50th Birthday Party Supplies

50th birthday party supplies can be the making of the occasion.  Many of today's hostesses have happily abandoned pomp and circumstance for entertaining ideas that are easy to achieve and make the most of what you have.  For example, plastic tableware presented in a unique way not only adds to the party atmosphere, but is a practical choice for a relaxed theme.  Here you will find a multitude of inspiring ideas that perfectly fit the way we entertain now.  With the wide array of plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths available, the options are endless. 

50th Birthday Supplies

50th birthday party supplies need not be
purely functional.  A visually appealing presentation adds an extra dimension.

When dressing the table with 50th birthday party supplies, choose a design or color that will give you the most flexibility.  As a rule of thumb, try to match the tableware to the theme and to the food you will be serving. 

Throw a black out bash.  
Black is one of the most popular colors for over the hill 50th birthday party supplies.  Used alone or with splashes of color, opt for tableware that complements the theme or use them as a starting point for the table's decorative scheme.

Black 50th Birthday Party Supplies

Throw a golden girls gala.  
Plan a girl's night out for your Honoree's 50th birthday.  Add glamour to this special occasion with gold plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths.  Browse through our favorite tableware finds for a truly golden celebration.

Gold 50th Birthday Party Supplies

Throw a 50 and fabulous party.  
Looking for something other than the obvious black color theme?  Make it your own with fun, colorful 50th birthday party supplies.  Plates, cups, napkins, and tableware in feminine colors are the simplest and quickest way to bring the fabulous fifties to life.  

Fabulous 50th Birthday Party Supplies

Personalized birthday supplies.
There are many options to add a personal touch to your 50th birthday party supplies.  Personalized plates, napkins, cups, and flag labels with straws add instant pizzazz to your celebration.

Napkins are must-have party supplies for any occasion.  With the wide range of napkin options, they become so much fun and really make a statement that guests will notice.  From photo napkins to napkin bands, your 50th birthday party napkins have never looked so good.  Click here to see 50th birthday napkin band and photo napkin options.

Paper Napkin
Custom Photo 50 and Fabulous Birthday Party Napkins
Custom Photo Birthday Paper Napkin

Neutral presentation.
It is remarkable how flatware has changed and how many different ways it can be presented.  Here, silverware wrapped in doilies and secured with jute bring instant charm and character to the presentation.

50th Birthday Party Supplies Presentation

Colorful presentation.
The easiest way to bring plastic flatware to life is with color.  Stamped craft bags, filled with black cutlery, wrapped in colorful napkins lends an informal air to this naturally festive look. 

Colorful 50th Birthday Party Supplies

Harley Davidson theme.
A 50th birthday party theme is there to be used, so make a big statement wherever you can.  As guests grab utensils they will get a kick out of this sign that reads:  There are two kinds of people in the world. Harley riders, and everybody else. 

Harley Davidson 50th Birthday Party Supplies

Photo courtesy of Our Hobby House

Table presentation.
This inspiring tablescape keeps everything needed at the table.  The trick is to be sure that the guests have the right tools at the right place with a compelling presentation.   

Inspiring 50th Birthday Party Supplies

Pretty practical.
Everything guests need is provided on this lazy susan for easy access.  This display is above all functional, but also adds a lovely decorative element to the table.

50th Birthday Party Supplies Idea

Photo courtesy of Organize & Decorate Everything

Looks real.
Flatware is essential to any table.  These Mason jars work brilliantly to provide an easy and organized serving option - ideal for plastic, metallic silverware that looks real.

50th Birthday Party Supplies In Mason Jars

Photo courtesy of At The Picket Fence

Claim your cup.
With the use of address labels and disposable cups, guests can be sociable and stress free.  The message on the chalkboard lets guests know what to do:  Here's your glass for the night.  Write your name so it stays in sight!  Then fill it to the rim with whatever tastes right.  

Idea For 50th Birthday Party Supplies
50th Birthday Party Supplies Suggestion

Photo courtesy of Life In The Green House

Tin can caddy.
Even the simplest serving solution can make an impact if well planned.  This rustic recycled tin can organizer is the perfect way for guests to help themselves.

50th Birthday Party Supplies Serving Idea

Photo courtesy of Homeroad

Refreshingly vintage.
A row of dispensers filled with refreshing beverages always goes down well.  Elevate dispensers with vintage boxes and then finish off with fresh lemons.

50th Birthday Party Beverage Station

Photo courtesy of George Street Photo

Casual and practical.
Using wire baskets is a practical way for presenting plastic cups.  Disposable cups cost very little and are the perfect solution for casual parties.  

Practical 50th Birthday Party Supplies Idea

Photo courtesy of Paige Knudsen Photography

Tea or lemonade please.
Here, Mason jars filled with iced tea and lemonade take center stage.  It's easy to put together and can be moved anywhere you like, even outside.  

Beverage Idea Using Mason Jars

Photo courtesy of Laura Leigh Photo

Click on the photo below to check out mason jar options.

50 and Fabulous Birthday Black Script Typography Mason Jar
Custom Cheers Milestone Birthday Mason Jar
50th birthday custom photo hello 50 for women mason jar

Delicious presentation.
Offer Mason jars filled with pink lemonade loaded with fresh fruit and decorative details.  Not only is this a delicious presentation, the help yourself element keeps it easy for the hostess.

Easy Beverage Idea For 50th Birthday Party

Photo courtesy of Bakingdom

One liner.
Dress up Mason jars with cupcake liners.  Simply cut a small x in the liner, place over jar, secure with jar band, and insert straw.  This not only adds instant color, but also a great way to keep bugs out at outdoor celebrations.

Iced Tea Mason Jars

Recycled jars.
Recycled glass jars make good serving pieces.  Soak the labels off and accessorize with burlap and bows.  Then simply fill with pretty straws.

Recycled Straw Dispensers

Photo courtesy of Kate Belle Photography

Grasping at straws.
Create a chalkboard label from a Mason jar seal, it is easy to do and very effective.  Then simply thread sign onto a length of ribbon and tie to the neck of the jar.

Decorative Drinking Straw Presentation

Reinvent the wheel.
Creating a presentation that gives you the chance to do something unexpected is a novel way to bring personality to the expected.  This wheelbarrow loaded with drinks couldn't be easier to pull together.

Beverage Wheelbarrow 50th Birthday Idea

Packed suitcase.
This creative idea makes 50th birthday party supplies an instant talking point.  With just a little effort, this vintage suitcase has purpose and personality.

50th Birthday Party Supplies Suitcase

Photo courtesy of Brumley and Wells Photography

Pepsi please.
This vintage Pepsi crate is the perfect way to carry and serve party goods.  With a nostalgic nod to the past, it works well with a rustic theme.

Rustic 50th Birthday Party Supplies Idea

Photo courtesy of Lemonade Makin' Mama

Fruit basket turn over.
Often it's the creative touches that you add to a presentation that make it your own.  This fruit basket made from a paper plate couldn't be easier.

Photos courtesy of Hometalk

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