Group of Friends Singing Karaoke at a 50th Birthday Party.

Door prizes.
Hand each guest a scratch card as they arrive for a chance to win door prizes.  Be sure the number of winning cards match the number of prizes you plan to award.   Guests simply scratch and claim their prize.

Birthday Bingo

Roast the Honoree.

Give all the guests a chance to participate in the fun at the Honoree's expense.  Everyone will enjoy hearing fun or embarrassing moments about the Guest of Honor.  Here are a few guidelines.

  • The goal of the roast is to be funny.
  • Appoint an MC to keep the roast on track.
  • Inform guests ahead of time, so they can be prepared.
  • Know what subjects are okay to joke about and which are off limits.
  • Good-natured ribbing of the Guest of Honor without offending them or the audience.
  • Poke fun at Honoree's old age, quirks, strange habits and adventures.
  • For a 50th birthday, you know you are old when...
  • Positive conclusion.  End with a heartfelt Happy Birthday to a truly wonderful person.

Spinning wheel.
Spin the wheel and claim your prize.  This activity takes a bit of preparation before the party, but is easy to play and worth the effort.

50th Birthday Wheel of Fortune Game With A Display of Prizes.

Limbo Game.
This birthday party game is sure to be a memorable and entertaining experience.  Grab your friends and family, put on your dancing shoes, and let's see how low you can go!

Name that song.
Play a game naming songs that contain certain words.  You decide if you want to take turns or yell out songs to gain one point per correct guess.  The team or person who names the most songs wins.

  • If the clue is "yellow", name songs like Yellow Submarine, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini or Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree.
  •  If the clue words is "states", name songs like Georgia On My Mind, Sweet Home Alabama, or California Dreaming.
  • More examples of clue words are male names, female names, animals, numbers, cities, body parts and the list goes on and on.  Prepare your list of clue words before guests arrive.

To put the 50th birthday party games spin on "Name That Song" listed above, name songs from the Honoree's youth.  Or, if your special someone happens to be a former athlete, name songs that have their team color in them.  If the clue word is blue, your guests would name songs like Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Moon or Tangled Up In Blue.

Scavenger hunt.
Have a pocket or purse scavenger hunt.  A list of items might include:  brush, medicine, 2006 penny, old photograph, photograph of a baby, social security card, gum, $100 bill, finger nail file, eye glasses, money clip, pocket knife, handkerchief, store coupon or an ink pen.  The person who produces the most items wins.

50th Birthday What's In Your Purse Game.

How old are you?
Do some researching and prepare a list of celebrities and their ages.  Hand out a list of these celebrities and have guests guess the ages.  The one with the most correct answers is the winner.

Murder Mystery Dinner.
A murder mystery dinner is a fun way to enjoy a meal with friends and family while attempting  to solve a fictional murder case.  Throughout the evening, guests are given clues and information to help them piece together the mystery and identify the murderer.  This game is sure to provide an entertaining experience.

Lawn games.
Put your game face on and test your skills with outdoor lawn games.  Fill your yard with fun 50th birthday party games such as horseshoes or croquet for guests to enjoy.  Lawn games offer hours of entertainment for guests of all ages. 

Outdoor Lawn Games For 50th Birthday Party.

Photo courtesy of Anne Marie Photography

Cornhole is the perfect activity to entertain guests of all ages. Make this milestone birthday even more memorable with a personalized cornhole game.  So set up the boards, grab your bean bags, and let the birthday festivities begin!

Zazzle Personalized 50th Birthday Cornhole Game.

Casino party game ideas.
Hit the jackpot with these games for your casino birthday party.  So much fun, everyone will be winners.   

Trivia games.
Host a trivia night right at home.  Just break out the trivia games and let the fun begin.

Fun ideas.
Get ready to make some memories with hilariously funny games.  Entertain guests with these games that are sure to be a hit.

Bucket list game.
Have guests put at least one idea in the bucket.  At the appropriate time, present the bucket to the Honoree and everyone will enjoy celebrating the future.  Amazon offers this game on-line as well as many other 50th birthday party games.   

50th Birthday Game Idea:  Guests Place Their Suggestions for the Honoree's Bucket List.

Life starts at 50.
Stage your game area with 50th birthday themed pylons.  After all, the game participants need to exercise caution while they are having too much fun!

Caution!  Life Starts at 50 Pylon.

Can't decide? Get a bundle.

Some games require pencils...

50th Birthday Party Games

  • Sag! You're it!
  • Pin The Toupee On The Bald Guy
  • Spin The Bottle Of Mylanta
  • Doc Doc Goose
  • Hide & Go Pee
  • Simon Says Something Incoherent
  • 20 Questions Shouted Into Your Good Ear
  • Mother, May I Borrow Your Walker
  • Treasure Hunt For The Fountain Of Youth
  • The Memory Game.  On second thought, forget this one

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