Kids Halloween Crafts

Kids Halloween crafts will send you to the head of the class.  Do your homework and have no fear.   Check with the teacher so you will know the schools rules and regulations for Halloween parties.  Get the teacher's approval before plans are finalized.  Then enlist the help of parents in the planning of Halloween party crafts, games, and spooky Halloween food choices.

The right games and activities will liven up your party and ensure a fun time for all.  Kids have no expectations, so here is your chance to create magical memories as hair raising or as good natured as you wish.

Batty Kids Halloween Crafts

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Kids Halloween crafts require no magic.  
The secrets to success are patience and planning.

Halloween luminaries.
With a little imagination, you can dress these jars up for Halloween, too.  They are simple enough for kids to make and festive enough to lighten up the party mood.

Luminary Kids Halloween Crafts

Paint the outside of the jar with acrylic paint using a brush or spray if preferred.  When the jar is dry, decorate using stickers or paint.  Spray with clear acrylic sealer.  When your jar is completely dry, insert battery operated tealights.

No need to be afraid of the dark.  As the night falls, these Halloween inspired luminaries will create just enough light to create a mysterious greeting.

Halloween Inspired Luminaries

Photo courtesy of Crafts by Amanda

Halloween lantern kits.

Decorate small pumpkins.
After the pumpkin hunt, let the children decorate their pumpkins.  Have markers, stickers, glitter, construction paper, scissors and glue available.  For older children, you might want to consider paint.

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

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Craft kits.
Entertain little ones with craft kits.  Craft kits come with everything you need to complete the project.

Body parts.
Guess the internal organs.  Prepare bowls of eyeballs (peeled grapes), brains (cooked spaghetti noodles), blood (ketchup) and so on.  Blindfold students and place their hand in each bowl informing them of each internal organ.  This spine tingling activity has been used at kids Halloween parties for years. Yucky!

Guess The Body Parts

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Halloween paper crafts.
There are so many fun things you can do with toliet paper rolls.  Kids will have a blast creating these easy Halloween decorations.

Include a fun healthy snack into your kids Halloween crafts.  Apply unique pumpkin carving principles to oranges and make a fruit bowl.  Fill the orange bowl carving with mixed fruit to turn familiar fruit into a spook-ta-cu-lar snack.

Halloween Orange-O-Lanterns

Photo courtesy of Mom, What's For Dinner

Kid tested and teacher approved.  Mommy Guru gives step-by-step instructions as to how to make these egg carton pumpkins.

Halloween Egg Carton Pumpkin

Photo courtesy of Mommy Guru

Bag of fun.
We love this crafting idea using bags.  Think outside the bag using different sizes and fillers to fit any purpose.

Halloween Bag Crafts

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Gaming Kids Halloween Crafts

I want my mummy.
The most successful kids Halloween activities involve action.  Nothing could be more fun than a bunch of kids wrapping a classmate in toilet tissue.  Divide the class into groups and give each group rolls of toilet tissue. Designate one student to be the mummy.  At the signal, the groups begin to wrap toilet paper around the designated student. The first group to complete their mummy wins or may the best looking mummy win.

Halloween Mummy Contest

How many pumpkin seeds?
Place pumpkin seeds that have been counted in a clear jar.  Let children guess how many seeds are in the jar.  Award a prize for the one who guesses closet to the correct amount.

Halloween Pumpkin Seed Contest

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Pumpkin hunt.
Organize an egg hunt Halloween style.  Hide small pumpkins around the classroom and allow students to find them.  For an additional activity, decorate collection bags to add more fun to the pumpkin gathering.

Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

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School Kids Halloween Crafts

Our local school held a pumpkin decorating contest.  Each class decorated a  pumpkin based on a favorite book character.  The creativity and attention to detail surpassed all expectations--you be the judge.

The Lorax Halloween Pumpkin
Chicken Little Halloween Pumpkin
Moo Cow Halloween Pumpkin
Tin Man Halloween Pumpkin
Elmer Halloween Pumpkin
Ladybug Halloween Pumpkin
Yo Gabba Gabba Halloween Pumpkin
Hello Kitty Halloween Pumpkin
Fly Guy Halloween Pumpkin
Pigeon Halloween Pumpkin

Happy fall ya'll.
This happy scarecrow is the perfect welcome for children to come on in and have a fang-tastic time. 

Happy Scarecrow Halloween Door Decoration

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Say cheese.
Fill the room with laughter by making kids Halloween crafts that involve everyone.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so capture the moment with photos.  Photograph each student in their Halloween costume.  If costumes are not allowed, take a picture of each student making a scary face.  Maybe have their hair standing on end by rubbing a balloon on top of their hair.  These photos can be displayed on a door or bulletin board and later sent home for parents to enjoy.

Enter If You Dare Halloween Door

Photo courtesy of Ms. Liebel's Classroom

One Stop Party Ideas Tip

Kids Halloween party ideas most always include a classroom favorite treat--cupcakes.  Turn this food treat into an activity by allowing the children to decorate their own.  Provide sprinkles, gummy candy, miniature pumpkin candy or gel icing.

Halloween Cupcake Decorating

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