Halloween Yard Decorations

Halloween yard decorations are a chance to pull out all the creative stops.  To set up a suitably spooky scene for partygoers, we have scared up some of the most spirited decorating ideas we could find. And with so many spine tingling ideas, selecting the best of the best was no walk through the pumpkin patch. So get your house ready to party till the bats come home.

Halloween yard decorations make it immediately apparent that something frightful is about to happen.

Think spiders, bats, ghouls, and goblins.  Then add a touch of horror where ever you can--hanging from the trees, peeking from the bushes or staging an unexpected hello that jumps out at just the right time.

Ghostly greeting.
The presence of ghosts was undeniable at our Halloween party.  These diy ghosts were sighted hanging from trees and scattered throughout the party area--spooktacular Halloween yard decorations.


Pumpkin solar lights.
Instead of relying on traditional electric lights, why not harness the power of the sun to create a spooky and eco-friendly atmosphere?  Take a look at these step-by-step instructions for outdoor solar pumpkins...

DIY solar powered pumpkins
starts with inexpensive plastic jack-o-lanterns... 

Halloween Yard Decoration Pumpkin

We chose to invest a little more money into the solar lights themselves with these Hampton Bay solar lights from Home Depot.  The lights shine brightly and recharging is no problem...the results are amazing!

Halloween Yard Decoration Solar Lights

Snip off the handles...

Halloween Yard Decoration Scissors

Drill a 1 inch hole into the center of the pumpkin bottom...

Halloween Yard Decoration Drill

Insert stake into the 1 inch hole...

Halloween Yard Decoration Stake

Place the solar light inside the center of the pumpkin
and attach to stake...

Halloween Yard Decoration Light Installation

It will look like this with the light securely in place...

Halloween Yard Decoration Pumpkin Top

Put a bead of hot glue around the stake
and allow to dry completely...

Halloween Yard Decoration Hot Glue

Light up your Halloween night
with pumpkin solar stake lights...

Halloween Yard Decoration Illluminated Pumpkins

Light up the night.
The boo-ti-ful entrance to this haunted mansion lets the colors of Halloween shine through. The lighting on the steps prevents things that go bump in the night. Brighten your enchanted evening with the perfect welcome.

Halloween Yard Decorations Curb Appeal

Light up the night.

Set up a suitably spooky scene with this lighting idea that won't cost you an arm and a leg. So quick and easy to do, you can have this diy Halloween yard decoration finished before you can say boo.

Lighted Halloween Milk Jugs

Flying high.
These eerie illuminated spirits appear to fly through the air as they brighten the night. This is the same lighting trick as above with a different presentation.

Hanging Lit Halloween Milk Jugs

Photo courtesy of Bugger-Dixon Line

Lighting from above.
Get your jack-o-lantern off the porch. We love this contemporary twist to traditional pumpkin carving.

Pumpkin Halloween Yard Decorations

Photo courtesy of Candle Making

Walk of terror.
Flaunt your creativity by creating a scene that screams beware. Invite your guests to take a walk of terror in the shadows of this wickedly lit pathway.

Pathway Halloween Yard Decorations

Photo courtesy of The Lazy Peacock

It's a hoot.
Light the path to your driveway or walkway with lit candles. These do-it-yourself Halloween yard decorations are so easy. Decorate lunch sized white paper bags with cut out jack-o-lantern faces, owls, bats, stickers or sponge painting. Fill bottom of the bag with about two inches of sand and add a battery operated tea light candle. That's it.

Easy Halloween Yard Decorations

Photo courtesy of Small Fry & Co.

Get glowing.
These three little pumpkins will greet your guests with a glowing smile. Insert battery powered candles or glow sticks to keep pumpkins kid friendly.

Little Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Yard Decorations

Photo courtesy of The Black Flame Candle

A time to mourn.
These Halloween yard decorations have that dead feeling.  To create this morbid look, we purchased headstones, sculpted a grave from pine straw, and filled in with white crosses.  Our Halloween hayride stopped at this scene and the kids were allowed to visit the graves and hear strange stories regarding the dear departed.

It would be a grave mistake not to include some skeletal remains in your yard. There is no digging up bones required here, they rest in peace respectfully on top of the grave.

Graveyard Halloween Yard Decorations

Bone chilling.
This eerie graveyard scene is full of deadly ideas to produce enough anxiety to last a lifetime. We love the skull lights placed around the fish pond casting a mysterious glow.

Graveyard Halloween Yard Decorations

Witch way?
With so much traffic on Halloween, parking can be a problem. So help a witch out, provide a creative sign to direct those brooms to safe parking.

Witch  Halloween Yard Decorations
Hallo-Scream Halloween Yard Decoration

Add signs to existing flower beds or pots.
Decorating existing landscaping is a quick transformation that commands instant attention. Placing a whimsical sign in a pot of flowers is also a showy nod to Halloween fun.

Happy Halloween Yard Decoration
It's Halloween Yard Decoration
Witch Way Halloween Yard Decoration
Pumpkin Halloween Yard Decoration
Happy Halloween - Welcome to Creepy Haunted House Sign
Happy Halloween Hairy Spider Yard Sign
Witch Property Yard Sign

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Spiderphobes beware.
Dress up a shrub for the bewitching holiday with an enormous creepy crawly spider. Your guests may or may not be amused by this guy, so don't be alarmed if guests decide to run.

Inflatable Spider Halloween Yard Decoration

Party pumpkins.
Few jack-o-lanterns can hold a candle to this group. These happy pumpkins will have your guests grinning from ear to ear and ready to party.

Inflatable Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Yard Decorations

Fall under the spell of this inflatable witch complete with black hat and broom. And what's a witch without her cat. This clever black cat will bring good luck for many Halloweens to come. You will be happy to have them cross your path or adorn your yard.

Inflatable Witch Halloween Yard Decoration
Inflatable Cat Halloween Yard Decorations

Scared silly.
This gruesome group gave up and are heading for saner ground. The stage presence and size of this inflatable Halloween decoration amazed us with its big wow.

Inflatable Stagecoach Halloween Yard Decoration

Enter if you dare.
Suspend this spooky pumpkin from an arbor where it will delight unsuspecting guests. Have no fear, this Halloween yard decoration is as easy as 1-2-3.

Inflatable Pumpkin Halloween Yard Decoration

Ghosts beware.
Halloween happens to be Pac Man's favorite holiday. When else would there be so many ghosts ready for the chomping.

Trick or Treat Halloween Yard Decoration

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Web of deception.
Tangle guests in a web of deception with these larger than life spiders. These spiders will definitely give fright night a spellbinding spin.

Spider Halloween Yard Decorations

Spider invasion.
This is an example of how using multiples of the same scare makes a big impact. Quite impressive.

Spider Halloween Yard Decorations

Happily haunted.
This frightfully fun Halloween landscape makes the most of pumpkins. From the pumpkin lights lining the flower beds to the garlands on the banisters, this home screams Happy Halloween.

Happy Pumpkin Halloween Yard Decorations

Heed the warning.
You have been warned by the terror of the neighborhood. He may be inspiring party goers to come on in or warning you of the horrors lurking within.

Horror House Halloween Yard Decorations

A special thank you.
We would like to thank the Halls for allowing us to photograph their happily haunted house. They really enjoyed showing off their love of Halloween and their willingness to share it with others is appreciated.

Enter If You Dare Halloween Yard Decoration

Hay! That's all.
Happy Halloween.

Hay bale Halloween Yard Decoration

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