Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween decoration ideas guaranteed to thrill are shared here.  Get your home party ready with Halloween decorating that take scary to a whole new level.  Bats, spiders, pumpkins, and skeletons cleverly arranged to haunt your house are sure to startle.  Halloween party decorations are definitely not for the weak of heart.  With so many wicked ideas to choose from, your Halloween party is bound to be the best ever.

Simplify your Halloween decorations by repurposing things you already have.  Nothing reinforces the theme better than updating pumpkins, table settings, and spooky lighting with metallic shimmer or spider infested webs.

These Halloween decoration ideas seemed to emerge out of nowhere to inspire wandering souls.

Guests will appreciate paying their respects when there's a viewing of delicious treats like this.  A fabulously haunted table can quickly become a main focal point.

This tablescape looks so haunting your guests will be howling at the moon. Prepare plenty of munchies for your monsters befitting all Hallow's Eve.

Moonstruck Halloween Decoration Ideas

Photo courtesy of Kiddie Soiree

Frightful feast.
Send a festive shiver across your table with spiders of all sizes crawling everywhere. The lanterns bring a modern colorful touch of fun to the table.

Frightful Halloween Decoration Ideas

Best haunted.
This pumpkin in disguise is the star of the show with miniature pumpkins playing a supporting role. The entire table gets a big applause for function and fun.

Best Haunted Halloween Decoration Ideas

Photo courtesy of Home Is Where The Boat Is

White pumpkins.
One look at these Halloween decoration ideas and you'll wonder how something so simple could be so stunning. The ambiance of the candlelight adds to the sophistication.

White Pumpkin Halloween Decoration Ideas

Ding dong the witch is dead.
Anybody seen my broom? Whether you buy or make these witch table leg covers yourself, these legs are sure to get a second look.

Table Leg Halloween Decoration Ideas

Photo courtesy of Bubblegum And Duct Tape

Dauntingly Halloween.
Dramatize and exaggerate the tables with spooky decor. This food station offers a bloody drink and a sweet treat all in one space. Perfect for ghosts and goblins on the run.

Food Station Halloween Decoration Ideas

I want to hold your napkin.
Paying attention to the small details can make a big statement. We love these creative Halloween decoration ideas for napkins using fangs, spiders, mummies, and bats.

Fang Napkin Holders Decorating Idea

Photo courtesy of Food Network

Halloween Spider Napkin Holders

Photo courtesy of Free Home Decorating Ideas

Mummified Halloween Napkin Holders

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Batty Napkin Holder Decorating Idea

Photo courtesy of Womans Day

Watch what you do
with the tableware!

 Let your imagination soar as you extend this frightful theme into the plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths.  With the eerie colors and Halloween decorating ideas available, coordinating the tableware is fun and easy.

Lazy bones.
These skeletons have no fear of color. We love how the high voltage colors pop on the black and white backdrop.

Fireplace Halloween Decoration Ideas

Dooms day.
Halloween is creeping up on us. Mark the date and get your Halloween decorating ideas prepared to scare.

Halloween Mantle Decorating Idea

Photo courtesy of Day To Day Delights

Trick or treat.
Treat yourself to a simple Halloween mantle. If there is such a thing as a good scare, this classic look needs no tricks.

Trick Or Treat Halloween Mantle

Photo courtesy of Home By Heidi

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Creepy candy.
Treat your guests with this unique candy presentation. Tie miniature candy bars to branches, add bats and skulls for a frightfully good trick.

Candy Tree Halloween Decorating Idea

Photo courtesy of A Party Style

Boo-ti-ful tree.
Designing a Halloween tree is a spooktacular Halloween decorating idea. All eyes will be every little detail from the candy corn garland to the big boo on top.

Decorated Halloween Tree

Photo courtesy of The Seasonal Home

Trick or tree.
Anchored in a container covered in orange burlap a spray of branches becomes s festive table top tree. Miniature decorations enhance any party decor.

Decorative Halloween Tree

Photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping

All thrills, no chills.
The happy expression on these pumpkin's faces will inspire oodles of smiles. The decorative picks add the finishing touch to the joyful presentation.

Joyful Halloween Tree Presentation

Photo courtesy of Country Creations By Denise

Batty idea.
Branches stuck right into a pumpkin provide the perfect gathering place for fluttering black bats. No need to worry about the weight of the ornaments with pumpkin power.

Batty Halloween Tree Decoration

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Mr. Bones.
Give me a hand. This display adds bone-chilling excitement to your Halloween decoration ideas.

Skeleton Stairway Halloween Decoration

Ghoulish garlands.
This black and white themed banister offers no color, but plenty of scare. If the chains don't get you, the spider webs will.

Banister Halloween Decorating Idea

Photo courtesy of New England Fine Living

Ratty idea.
When the hostess is away, the mice will play. Lining the H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N pumpkins down the steps is a bewitching decorating idea that can be used year after year.

Halloween Decoration Ideas For Steps

Photo courtesy of Nest Of Posies

Fright light.
This beautifully lit banister looks expensive, but it is not. We love the way inexpensive elements were layered to create a beautiful garland at a fraction of the cost.

Lighted Stairway Halloween Decorating Idea

Photo courtesy of Little Ant Design

Danger ahead.
Delightfully intriguing, these steps offer the chance to turn around. Easy to apply decals will have guests stopped in their tracks.

Halloween Stairway Warning

Photo courtesy of Apartments I Like

Cast a shadow not a spell.
These candles light the way for a successful Halloween party. The various sizes and shapes of the candlesticks only adds to the mysterious presentation.

Candlelit Pumpkin Halloween Party Ideas

Photo courtesy of Good Life Of Design

Oh, the webs we weave.
The cobweb is a sure sign of a spider nearby. These spooky candles on a table or mantle are a perfect way to let your Halloween decorating ideas shine through.

Spiderweb Candle Decorating Idea

Photo courtesy of Centsational Girl

Candy corn candles.
The bright colors of the candy corn are clearly visible with these candle ideas. Use glass containers or candlesticks you already have for an inexpensive and eye catching presentation.

Candy Corn Candle Decorating Idea

Photo courtesy of Poppies At Play

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