Ideas For Halloween Birthday Party

Ideas for Halloween birthday party should be filled with birthday surprises and Halloween thrills.  Just like Halloween a birthday only comes once a year, so make every minute of your celebration anything but ordinary.  There's certainly no shortage of tricks and treats to work with, so pick our brains as we share our enthusiasm for a Halloween birthday party for kids.  

If you dare...
Ideas for Halloween Birthday Party

The trick when planning a Halloween themed birthday party is to keep the birthday boy or girl as the main focus.  Even though the birthday and Halloween themes are both big deals in their own right, combining the two couldn't be simpler.  Check out these ideas for a Halloween birthday party that say Happy Birthday in a mysterious way.

Kids Halloween Birthday Party Invitation

Come my little pretties.  Take a look at these spirited Halloween birthday invitation ideas that invite little ghosts and goblins and provide all the party details needed.

Kids Halloween Birthday Costume Party Photo Invitation
Boo! Halloween Ghost Photo Birthday Invitation
Cute Girl Kids Halloween Birthday Party Photo Invitation
Boo! Halloween Ghost Girl Cute Birthday Invitation
Halloween Birthday Invitation
Halloween Candy Black Cat Pumpkins Birthday Invitation
Spooky Halloween Birthday Invitation
Halloween Birthday Party Invitation Invite
Fun Halloween Kids Costume Birthday Party Invitation

Why didn't the skeleton go to the
Halloween birthday party?

Because he had no-body to go with!

Halloween Birthday Greeting

Come in for a spell.  Create a spook-ta-cular greeting that announces the fun to come as soon as the guests arrive.  Achieve magical results by simply adding a personalized Happy Birthday sign to an existing Halloween yard display...guests will be frozen in their tracks.  Need inspiring ideas for Halloween birthday party greetings?  Take a look at these Halloween yard decorations that are dying for a Happy Birthday sign.

These uncommonly simple yard signs
will make a good first impression.

Halloween Party | Birthday Party Welcome Sign
Haunted House Halloween Party Yard Sign
Little Boo Ghost Halloween Birthday Sign

Ideas for Halloween Birthday Party Supplies

The success of these Halloween birthday themed party supplies lies in the personalization.  Children love seeing their name and that's just one option that these fully customizable party supplies offer...take a look.

Paper Napkin
Cute Birthday Halloween Paper Plates
Favor Bags

Party supplies with a touch of whimsy...

Halloween Girl Birthday Pink Black Personalized Paper Plate
Halloween Ghost GIrl & Pumpkin Birthday Pink Paper Plate
Boo! Halloween Ghost GIrl Ribbon Cute Pink Paper Plate

Monster Happy Birthday

Zombies Happy Birthday

Zombies eat brains, you are safe!

Halloween Themed Birthday Decorations

Ideas for Halloween birthday party decorations should strike a perfect balance between birthday and Halloween.  Pick your favorites and present them together in one cohesive look. 

Halloween Birthday Balloon

Cute Black Cat Witch Halloween Birthday Name Balloon
Boo Bash Birthday Balloon - Custom
Our Little Boo Halloween Birthday Balloon

Halloween Birthday Banner Ideas

Witch a Happy Birthday and a Happy Halloween with a creative banner that highlights both.  Hanging your banner in a prominent place will keep everyone under your spell.  Witch, please.

These personalized Halloween birthday
banners make each and every detail
all about the birthday boy or girl.

Cute Witch in Purple Hat Halloween Birthday Banner
Spooktacular Halloween Photo Birthday Banner
Little Pumpkin Birthday Banner

Halloween Birthday Party Favors

Halloween birthday party favors are a thriller for guests and there are all kinds of trinkets and treats to rattle their chain.  Once you have chosen party favors that work best for the age group you are hosting, bewitch them with boxes and bags that are delightfully different.  It's a boo-ti-ful thing. 

Personalized Halloween Birthday Favor Ideas

Chalkboard Halloween Birthday Party Favor Box
Mummy Monster Peek A Boo Birthday Favor Bag
Too Cute to Spook Watercolor Bats Child's Birthday Favor Box
Frankenstein Mummy Dracula Halloween Birthday Favor Box
Boo! Halloween Ghost Cat Black Favor Box
Birthday Boo Ghost Favor Bag

Personalized candy ideas...

Halloween Pumpkin Jelly Belly Candy Tin
Pink Spider With Bow Party Favor Candy Tin
Halloween Smiling Pumpkin Candy Tin
DIY Custom Halloween 1.55oz Candy Bar Template
Halloween Party 1.55 oz Candy Bar Wrapper
Halloween Party 1.55 oz Candy Bar Wrapper

More popular Halloween party favors...

Halloween Activities for Birthday Parties

Looking for ideas for kid Halloween birthday party games and activities that have been spook-ti-fied?  Check out these ideas that will keep the party rolling and are frighteningly simple to do.  From painting pumpkins to a Halloween rendition of Would You Rather, plan enough Halloween birthday games that if one moves faster than expected you have enough fun to go around.

