Halloween Party Food

The Halloween party food ideas found here will create quite the stir at your next gruesome gathering. Let this year be the one when you invite friends and family over, prepare an irresistible dinner menu and let the fun begin. Tempt your guests with delicious Halloween party foods that are simple to make and fun to do.  Your guests will be screaming for more.

Halloween party food must look as good as it tastes, because half the fun is looking.  One of the most noticeable elements of the table, be sure there is plenty.  Prepare as much as you can in advance, leaving finishing touches to a minimum.

Boo-tiful Halloween Party Food

Halloween party food is really the time to
give guests something unexpected.

Pumpkin stew.
Plan an easy menu that your guests will enjoy and remember long after the dinner party is over. We love this idea of preparing beef stew and serving it in a pumpkin. This delicious one dish main course also becomes the focus of the table serving as the centerpiece.

Prepare the pumpkin...

Use a variety of pumpkin that is safe to eat, since jack-o-lanterns are not very tasty. Cut off the top of your pumpkin and save as lid. Scoop out seeds and fibers. Replace lid and place pumpkin in a roasting pan filled with about 1/2 inch of water. Bake in a 350 degree preheated oven for about 1 1/2 hours.

Time to eat...

Prepare your favorite beef stew recipe and serve it in a pumpkin on a platter. To complete your Halloween party menu, we suggest serving pumpkin muffins, a salad, and a simple dessert.

Pumpkin Stew Halloween Party Food

Chili in costume.
Dress your chili for Halloween. Spooktify each serving with a ghostly dollop of sour cream making every bowl equal parts trick and treat!

Ghostly Halloween Party Food

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Hot dog fingers.
Make three or four slits across hot dog for knuckles.  Next cut off enough of the skin to form nail beds.  You can cut cheese or onion in the shape of a nail and place in nail bed.  These are the perfect Halloween finger food.


Snake bites.
This sandwich, made to resemble a snake, will slither its way into your Halloween menu. To serve, cut into mini snake bites. Anything is possible with meat, bread, and a few toppings.

Snake Bites Halloween Party Food

Charcuterie boards.
A bewitching blend of taste and presentation will set the perfect eerie ambiance for your Halloween gathering.  These charcuterie boards are designed to thrill when laden with sinister sausages, ghostly cheeses, and an array of spine-tingling snacks...

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More Halloween Party Food Ideas

Eye-catching tossed salad.
Here's your chance to serve a tossed salad that will have guests taking a second look.  We created individual salads that satisfied the appetite and fed the imagination with a fresh presentation.  When better to put eyeballs in the salad bowl?

Halloween Party Food Salad Idea

Best presentation, hands down.
Go ahead, bite the hand that feeds you!  Don't be afraid to disturb your guests with this nail biting meatloaf presentation.

Handy Halloween Party Food

Photo courtesy of The Peach Kitchen

Stuffed pepper.
Served in its own carcass, this stuffed pepper is dressed for the occasion. From the witches hat to the hair-raising string cheese, this addition to your Halloween party food ideas keeps every course in character.                  

Halloween Party Food Witch Pepper

Make an eeriesistible dinner with stuffed peppers that carve out a memorable surprise.  It's a delicious combination of the flavors of fall with the festive spirit of Halloween.

Pepper-O-Lantern Halloween Party Food

Photo courtesy of Live Laugh Eat

Halloween Quesadillas.
Quick, easy, and so delicious.  Using your kitchen shears, trim tortillas into pumpkin shapes.  Cut out eyes and mouth with a sharp kitchen knife.  Prepare your favorite quesadilla recipe and serve.

Quesadilla Halloween Party Food

Creepy peepers.
Two enormous eyeballs watching over the noodles is a saucy presentation.  We are always on the lookout for an eye popping entree that will dare you to stare.

Eyeballs Halloween Party Food

Photo courtesy of Mr. Food

Eat if you dare.
Lure them in with this bone tingling presentation.  Re-imagine serving your favorite rib recipe with a wicked Halloween food idea that is somewhat twisted.  Offer a variety of dipping and drizzling sauces in small, dark-colored bowls. You can label them with fun Halloween-themed names like "Blood Red BBQ Sauce" or "Witch's Brew Marinade."

Bony Halloween Party Food

Photo courtesy of Recipe.com

Looking for fun like never before?
This taco salad will make you shriek with delight when you find out how easy it is to make.  Layering the ingredients is the key, and eating it is the fun part.

Eye Popping Halloween Party Food

Photo courtesy of Taste of Home

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One Stop Party Ideas Tip

For an added touch, decorate your own glasses.  Bring the Halloween spirit to the stemware with stickers or black electric tape.  Simply cut out a jack-o-lantern face from the black electric tape and apply to stemware.

Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Stemware

Photo courtesy of Sugar And Charm

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