Halloween Party Favors

Halloween party favors offer the chance to scare up some fun with a delightfully sinister take home treat.  Whatever you choose, dress your party favors for the occasion from the inside out.  A freakishly sweet treat buried in a candy coffin box is just one way to feed the imagination with a killer presentation.  Warning--the Halloween favor ideas found here are guaranteed to thrill.

Halloween Party Favor Ideas

Make your gathering shine with wickedly wonderful Halloween party favors.

Temptingly displayed party favors will have guests gnashing their teeth in anticipation.  Be fearless with black cats, spiders, and skeletons to set an eerie scene, and get every detail glowing with the bewitching colors of the season.    

Tricks & treats.
This candy bucket embellished with a jack-o-lantern face makes a spellbinding display.  Spider webs and creepy crawlers complete the happily haunted look.  The convenience of a free-standing favor station allows guests to easily treat themselves.

Photo courtesy of Rogue Engineer

Halloween Signs:
Trick or Treat and Don't Retreat...

Personalize it.
Personalized candy tins are a great way to show your creativity and thoughtfulness.  Everyone will appreciate the effort you put into making their Halloween a little sweeter. 

Halloween Boy Ghost Rectangle-Shaped Candy Tin
Black Cat Happy Halloween Name Candy Tin
Cute Kitten Halloween Personalized Candy Tin

Booooo-ti-ful packaging.
Simple packaging with plenty of Halloween inspiration can make all the difference.  Ready to fill boxes with store bought treats inside makes a low budget thriller that keeps the stress off the witches preparing them.

Mummified upcycling.
Upcycled tin cans mummified with cheesecloth and filled with candy are transformed into mummy treat holders.  The piercing stare and bewildered gaping mouth are features that the kids will love.

Photo courtesy of HGTV

Halloween candy tubes.
What could be better at Halloween than eating candy from a test tube?  Look to the colors of the season when selecting candies such as gum balls, candy corn, or other small treats.        

Light up the night.
Stay safe and visible on Fright Night with these Halloween party favors.  Get glowing and light up the trick-or-treat route with flashlights and glow sticks.  Fun and functional. 

Photo courtesy of The 2 Seasons

A haunting we will go.
Brew up a sweet cauldron favor without any toil or trouble.  This is the perfect spellbinding favor for any haunt.  Give one of these prettily wrapped favors to each child as they leave the party.   

Got candy?
This favor presentation is bound to delight any kids you know.  Don't let the detail intimidate you, just choose an assortment of Halloween favorites and see how easy it really is to assemble.

Timeless treats.
Cookies are a timeless treat that can be embellished for any Halloween party.  Go batty with a variety of ghoulishly delicious designs or choose one that best fits your party theme.

Photo courtesy of Annie's Eats

Orange you glad it's Halloween?
Taking inspiration from the pumpkin, these individual sized favors let your snack shine through.  Simply draw on jack-o-lantern faces and fill with your favorite orange snack--cheese puffs, goldfish, gumballs, jelly beans or go healthy with carrot sticks or orange slices.

It's all about the candy.
Any child will tell you, it's all about the candy.  So it's only natural to celebrate with a candy buffet.  Treat candy collectors to an assortment of candy presented in true Halloween spirit.  

Take a bite.
Candied apples as Halloween party favors is a nostalgic treat that never loses its appeal.  Work your magic with a clever presentation that reflects the theme of your party.  These delicious red treats will be a bushel of fun for both kids and adults, ready for the giving.  

Photo courtesy of Rustic White Photography

Halloween bling.
You ain't got that zing if you ain't got that bling.  Come out of the darkness with lit jewelry that safely calls attention to the presence of little ghosts and goblins.  Never underestimate the power of the spooky glare that a properly haunted accessory gives.  Provide an assortment, so kids can trick themselves out.

It's a boo-ti-ful thing.
Add a touch of glam by infusing sparkling accents to your Halloween party favors.  Magnify the attention to detail with personalized Halloween candy.

Photo courtesy of GH

No toil and trouble here.
No Halloween party is complete without a little supernatural witchery.  Fill a cauldron with sweet treats and reward guests for choosing good over evil.  

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Fangtasticly easy.
Here's a pretty patch of little pumpkins.  Filled with colorful crayons, these Halloween party favors are perfect for the very young party guest.  Include a thrilling coloring page or book to add to the excitement.

Prepare to scare.
What eggsactly do skeleton faces do?  Frighten people who venture over to your Halloween party with a take home treat.  

Too cute to spook.
Ice cream cones are not just for ice cream.  They can be dipped, sprinkled, and filled to the top with all sorts of Halloween treats.  Combining two kid favorites will have these Halloween party favors disappearing before your eyes.

Halloween themed school supplies make great favors
for class parties or trick-or-treaters.  

Candy corn marshmallow treat.
These marshmallow treats pay a tribute to the most iconic Halloween candy of all--candy corn.  Each section is layered in yellow, orange, and white to form the familiar triangular shape and look of candy corn.

Photo courtesy of Amy's Healthy Baking

Candy kabobs.
These candy kabobs are deceptively easy to make, and are the perfect sweet addition to a Halloween party.  All the rich colors of Halloween candy make them ideal for kabobs--the only difficult part is choosing which ones.  

Photo courtesy of Where The Cookies Are

Capsule favors.
What kid doesn't love vending machine capsules?  Terrorize the contents to your hearts content with Halloween candies, rings, stickers, or spiders.  These inexpensive capsules are perfect for big parties or passing out on Howl-o-ween night.

Photo courtesy of Imnop

Give me a hand.
Hands down one of the easiest ways to thank guests for popping by.  Drop a candy corn into each finger of the glove, stuff with popcorn, and secure with decorative ribbon.  Complete the creepy look with a silly or scary Halloween ring.

Personalized Halloween Party Favors

Customize your Halloween party favors with personalization.  All eyeballs will be on the favors with one of these hair-raising ideas... 

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