Pinata at birthday party.
The best ideas for a Halloween birthday party are super exciting with a big finale at the end.  Doesn't that sound a lot like a pinata?  Take a look at these Halloween themed pinatas...

Halloween birthday craft ideas.
Painting pumpkins is a kid favorite craft that is loads of fun and the finished masterpiece is something the kids can take home and enjoy.  Simplify the process by setting up individual paint stations, so that each guest has their own paints.  This eliminates passing around paints or reaching over to share with a friend.  Check out these enchanting 
pre-school and kids crafts.

Halloween tattoo ideas.
Bibbity Bobbity Boo...give guests a tattoo!  Set up a tattoo station and allow the kids to pick out exactly what they want.  From scary to happy, there are a variety of ideas for Halloween birthday party tattoos.

halloween party design your own sign
halloween party sign create your own
halloween party create your own spooktacular sign

Kid Halloween costume contest.
Some Halloween activities are just meant to be and having a contest of Halloween costumes for your birthday party is the perfect fit.  First and foremost, inform the guests.  Note on the invitations that a costume contest is planned and prizes will be awarded (only adds to the excitement).  It is also a good idea to include on the invitation the categories that will be judged...Best Costume, Funniest, Scariest, Most Original, etc.  When it's time for the costume contest to begin, place a number on each child's costume.  Form a circle, so that guests can see all the costumes and pick their favorite.  Provide ballots for voting and ask kids to place their marked ballot into the ballot box.  Announce the Halloween birthday costume winners for as many categories as you like and award prizes.  A trophy, sash, ribbon or candy make great prizes.

Halloween birthday photoshoot ideas.
If you are like us and have an over-the-top fascination with Halloween, then a photoshoot is right for you.  After all the planning and effort put into the birthday party, you simply must have pictures to share.

A festive Halloween background or backdrop
will make your photoshoot look spook-ta-cu-lar.

Magic Hat & Spell Book Halloween Party Backdrop
Whimsical Mummy Halloween Party Backdrop

Food Ideas for a Halloween Birthday Party

The food for Halloween birthday party should be so disguised that guests will take a double-take.  The more bizarre the Halloween theme is applied to expected birthday treats, the better.  Here are some Halloween birthday food ideas that caught our eye.

Halloween inspired birthday cake.
Every birthday party has a cake, but when the Halloween theme is applied curious things happen.  Thrill them with Halloween birthday party cakes and cupcakes that are really no toil and trouble.

Halloween ice cream bar.
Ice cream is an expected birthday party treat, so make it boo-ti-fully different with a Halloween themed ice cream bar.  Scoop ice cream into snack cups and freeze ahead of time to make it easier on party day.  Offer shockingly sweet toppings that appeal to kids and adults...sprinkles, hot fudge, candy pieces, M&Ms, gummy bears, chocolate chips, crumbled cookies, whipped cream and cherries.  Keep it simple or go big with as many ideas for Halloween birthday party toppings as you dare.

Ice Scream Halloween Signs

halloween party design your own sign
halloween party sign create your own
halloween party ice cream bar sign

Halloween Ice Cream Bowls

Ice cream with sprinkles is the #1 choice for kids.

Spell out any Halloween message with chocolate molds.

Halloween themed cake pops.
Cake pops have perfected the art of serving birthday cake to kids and there are unthinkable ways to scare them.  Entice little ghouls and goblins with a sweet walk on the dark side as they grab a cake pop and go, so you can spend more time riding your broom.  

Halloween birthday cupcake ideas.

Halloween candy charcuterie.
Nothing gives serving candy a more modern feel than offering a Halloween candy charcuterie.  The variety of colors and textures make it a stylish addition to the food table and kids love serving themselves.  Be sure the birthday boy or girl's favorite candies are included.

Ideas for Halloween birthday party punch.
The beverages at a Halloween birthday party for kids should at the very least cause a little eye-rolling.  Whether you choose individual drinks or prefer a tricked out punch bowl, choose a serving method that best celebrates a Halloween birthday.

Serve juice boxes and canned drinks
in tricked out coolers.

(there's no such thing as overdoing it
when it comes to Halloween:)

Halloween servingware.
Amp up your ideas for Halloween birthday party with distinctive servingware.  Where else would you see a treat filled coffin or snack bowls hanging from a witches broom?  You won't believe the difference it will make in your food for Halloween birthday party.

Halloween themed birthday shirt.
When a kids boo-rthday rolls around a personalized, comfortable t-shirt is in order.  Create your own design or choose from stock designs.  Whatever you choose...make it yours, make it unique and make it scary.

Halloween Birthday T-shirts and Gifts
Happy Halloween Birthday T-shirts and Gifts
Happy Halloween Birthday! T-Shirt

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